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Make Your Own Jewelry With Beads For Jewelry Making


Jewelry making is more than a business. It is an art. For you to carry out an art, you need to have passion for it. In most cases, people with passion don’t get access to the right raw materials and that is why they end up losing hope. If you have a passion for Jewelry making, then you have hope. Beads for Jewelry making will make sure that you have what you need to make your own jewelry at home. Making your own jewelry is fun because you have the chance to make it in your own proffered style.


Products from Beads for Jewelry Making that can enable you make your own beads

There are different products you need in order to make your own beads. Here are some of them

  • Bead spacers
  • Clasps
  • Pins
  • Chains
  • Beads
  • Scissors

There are different types of beads you can select from. You can decide to buy a fully assembled necklace, bracelet or necklace or decide to buy the materials in order to make your own beads. After you make your own beads you can as well buy your own storage and packaging and that is how awesome it is.


The beds come in different colors, materials and sizes so you can choose them depending on your preferences. Some people like to mix different types of beads in order to come up with a very beautiful blend. Remember to do this is you have a sense of art in you because some materials won’t work out nicely when mixed.

The bead spacers help you space the beads when making in order to create patterns of your own. Pins can be used to link one component to another in order to create a bracelet, earring or a necklace. Pins can also be found in different colors and sizes.

Scissors can be very useful when you are assembling the beads on a cord. You can use a pair of scissors to cut the cords into preferred size and then assemble your beads on it. Beads for Jewelry making therefore brings you some of the best beads in the market. The beads are of high quality and they don’t fade when exposed to the sun like some other beads you can get in the market. So go for it if you have passion and make your own beads.


Must-Have Jewelry Making Supplies


One of the most well-liked hobbies currently is beading. It is due to this fact that we see a bead supply store in each city these days. One of the most excellent ways to recognize the reliable bead store in your local area is to know a few details about that store beforehand. At times you might come across the fact that your restricted store might not have the beads meeting your needs and necessities or they might be too much costly. In case you love making beaded jewelry moreover as a business or a hobby, then the best method is to buy the wholesale beads online. If you are thinking how to get the jewelry making supplies online then continue reading this part of writing.

Different kind of jewelry making supplies is accessible that could be used by a person who loves style with exciting and good-looking designs of the jewelry pieces. Apart from the provisions that are there in the market, there are other exclusive designs that are accessible online in an easy way. For all those who are looking forward or preparing to start a jewelry making business, it is a superior idea to purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies. It will save cash in addition to time.

There are several different kinds of wholesale jewelry making supplies accessible these days. Whatever your crafting requirements, there are supplies that can be used for every crafting or beading project possible. In this post, we will look at several of the most common types of wholesale jewelry making supplies that you can think.


One of the most significant items that you will need is beads. Beads are accessible in an extensive range of shapes, sizes and colors. They also are different types of material. Since beads are extensively available, it is easy to purchase them from your local craft store or an online store.

Jewelry findings
In the list of necessary jewelry making supplies, you will also find the mentioning of jewelry findings. These are essential components that are used to complete the item. These are useful items used in jewelry making and mainly of them that can be found today serve beautification use as well. Some of the necessary jewelry findings that you should have as a beginner artist comprise head pins, ball pins, eye pins, jump rings, crimps, hoops and ear wires, bead tips & clasps.


Stringing material
You will also require several sorts of stringing material to hold the beads and additional components together. Some of the normally used stringing materials comprise wire, leather cord and chain. You can select your threading material depending on the manner of jewelry you are looking to make.

How to Create Paper Beads for Jewelry Making


If you have old magazines or newspapers but don’t know how to dispose them, consider recycling to create paper beads for jewelry making. It will be a good way to dispose such waste material. This is not a new concept as you might feel because it has been in use for a long time only that it has not been exposed well. One reason why paper beads are ideal for jewelry making is because they are cheap to buy and even make. Additionally, they are attractive thus good for use with multiple jewelry projects.

This article will teach you how to create paper beads for jewelry making using three simple methods:

A. By using patterned papers

In this, you will start by cutting the paper in a triangle shape and it’s the length of the triangle that will determine fatness of the beads. Have that in mind. All the pointy ends of the triangle should be applied glue and then roll your bead. You can use a toothpick or dowel to roll your triangle round and the way you hold the triangle when rolling will determine the final shape of your beads. Once through, have the triangle’s tip glued to the paper that has been rolled. You can apply varnish to make your beads for jewelry making more attractive after which you will remove from the toothpick once dry.

B. With personal design

As usual, you must begin by cutting the paper accordingly. After that, proceed to craft the designs that you want your beads to have. Use a pen, pencil or marker for clear designs and focus more on the areas that will be visible. You can try out as many designs and colors as possible until you have come up with the best mix. Then, add glue as you did in the first step. Roll the bead in the same way beginning with the wide end. Applying varnish will help enhance its attractiveness so consider that. Allow it to dry before removing from the dowel. If you want to make more of such beads for jewelry making, repeat the same process.

Paper Bead Wrap Bracelet

C. Decorate beads

Now that you have already created the best paper beads for jewelry making, it will be time to personalize them with your preferred decorations. There are many options and you will have to choose the one that meets your demands. Paint is one of such choices and it should be the one that offers a quality texture.

The paint should also be able to dry out very quickly. Loose glitter is equally an option for decorating your beads. It is used on the paper surface to add some glitter and sparkle. If you have strings, they will be good for wrapping the beads in offering a decorative touch. You can use strings of different colors and combine them well no to end up with an incompatible design. Nail polish is also good for decorating paper beads for jewelry making thus should be given some consideration.

Beads for Jewelry Making- The Epitome of Real Fashion


Beads for Jewelry MakingPredictably, there are very many times you have tried to remain modest and simple when dressing up for a function but you fell short of attaining your target. That is because some of the accessories you were looking forward to having are too many. They end up giving you the wrong impression but with beads for jewelry making, you will be well sorted out. They come with wide selection to offer you enough options for consideration.

Choose the right colors

That makes beads the real epitome of fashion. You can choose the ones you prefer as per color, shape, size and material. Anytime you are in the market looking for the best beads to use for your jewelry, you will be up for the best selection. Beads for jewelry making will offer you the right ideas that you need to enhance your beautiful looks especially for women. You can use these beads in whatever way you feel is best suited to satisfy your needs. The one you settle for must be that which you are comfortable with and the one that fits in well to your jewelry project.

In most cases, these beads come translucent but it will vary from one material to another. Heart, square, faceted and triangle are some of the shapes to lookout for in beads for jewelry making. Every shape of the beads has its specific use which you must be alive to. For instance, there are those ideal for making curtains while others are designed for tying ropes plus other different uses. You have to choose the right shape for the right jewelry task at hand for accomplishment.

Acrylic beads are some of the type that many women fall in love with more often. This is because they can be easily manipulated to different sizes and shapes plus their cost is considerably low. They will be the best option to enhance your looks at an affordable cost. There will be nothing for you to worry about in case the beads are lost since getting a replacement is easy. It will not incur you extra expenses like many other types in the market.

Beads are easy to use

beaded braceletAnother aspect that makes beads for jewelry making the best thing is their ease of use. You just need a thread to put the beads together with no expertise necessary. You can come up with jewelry on your own with good guidance from a tutorial. Apart from jewelry, these beads are used for many other tasks including dressmaking, umbrellas and pottery design among many other things that are easily decorated using beads. You should not just limit yourself to jewelry alone when there are many options available for consideration.

Your beads for jewelry making should be handled with a lot of care and precision all the time. They can break easily or get scratched when mishandled. Even when cleaning, ensure the right cleaning agents and procedures are used to safeguard their quality and appearance. All in all, beads for jewelry making are the real epitome of fashion.

Different Types of Beads for Jewelry Making


beautiful leather jewelryOne of the exciting things about beads for jewelry making is that there is no end to the types of beads you can use to make your jewelry. Few people can utter the word boring and jewelry making in the same sentence.

Jewelry making is interesting because there are different types of beads for jewelry making available in the market. There are also many different ways that can be used to string beads together hence there is no end to the beautiful creations you can make. Some of the beads that can be used to create jewelry are;

–    Gemstone beads

Gemstone beads used in jewelry making are beads made from precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, onyx, jade and turquoise among others. Jewelry made from gemstone beads can be quite expensive based on how large the beads are and the gemstones used to make the jewelry. Jewelry made using this type of beads is often used during special occasions.

–    Bugle beads

A good example of common beads for jewelry making is Bugle beads. These are tubular shaped beads that are found in beads of different lengths. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They can be smooth and rounded, squared and twisted, smooth and square or hex cut among other designs. These beads are also available in square holes hence do not just expect to find them with round holes.

–    Acrylic beads

The other types of beads that are often bought by jewelry makers are Acrylic beads. These are beads made from plastic in different forms. These beads are light and inexpensive. They are also available in a variety of colors and are quite versatile in terms of shape. You can use Acrylic beads in embroidery and various craft projects. Acrylic bead designs are a great choice for people who want to make beautiful but inexpensive jewelry items.

–    Metal beads

These beads are fashioned from different types of metals. There are bronze beads, silver beads, and copper beads among others. These beads are often ideal for use in organic jewelry. When these beads are put together with feathers, bones, leather and shells among other types of organic items, they make great statement jewelry items.

–    Wood beads

These beads for jewelry making are made using wood. There are as many different types of wood beads in the world as there are varieties of trees. Beads made from wood are valued because they are relatively inexpensive compared to other beads such as crystal beads and precious stone beads. They make excellent jewelry that can be accessories to formal wear and they can also be worn as accessories with casual wear. People are rarely allergic to beads made from wood and wood beads make jewelry items that are quite beautiful.

There are so many beads for jewelry making available in the market. The best way to shop for beads is online because online stores have a wide selection of beads to choose from and prices are quite affordable. So buy your beads from online bead vendors today!

Desired Qualities of Beads for Jewelry Making


Whether you are targeting plastic, wooden or metallic beads, quality has to be the topmost consideration you make. This is because they have to serve your interests better and remain strong for the longest time possible. The purchase you make touching on beads for jewelry making should not be very different from others but you need to be more detailed. You have to look at the specifics that define beads. Without putting all that into question prior to purchase, you might end up frustrated and fail to achieve your mission.

Therefore, always be on the lookout for the following qualities that most of the successful jewelry beads have:

  • Value– how do you define the value of beads for jewelry making? It is as simple as looking at the price. The higher the price, the lower the value you get in return. When making purchase, you should look for affordable and not cheap beads. Affordable beads have low prices and high quality while cheap beads have both low quality and price. You have to make your choices wisely not to mess up
  • Durability– this quality is reflected in the type of material that the beads are made of. It is upon you to research well and know which among the many materials available is stronger than others. You will have the choice of wood, metal and plastic as the major materials in the market. There are many others to consider but the bottom line should be making a determination on the most durable one. A durable material will allow you to use beads for the longest time you can while weak materials wear out very fast.
  • Appearance- jewelry is all about making one appear good. For that reason, it is important you put into consideration the aesthetic value of beads for jewelry making that you select to use. They have to be attractive, appealing and eye-catching in terms of colors they have and design. Bright colors are known to be very attractive than dark ones and it’s an option you should weigh in very well. The shape can as well add to the aesthetic value of beads and should not be ignored among your considerations.
  • Weight- every person has specific preference in relation to the weight of beads to use in jewelry making. Many people prefer having light beads but still there are those who want heavy beads. Sometimes, it is all determined by the size of the body. Big-bodied people would have no problem having heavy beads while light-bodied guys prefer having light beads. Either way, weight is a very critical factor that you should consider when buying beads for jewelry making. It should meet your own specifications.

Never buy beads to use in jewelry making if they don’t meet at least half of the desired qualities. They must address a big chunk of that for you to get satisfied. Never have any limitations or go overboard when choosing the best beads for your jewelry works. It is advisable you remain moderate.

Green Bracelet Ideas Collection!!


Green is a symbol of nature and life. If your favorite colr is green. It means that you are kind, compassionate and generous. You are always caring and nurturing to others. And you have a great need to love and to be loved. That’s all, and I like green. That’s the main reason why I collect these green bracelet ideas and share with you. L.O.L

green bracelets ideas (1)Everyone loves gorgeous jewelry. So, when I saw this crystal bracelet, I knew I had to collect it. You will find a tutorial by click how to make crystal bracelet.

green bracelets ideas (2)If you are looking for wrapping bracelet tutorial, here it is. This is an easy waxed cord wrap bracelet. Click how to make a wrap bracelet to check it is an easier craft or not.

green bracelets ideas (1)Light turquoise pearl memory wire bracelet by beachseacrafts. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this, simple but beautiful! Get prepared some pearl beads and tibetan style pendants. You can start to make it.

green bracelets ideas (3)Seed beads are always used for making flower crafts. Daisy anklet with one single strand… Could be made 4 leaf clover too! Green flower seed bead bracelet.

green bracelets ideas (4)Rainbow loom green bracelet – I found on pinterest. Loom bands are the hottest materials for making bracelets in 2014.

green bracelets ideas (5)Button, button, button craft with dark green and lime green button, great ideas for kids! Clever! – source.

green bracelets ideas (6)I love this green yarn bracelet because it is winter outside. L.O.L

green bracelets ideas (7)If you love this collection page, welcome to like, comment or reblog. Happy crafting!