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Considerations before Beads Wholesale Purchase


Jewelry Making ToolsDon’t take the purchase of your beads wholesale any lightly. There needs to be serious considerations put into question in advance to avoid making silly mistakes. Make sure you have considered everything important that will help to shape your purchase decision. One of the top considerations should be the amount of cost you stand to save through wholesale purchase. Saving costs is one of the top reasons why you should have your beads bought in bulk so don’t ignore that. There will be no reason to buy in bulk if the costs you are saving are insignificant.

Do your calculations very well to be sure that you will save enough money that will encourage you to buy beads wholesale. Whether you are planning to buy online or from physical shops, there is the good option of price comparison which you should embrace. This will open up your eyes to all the wholesale deals available in the market for beads. With good comparison, it will be easy going for the one that stands good chances of saving huge costs. This can as well be determined by the amount of beads you are buying in bulk.

Consider size of your consignment

Easy Braided BraceletsMany dealers offer subsidized prices depending on the size of the consignment you order for. If it’s bigger, you get to save more costs and if it’s smaller the cost saving privileges you enjoy will be very limited. Therefore, consider the size of your consignment to help you determine if it’s a good idea buying beads wholesale. Quality is yet another of the important factors that have to be considered when buying beads in bulk. Many are the times when quality is compromised in bulk purchase but you must be keen not to fall into that when buying beads in wholesale.

The low cost of your beads has to come with high quality guarantee. Don’t allow any of the two to undermine the other. You must get guarantee for high quality to your beads that you buy in bulk. Anytime you are making purchase, quality has to be the most critical aspect that you cannot ignore especially when buying online. You will not have that assurance if you buy fake beads from fraudulent dealers. High quality for beads wholesale is only assured when you purchase from legal dealers.

As such, put consideration of the place you shop top on your list prior to making any market decisions. The place where you decide to buy from must have specialized in selling beads in bulk and should give you a reason to proceed with the purchase. You don’t have to pick on any dealer without putting such things into perspective. Lastly, warranty is very important when buying beads in bulk and should be duly considered. Never buy beads that don’t have at least a one or two year’s warranty. That is the security you have for your beads against damages right after purchase. There must be coverage against damages and loss of your beads wholesale.


Getting the Value out of Wooden Beads


Rustic Wood BeadsWooden material always offers a natural feel when used for beading. That is one of the top reasons why wooden beads will be good for your jewelry project at any given time. There is a guarantee of getting value in return for your investment. Even if it costs you as much as you may not have envisaged in having these beads for your jewelry project, you don’t have to get worried because you will get value in return. That is one assurance that you will always get from wooden beads and not any other type in the market.

Offers natural beauty

Wood is naturally attractive and you don’t need to add any decorations. This is the worst thing that can happen if you will have to add more decorations in making your beads look nice. At least you are cushioned from that with beads made of wood. Unless you want to do that for pure pleasure, there will be no obligation at all. You can choose to use either hardwood or softwood but the results are the same in terms of attractiveness.

You will never feel the difference since they both offer you what you need; natural beauty for your looks. Ever wondered why wooden beads are very popular? Well, it’s because of their unmatched durability and flexibility. Those are two things very few or none among the other types of beads will offer you. Every bead maker wants to have them as part of their jewelry project simply because of those two reasons.

You will get them in very many varieties to make you confused on which one to settle for. Their prices are always cheap since the raw material is readily available. It is very unfortunate that bead makers usually overlooked wooden beads in the past since they were yet to discover the benefits they came with. Now that they have known, these beads are a hot cake in the fashion world. You can use these beads to create earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces and bracelets among several other jewelry items.

Always buy online

Wooden Jewelry Making BeadsYou just need to make a decision on what you are keen to come up with and the choices of beads will come automatically. At any given time, you will get those that match with that in all key aspects. To ensure you get maximum value in your purchase of these beads, be sure to use online platforms. There is nothing wrong with making purchase from a physical shop in your area but of course that will come with a lot of limitations.

There will be very few beads to consider and not always when you can buy. But with online shops, you will have all the room to make considerations in a wide manner and at any time of your choice. There are many online stores offering wooden beads in all varieties and prices to leave to it that you fall for the right choice. If you decide to go for cheap beads, never compromise their quality for whatever reason.

Getting the Best from Snap Jewelry Wholesale


Ginger Snaps JewelryWhether you are using jewelry for commercial reasons or to satisfy your personal needs, it will be a good idea if you choose to go for the snap jewelry wholesale option. It will make sure your business maximizes on profits and that you get the best out of their use. Either way, it is a plus using snap jewelry in wholesale. It is just amazing how buying this type of jewelry in wholesale will offer you varieties to have for consideration.

It Offers versatility

It is a versatile option and that is one of the gateways to get maximum value out of them. It will be of great advantage if you are using them for commercial reasons. You will not have a hard time impressing your customers and selling them out will be the easiest thing to accomplish. When you talk of snap necklaces, earrings and bracelets, you will be thinking of a catchy option for customers to enjoy. Their attractiveness will draw the attention of customers easily.

At no time will snap jewelry wholesale frustrate you. As a business person dealing with snap jewelry, the most important thing will be grabbing that attention from customers. Of course there will be many other competitors dealing with the same products and having the best first impression of your snap jewelry will be helpful in nabbing customers in big numbers. You can have them displayed as well as give out their main benefits for the advantage of buyers.

Don’t leave them guessing on that but provide all the necessary information that will make their purchase easy. Touch on the key features of your snap jewelry wholesale and it will be a critical selling point. Be informed that the more options for snap jewelry you have at your store, the more customers you will attract. This is because many customers want to buy from where they have freedom of making choices they are comfortable with.

Offer limitless options

Snap Jewelry WholesaleThey don’t like stores where there is a feeling of snap jewelry wholesale being imposed on them by the dealer. If you are able to offer limitless options for your customers, it will be a plus in terms of maximizing profits. Anytime you choose to buy your snap jewelry in bulk, you will have the opportunity to take down overall costs. That will be a key strategy to apply in maximizing on profits as well as getting the best from your jewelry.

In order to have the best out of the snap jewelry you buy in wholesale, you must be focused on getting the latest designs in the market. There are new arrivals every often and keeping a close attention to the market will expose you to that. There will be very little to benefit with by buying snap jewelry that is out of fashion. Keep close tabs with the modern trends in the market and you will have the best opportunity to buy snap jewelry wholesale that is in line with your needs to be satisfied.

How to Create Paper Beads for Jewelry Making


If you have old magazines or newspapers but don’t know how to dispose them, consider recycling to create paper beads for jewelry making. It will be a good way to dispose such waste material. This is not a new concept as you might feel because it has been in use for a long time only that it has not been exposed well. One reason why paper beads are ideal for jewelry making is because they are cheap to buy and even make. Additionally, they are attractive thus good for use with multiple jewelry projects.

This article will teach you how to create paper beads for jewelry making using three simple methods:

A. By using patterned papers

In this, you will start by cutting the paper in a triangle shape and it’s the length of the triangle that will determine fatness of the beads. Have that in mind. All the pointy ends of the triangle should be applied glue and then roll your bead. You can use a toothpick or dowel to roll your triangle round and the way you hold the triangle when rolling will determine the final shape of your beads. Once through, have the triangle’s tip glued to the paper that has been rolled. You can apply varnish to make your beads for jewelry making more attractive after which you will remove from the toothpick once dry.

B. With personal design

As usual, you must begin by cutting the paper accordingly. After that, proceed to craft the designs that you want your beads to have. Use a pen, pencil or marker for clear designs and focus more on the areas that will be visible. You can try out as many designs and colors as possible until you have come up with the best mix. Then, add glue as you did in the first step. Roll the bead in the same way beginning with the wide end. Applying varnish will help enhance its attractiveness so consider that. Allow it to dry before removing from the dowel. If you want to make more of such beads for jewelry making, repeat the same process.

Paper Bead Wrap Bracelet

C. Decorate beads

Now that you have already created the best paper beads for jewelry making, it will be time to personalize them with your preferred decorations. There are many options and you will have to choose the one that meets your demands. Paint is one of such choices and it should be the one that offers a quality texture.

The paint should also be able to dry out very quickly. Loose glitter is equally an option for decorating your beads. It is used on the paper surface to add some glitter and sparkle. If you have strings, they will be good for wrapping the beads in offering a decorative touch. You can use strings of different colors and combine them well no to end up with an incompatible design. Nail polish is also good for decorating paper beads for jewelry making thus should be given some consideration.

Wooden Beads- How to Apply Dye


Bracelet With Wood BeadsWooden beads come with a natural feel. It is on very rare occasions that you will have the need to decorate them more including applying colors. But, you are not limited in case you will have the feeling of making your beads look more attractive to meet your needs. One of such decorations is applying dye. There are different types of dye in the market to choose from and they are all well suited for that. There are professionals who are trained to handle that but you should not incur such expenses easily.

It will be possible to apply dye to wooden beads on your own without such assistance. As long as you have a detailed guide, there will be no problems that you will encounter.

  • Start by assembling together all the things that you will need to accomplish that. These things include water, beads, rubber gloves, food dyes, paper towel, strainer or large spoon and glass bowls. They all play different roles so don’t make any omissions or assumptions.
  • The beads should then be put in the bowl after boiling water. They can be allowed up to 20 minutes for soaking and this will make the beads highly porous.
  • For every cup of the boiled water, add two teaspoons of the dye and mix. Ensure you have used different bowls in case there are different colors of the dye. When you double or halve the amount of dye, it will help to achieve either softer or stronger dyes and it will be upon you to make the choice.
  • After you have attained the solution through mixing up, use the strainer to add your wooden beads to the bowl. Allow another period of about 20 minutes for the beads to sit in the bowl that has the dye.
  • Remove the beads from the bowl using a strainer and let them drain off the dye completely before lifting out. When out, the wooden beads should be placed on the paper towel where they will dry slowly.
  • After they have dried completely, it will be time to use your dyed beads in whatever way you desire. Whether it’s for a craft or jewelry project, the choice will be all yours to make.

Mixed Wooden BeadsYou need to be aware that beads made of wood can easily develop cracks or even twist. Those are more of natural effects that you will have minimal control over. If that is something you are not happy with, be sure to select wooden beads that have a smooth and even finish. It will cushion you from such unprecedented frustrations.  Also, make sure you don’t wear the beads before dye has dried out completely. It can end up staining your clothes.

Even when dry, there are some factors that will cause the dye to come out and you must be very wary of them. For instance, too sweaty skin or wet clothes will be a leading factor. You can have varnish sprayed on the wooden beads even though their natural feel will be compromised.

Beads for Jewelry Making- The Epitome of Real Fashion


Beads for Jewelry MakingPredictably, there are very many times you have tried to remain modest and simple when dressing up for a function but you fell short of attaining your target. That is because some of the accessories you were looking forward to having are too many. They end up giving you the wrong impression but with beads for jewelry making, you will be well sorted out. They come with wide selection to offer you enough options for consideration.

Choose the right colors

That makes beads the real epitome of fashion. You can choose the ones you prefer as per color, shape, size and material. Anytime you are in the market looking for the best beads to use for your jewelry, you will be up for the best selection. Beads for jewelry making will offer you the right ideas that you need to enhance your beautiful looks especially for women. You can use these beads in whatever way you feel is best suited to satisfy your needs. The one you settle for must be that which you are comfortable with and the one that fits in well to your jewelry project.

In most cases, these beads come translucent but it will vary from one material to another. Heart, square, faceted and triangle are some of the shapes to lookout for in beads for jewelry making. Every shape of the beads has its specific use which you must be alive to. For instance, there are those ideal for making curtains while others are designed for tying ropes plus other different uses. You have to choose the right shape for the right jewelry task at hand for accomplishment.

Acrylic beads are some of the type that many women fall in love with more often. This is because they can be easily manipulated to different sizes and shapes plus their cost is considerably low. They will be the best option to enhance your looks at an affordable cost. There will be nothing for you to worry about in case the beads are lost since getting a replacement is easy. It will not incur you extra expenses like many other types in the market.

Beads are easy to use

beaded braceletAnother aspect that makes beads for jewelry making the best thing is their ease of use. You just need a thread to put the beads together with no expertise necessary. You can come up with jewelry on your own with good guidance from a tutorial. Apart from jewelry, these beads are used for many other tasks including dressmaking, umbrellas and pottery design among many other things that are easily decorated using beads. You should not just limit yourself to jewelry alone when there are many options available for consideration.

Your beads for jewelry making should be handled with a lot of care and precision all the time. They can break easily or get scratched when mishandled. Even when cleaning, ensure the right cleaning agents and procedures are used to safeguard their quality and appearance. All in all, beads for jewelry making are the real epitome of fashion.

What You Should Know About Jade Beads


Jade Beaded Stretch Gemstones BraceletMost people might not beware of jade beads but the truth of the matter is that they are among the best types of beads that you can ever use. While you don’t necessarily need to know a lot about jade so that you can use these beads for your crafting needs, it is a good idea that you are a little more knowledgeable about them so that you can know what to expect. To start with, there are two kinds of rocks that are regarded as jade with Nephrite being the commonly available rock for crafting them.

Nephrite essentially comprises of tremolite, amphibole and calcium and a kind of asbestos usually form the center part of the rock. The green color of this rock is essentially attributed to the presence of iron in the rock. Jadeite is the next rock substance used for making jade beads. Ideally, this one comprises of aluminum rich pyrozene and sodium and you should know that this rock is used less frequently when it comes to creating jade. Being relatively harder than quartz, working with Jadeite is essentially a little harder.

The seemingly green color featured in Nephrite is one of the most loved aspects of jade beads and it is needless to point out why the rock is so much adored by most people. In addition to this, the stones tend to be a little softer not to mention that forming them is also much easier as well and this is something that you will really appreciate about the rock. When you go to buy jade beads, you will realize that the value of the rock is measured in scale and this will guide you in being able to know what to buy.

jade beaded braceletType A jade essentially comprises of the best grade jadeite which has nothing infused to it. While most of the designer usually polishes the stone to give the jade beads a remarkable appearance, you can be sure that there is nothing else that has been added to it. Type B usually comprises of a piece which has great potential only that it is a little stained. Use of a chemical process contributes greatly towards getting rid of the stain from the stone and helping it keeps its remarkably great looks.

Type C comprises of jade that has been dyed by use of artificial measures and finally, there is Type D that denotes the lowest quality of jade. Jade beads are semi-precious stones that can be used to make some of the most beautiful and colorful pieces of jewelry that you can ever imagine of. The stone is very valuable and this explains why jewelries made with jade are usually relatively highly priced. Nevertheless, you can be sure that they are of the best quality and your craft will look stunning and great on you. You can visit online stores to get the best beads of this kind at the most reasonable price possible.