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Wooden Beads- How to Apply Dye


Bracelet With Wood BeadsWooden beads come with a natural feel. It is on very rare occasions that you will have the need to decorate them more including applying colors. But, you are not limited in case you will have the feeling of making your beads look more attractive to meet your needs. One of such decorations is applying dye. There are different types of dye in the market to choose from and they are all well suited for that. There are professionals who are trained to handle that but you should not incur such expenses easily.

It will be possible to apply dye to wooden beads on your own without such assistance. As long as you have a detailed guide, there will be no problems that you will encounter.

  • Start by assembling together all the things that you will need to accomplish that. These things include water, beads, rubber gloves, food dyes, paper towel, strainer or large spoon and glass bowls. They all play different roles so don’t make any omissions or assumptions.
  • The beads should then be put in the bowl after boiling water. They can be allowed up to 20 minutes for soaking and this will make the beads highly porous.
  • For every cup of the boiled water, add two teaspoons of the dye and mix. Ensure you have used different bowls in case there are different colors of the dye. When you double or halve the amount of dye, it will help to achieve either softer or stronger dyes and it will be upon you to make the choice.
  • After you have attained the solution through mixing up, use the strainer to add your wooden beads to the bowl. Allow another period of about 20 minutes for the beads to sit in the bowl that has the dye.
  • Remove the beads from the bowl using a strainer and let them drain off the dye completely before lifting out. When out, the wooden beads should be placed on the paper towel where they will dry slowly.
  • After they have dried completely, it will be time to use your dyed beads in whatever way you desire. Whether it’s for a craft or jewelry project, the choice will be all yours to make.

Mixed Wooden BeadsYou need to be aware that beads made of wood can easily develop cracks or even twist. Those are more of natural effects that you will have minimal control over. If that is something you are not happy with, be sure to select wooden beads that have a smooth and even finish. It will cushion you from such unprecedented frustrations.  Also, make sure you don’t wear the beads before dye has dried out completely. It can end up staining your clothes.

Even when dry, there are some factors that will cause the dye to come out and you must be very wary of them. For instance, too sweaty skin or wet clothes will be a leading factor. You can have varnish sprayed on the wooden beads even though their natural feel will be compromised.