Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make Glass-bottle Christmas Ornaments for Home Decoration


Summary: Here is an easy-to-DIY glass Christmas ornament. This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make the glass Christmas ornaments.


Glass-bottle Christmas ornaments are great candidates for making Christmas home decorations. In this easy DIY project, I want to share such glass-bottle Christmas ornaments with you. Now,let’s see how to make these glass-bottle Christmas ornaments for home decoration.

Materials and tools needed in DIY the glass Christmas ornaments:

3mm Clear Seed Beads
White Shell Beads
Pandahall Elite White Trumpet Shell Beads
Tree Branches
Plastics Foam
White Lace
Stainless-Steel Scissor

Instructions on how to make the glass Christmas ornaments:

Step 1:Make the main part of the glass Christmas ornaments

1st, put enough 3mm clear seed beads into a glass bottle;
2nd, insert several tree branches into the seed beads;
3rd, put a three white shell beads onto the seed beads.

Step 2: Add a piece of white lace around the bottleneck and make a knot


In the following picture, you can see the final look of the glass Christmas ornaments.

Do you like this DIY glass-bottle Christmas ornament? You can make several glass-bottle Christmas ornaments and put them up on a holiday-dining table. You can also add other items into the glass bottle to create a customized decoration that complements your decorating style or the existing adornments.


Learn from Beebeecraft How to bead jewelry-pair of cheery star earrings for Christmas


Summary: How to bead jewelry-pair of star shape earring hooks finding, With simple jewelry craft supplies several red and green 8/0 Glass Seed Beads, a roll of Nylon Wire, step by step instructions shown with concise diagrams!


The holiday, especial the Christmas, for sake of putting yourself into a festive mood and carry forward the spirit of the day, people is bound to put on the most symbolic ornaments, such as a pair of cheery star earrings for Christmas. Via today’s tutorial, you can learn another fun way of doing how to bead jewelry projects.

Things you will need:

Earring hooks

8/0 Glass Seed Bead (Green & Red)

String materials Nylon wire



How to bead jewelry?

Step1: wrap the red seed beads

Fix one end firmly onto the earring hook, each bead should be wrapped twice.


Step2: embellish the earrings for Christmas

Stack the added beads and then wrap another strand of green ones. Locate the green beads one or two between each 8 red one.


Step3: make another piece

Repeat the above steps for a complete pair of earrings for Christmas.

It is so funny, right? Just try following the instructions to make your own earrings for Christmas, and then wear them to have your ears decked out right now. Once you practice skillful, you may whip up more stunning pairs for your festival wardrobe. More ideas on how to bead jewelry please focus on our learning center updates.

Free Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Paper Quilling Christmas Bell Cards


Summary: You may love Christmas bell very much, right? This article will show you a Beebeecraft tutorial on making paper quilling Christmas bell cards. Hope you love it.


I have shown you a lot handmade Christmas gifts in my other articles, including Christmas tree, Christmas garland, Christmas earrings, etc. Today, I will share this DIY quilling Christmas bell card, the main materials it will use are quilling paper. The following article will tell you the detail on how to make paper quilling Christmas cards.

Jewelry craft Supplies in making this paper quilling Christmas bell card:

5MM Yellow Quilling Paper
5MM Bright Red Quilling Paper
5MM Green Quilling Paper
5MM Black Quilling Paper
6MM Yellow Ribbon
White quilling card
White Glue
Rolling Pen
Jewelry making tools Glue Gun
Glue Stick

Step 1:Roll a pattern of the Christmas bell

1st, roll a circle with bright red quilling paper, disperse it a lot and stick the end;
2nd, pinch it to oval, like an eye, pinch crease of the outer 2 layer, and stick several layers at the same point.

Step 2: Make a Christmas bell base

Make a shape of bell with black quilling paper, inset the pattern into the bottom of this shape, and stick it firmly.

Step 3: Make 2 Christmas bells

1st, roll a circle with yellow quilling paper, later pinch the outer several layers to a quadrilateral;
2nd, make other 2 quadrilaterals, inset them to the bell base;
3rd, roll an incompact circle with bright red quilling paper, just stick it to the top part of bell base;
4th, roll 2 small circles with bright red quilling paper, stick them to the top of quadrilateral;
5th, roll a small circle with yellow quilling paper, stick it to the bottom of Christmas bell. Repeat all the steps and make another one.


Step 4: Make 3 leaves

1st, roll a circle with green quilling paper, after several layers, pinch paper to a rhombus and around several circles, stick the end firmly;
2nd, repeat above step and make other 2 leaves.


Step 5: Stick all the patterns together

1st, stick 3 green leaves with 2 Christmas bells firmly, glue them on the white quilling card;
2nd, make a bowknot with yellow ribbon, stick it to the Christmas bell, just like the picture below.


Here is the final look of the paper quilling Christmas bell card.

With quilling papers at hands, you can make this quilling Christmas bell card, it’s so colorful and lively, right? This quilling Christmas bell card have many different shapes, you can also pinch it to other shapes, just you like. You can write a note or draw a picture on the blank of card, and send it to your friends at the coming Christmas. Just have a try!

Easy Beebeecraft Christmas Hanging Decor Angel Ornament for Kids


Summary: This is a Beebeecraft tutorial on an easy Christmas hanging decor idea – making a Christmas angel craft for kids with shell, chenille stems, ribbons and beads. Hope you like it.


When Christmas is reaching, almost every house will be dotted with Christmas hanging decor and crafts. Snowman,Christmas tree, Christmas angel are the frequently seen in houses. Thus, I came up with a usual Christmas angel craft for kids – make music Christmas angel with shell, chenille stems, ribbons and beads. Let’s find out how to make the Christmas angel ornament together.

Supplies in making the Christmas angel home decor:

12mm White Acrylic Bead
4mm Crystal Glass Beads
4mm White glass Pearl Beads
Red and Green Chenille Stems
Shell Beads
1cm Red Ribbon
0.3mm string materials Tiger Wire
Glue Gun
Mark Pen

Instructions in making the cute Christmas angel hanging decor:

Step 1: Make angel’s main body

1st, stick a 12mm white bead with a purple shell with a glue gun;
2nd, add 2 smaller white shell on the front of the purple one;
3rd, snip off a short green chenille stem, and then thread 5 white pearl beads on it, with space from each other to make a scarf;
4th, wrap the green scarf around the angel’s neck, and trim it.

Step 2: Add a red headset

1st, snip off a short red chenille stem, and wind the ends to make a headset shape;
2nd, stick the headset to the head of the angel;
3rd, cut out a short red ribbon and make a hanging cord.

Step 3: Stitch crystal wings

1st, snip off a short wire, slide 11 crystal beads on, and thread the wire backward through the last 2 beads and continue with 7 more crystal beads to crochet a wing shape;
2nd, repeat above process to crochet the other wing shape;
3rd, tie the wings to the back of the angel and tighten up, trim off the excess.

Step 4: Finish the Christmas angel craft

1st, draw a smiling face on the white bead with mark pen;
2nd, cut a little piece of ribbon and stick it to the angel face.

This cute and lovely Christmas angel is finished! It’s really funny to make this easy craft! I enjoy the whole process of it!

After my tutorial on how to make this christmas hanging decor – christmas angel crafts for kids you will find that it is easy to make it. All you need is to prepare the materials and follow the steps one by one, and then invite your kids to make Christmas angel with you!

Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make a 3D Paper Quilling Christmas Tree Card


Summary: Handmade paper quilling Christmas tree card makes a difference as a gift. Today’s Beebeecraft tutorial will tell you how to make a 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card.


Quilling paper is a widely used card-making method. In today’s DIY Christmas tree card, I will show you a 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card. All the jewelry craft supplies used in this Christmas tree card are quilling papers, you can find all of them on Beebeecraft. You can use other color quilling card, it’s OK. Follow my tutorial and try to make this paper quilling card.

Supplies in making a 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card:

5MM Golden Yellow Quilling Paper
5MM Yellow Quilling Paper
5MM Green Quilling Paper
5MM Bright Red Quilling Paper
5MM Blue Quilling Paper
Pandahall Elite Yellow Quilling Card
Rolling Pen
White Glue

Step 1: Roll 6 circle petals

1st, roll a circle with an entire green quilling paper, disperse a little and stick the end firmly;
2nd, stick each layer at the same point, then make the other 5 circle petals.

Step 2: Make a Christmas tree crown base

1st, roll about 11 small circles with yellow quilling paper and bright red quilling paper, each circle is about half of an entire quilling paper;
2nd, inset one or two small circles into each second layer of petals. Just like the picture below.

Step 3: fold triangle trunk

1st, fold a big equilateral triangle, about 2.5cm, with an entire blue quilling paper, wrap it around the equilateral triangle;
2nd, fold another small equilateral triangle, about 1.5cm, and wrap it about the triangle;
3rd, inset the smaller triangle into the bigger one, stick each coincident side firmly.


Step 4: Make a Christmas tree

Stick Christmas tree crown with trunk.

Step 5: Stick Christmas tree to the card

Daub white glue on one side of this Christmas tree sufficiently, stick it to bottom of the yellow quilling card.

Step 6: Stick other patterns to card

Stick 2 bright red quilling paper on the bottom of card, stick 4 yellow small circles on the middle of bright red quilling paper.

Here is the final look of the 3D paper quilling Christmas tree card.

This Christmas tree makes easily, but it is a 3D tree, and it looks lively, right? You can send this 3D Christmas tree card to your friends on Christmas , it must be a particular gift with your talent. My tutorial on how to make paper quilling Christmas tree card has come to an end, have a nice try.

Beebeecraft Instruction on Making a Unique Collar Necklace with Pearl Beads for Christmas


Summary: Another unique Christmas idea! Today Beebeecraft will show you how to make a collar necklace with beads for Christmas. This collar necklace is based on felt and embellished with various beads.


I made a sweet detachable collar before, this time I designed a personalized collar necklace for Christmas. As you can see, there are so many beads on the felt collars, so you will feel a certain weight when taking this collar necklace. I believe that this collar necklace must match your Christmas costumes or dramatic outfits very well.

Materials and tools for making a Christmas collar necklace:

8mm glass pearl beads, Round, Mixed Color
12mm Rhinestone Beads, Round, Silver
12mm Rhinestone Beads, Round, Golden
6mm Electroplate Bicone crystal Glass Beads, Golden Plated
18mm Fabric Covered Buttons, Star, Red (Not Shown)
6mm Satin Ribbon, Green
Felt, Green
Sewing Thread, Green
Hot Glue Gun

How to make a collar necklace with beads?

Step 1: cut out collars and sew lacing

1st, cut out two symmetrical collars from green felt. The size is dependent on you;
2nd, sew two long strips of satin ribbons at the top of the collars as lacing;
3rd, glue a line of electroplate glass beads along the outer edge of each collar.

Step 2: add embellishments

1st, glue half a line of green imitation pearls next to the glass beads from bottom, then glue four green-and-red imitation pearls from top;
Attach two different rhinestone beads and two imitation pearls in different colors at the bottom of inner edge. Glue glass beads along remaining length of inner edge;
2nd, fill the spaces between two lines of imitation pearls at the outer edge with several different imitation pearls;
Intersperse with red star fabric covered buttons, red imitation pearls and one or two pearls in another color as the picture shows.


This felt collar necklace with beads has been finished. Really hope you like it! The choices of beads are all up to you. Expecting for your creation!

Beebeecraft Crystal Butterfly bows twinkle in Christmas Eve


Summary: The description of this Beebeecraft tutorial is detailed and it is with clear illustrations. I am sure that you will love this tutorial and make out this pair of pretty butterfly bow earrings.


If you have browsed other projects, you may find a similar tutorial, which is also about butterfly bow; however the previous one is about how to make brooch, while this one is about Christmas earrings. The crystal butterfly bow earrings can beautifully glitter in dim lights; moreover the colors are full of Christmas atmosphere, which is rather suitable for wearing in Christmas Eve occasion.

Materials and tools:

4mm bicone beads in red and green colors

10mm red round glass bead

6mm bicone crystal glass beads in red and green colors

Pandahall Elite Jump rings

Earring hooks

head pins

String materials tiger tail wire

Wire cutter

Round nose plier

The instructions about butterfly bow earrings start now:

Step 1: prepare beading wire

Cut two pieces of steel wires measuring 10 cm; pick the needed numbers of beads at hand. In addition, make the beading diagram ready:


Step 2: bead the butterfly bow

First, string a bead to center and then add a bead to left and right end respectively;

Second, cross two ends through another bead;

Third, tighten the wire and continue;


Step 3: make the pendant

First, thread red glass bead, 6mm red and green beads onto head pin in turn and loop the top part of head pin;

Second, attach butterfly bow with pendant by jump ring;


Step 4: end the butterfly bow earrings

Attach the butterfly bow with ear hook, and repeat above steps to complete the other one.


So far, the butterfly bow earrings are done! Before Christmas Eve, you can take a bit of time to prepare the crystal earrings; then when the time is up, equip them onto your ears, and in this eve, you are the outstanding one.