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What You Should Know When Buying Glass Beads


Lampwork Glass Beaded Lariat Necklaces

There are many different types of materials used for making decorative jewelry pieces and one of the most popular materials is glass beads. Many jewelry designers have used them for creating some incredible jewelry items and this certainly explains why they are so popular. When it comes to buying these beads, you will find them in many different colors, shapes and sizes and you can select the one that is the most ideal for you.

As a jewelry designer, it is of paramount importance that you use the most appropriate beads for making your jewelry. And the same case applies to glass beads as well where you must do your homework very well to select the best size, shape and color that perfectly complement your design. Some beads essentially come with a contemporary style and these are certainly the best to use when you are interested in traditional jewelry designs. Regardless of your crafting needs, you can rest assured that these deals are the most ideal for your project and here are some tips that will help you a lot when buying them.

Know the types available

glass beads

Glass beads essentially come in many different types and it is important that you know all the different types available at your disposal. The uniqueness of these beads comes from the fact that various techniques are used when it comes to creating them and this essentially results in many different styles. Among the common types that you should consider buying are Millefiori, pearl beads, dichloric, lamp work as well as murano beads as well. If you are a collector of antique beads, it is advisable that you consider vintage beads which are remarkably great as they come with etched designs and unmatched uniqueness.

Check the quality

It is essential you ensure that the glass beads you are buying are of the best quality possible. This is crucial since inferior beads will result in creations that are certainly not good mainly due to the fact that they are less durable and are certainly not the best that you can ever wish for. You should avoid beads that come with holes of different sizes and rough edges since such beads can end up harming and injuring the wearer. As such, you should always insist on getting the best quality of beads that have no visible cracks.

Buy online

When you are planning to buy glass beads, the internet is certainly the best place where you can certainly buy the beads from. There are many online stores that sell these beads and you can be sure that you will be able to get a vast selection of beads to buy from. This helps you ensure that you get beads that meet your needs and are just the right ones for your project. Engaging in comparable shopping is something of great importance and helps ensure that you get the best deals on them without in anyway compromising on the quality of what you get.


A Simple Buying Guide for Wholesale Charms


Silver Charm BraceletIt is no secret that wholesale charms are reputed to be among the most widely available jewelry items to buy. Since their introduction on the market, they have continued to have skyrocketing demand and you can bet that buying them is an incredibly simple affair that you can’t afford to miss out on. However, even with this being the case, you will need to be very careful so that you can be able to get the best charms that you really need.

Why wear charms?

Charm bracelets are certainly not new to us as they have existed for quite a long period of time. The Romans and Egyptians used to wear them as a way of warding off the evil spirits and you can bet that this gives you enough reason as to why you should buy wholesale charms. Nowadays, most people wear charms as a way of adding grace and beauty on their bodies and it is needless to say that females are the ones who wear them the most. Most males usually buy them as gifts to their partners and you can be sure that they are highly liked since they are incredibly fashionable.

Using charms to create jewelry is something that is truly incredibly and wholesale charms are certainly used to make some awesome creations. Essentially, they are used for denoting various happenings in the life of a person and they could also be used for representing their interests or achievements. As a jewelry designer out there, you will certainly find it much easier for you to select the most appropriate lot size that can guarantee the best outcome. Depending on how big your crafting project is, you will be able to but the most appropriate sets for you, whether it is 50s, 100s or even 200s.

Always verify set contents

Charm braceletWhen you are buying a set of wholesale charms, it is incredibly important that you verify the set perfectly well so that you can be sure that you are buying exactly what you want. Doing so will definitely save you money and time and you can be sure that you will have the right charms for your project. The beauty of buying the charms in wholesale is that you are going to get them at incredibly affordable prices and as such, you can be sure that you will not be spending a lot of money on your project.

You should order wholesale charms from sellers who guarantee you the fastest delivery time possible as you definitely don’t want to wait for ages to have them delivered to you. Opt to place your order from a vendor who offers you the lowest price possible while at the same time assuring you that you will be able to get your minimum order depending on what your requirements are. You just need to do your homework very well and you will certainly be able to get the best deal that you can ever wish for on these charms.

Organza Bags Wholesale Will Make You Huge Profits


Trendy people always want to show that they are in the know how when it comes to special moments, and that is why you see people searching for particular things to buy for presentation of specific moments. The moments we are talking about here are important parties such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. The sale organza bags is boosted by such occurrences, because they are some of the favorite gifts that people present to their loved ones when they are celebrating the special days of their lives.

A Business Opportunity

Diligent people know when to take advantage of situations, and jewelers to be specific can benefit from the sale of these special bags that will never go out of season given that birthdays and wedding parties will always be there. One can test the waters by purchasing a small amount of these bags to see how the customers will respond, but since the bags are guaranteed to sell it is prudent to by a variety of colors, sizes and shapes, which will attract many customers to enable you to buy organza bags wholesale and set your business running.

How to create the bags

Creating these bags as a jewelry designer is the easiest thing or project that you can undertake. Organza bags wholesale are designed using a fabric that is similar to silk. They have a sophisticated appearance and you can come up with your own designs, shapes and sizes. The trick is to choose good colors that will please your customers to make them want to buy your creation. Most of the organza bags that you will see around are flat shaped with a drawstring that is meant to secure the components in the bag. The bags are also very comfortable to handle and carry around, and they feel very soft on your hands.

Uses of the bags

Organza bags wholesale can be used in different ways and most of them is to carry small things such as candies, chocolates, pens and maybe notes and coins. The bags cannot only be offered to those who are celebrating the event but also to the guests as return gifts after they have presented their gifts. Return gifts are small tings offered as a way of appreciation to those who had attended the party. In that case, a designer can do a great job of designing an order of organza bags wholesale for a particular event.

Huge orders are simple to work on because a customer asks for a particular design of the organza bags wholesale, which in turn the designer will purchase the specific material for the job.

Online is Affordable

Buy your organza bags wholesale online because that is where you will get the best deals, given that there are many online dealers who will be looking at luring you to buy from them, and hence they will sell the bags at a favorable price. The same case applies to the material where you need to be very alert to get the best quality at the best price.

The Simplicity of Snap Jewelry


ginger snaps interchangeable button jewelryOf all the other types of jewelry, snap jewelry is the most easy to use and affordable due to their design.  It is one of the latest styles that entail two main parts of jewelry that are the main part that can be a bracelet or a ring, which has bezels on it where snap buttons are attached to when you need to change the appearance of the pieces.  The other part is the snap button that is the attractive part of the piece of jewelry, and it is the part that is usually snapped of so that you can affix another button that has the decorations to match your attire at that time.

Snap jewelry have many advantages over the usual types of jewelry, which are making them to be very popular with many jewelry lovers. The main advantages are discussed below.


When you take an example of the usual pieces of jewelry, there is the attraction point or points where beautiful pieces such as precious stones, gems and charms are attached. When that piece of jewelry is sold as a whole, it will cost you more money than how the attractive part will cost you. Snap jewelry offers you the chance to buy just that part and affix it to the bezel on your bracelet or necklace.

The snap buttons are far much cheaper and the main part as well, given that you are going to buy a few of the parts with the bezels where you will be affixing the snap buttons. The low cost of snap jewelry has made it possible for jewelry lovers to buy matching pieces for almost every dress they have.

Time Saver

pegboard jewelryWhen it comes to snap jewelry, the snap buttons are the ones you will purchase in abundance, so that you can have different options to match your attire. The usual complete pieces of jewelry tend to be clumsy when they are stored in a heap or together in the jewelry box. It will take you more time to select a bracelet or necklace from a heap of jewelry, than it will take you to scoop a handful of snap buttons and select the one that you need.

The use of snap jewelry therefore saves you a lot of time when you are preparing yourself in the morning. They save space too because you only need a small container for the buttons unlike the usual type of jewelry where you need a sizeable container for all the jewelry that you have.

Where to buy Snap Jewelry

The local stores near you may have some snap jewelry but they do not have a wide variety. They also sell their products at higher price due to lack of competition. The only place that you can get top quality jewelry product is online, where suppliers face stiff competition and hence have to up their game by providing top quality products, offering top quality services and selling their products at very competitive prices.

Go online and check the best supplier for snap jewelry and you will definitely change your wardrobe to the better.