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Mother’s Day DIY Jewelry Roundup


Happy Mom’s Day! And wish all the mothers around the world a sweet and happy life!
Whether you are a mother or a daughter, whether you celebrate or not, whether you spend the day with your mother, kids or favorite pet, I hope you’ll have a weekend filled with love.
If you’re in the mood for DIY some jewelry, here are the Mother’s Day DIY Jewelry Roundup! All these crafts are easy to make.
Roundup 6 Jewelry Tutorials on Mother's Day
1. Easy DIY Necklace to Share! Need colorful beads, such as wooden beads, porcelain beads, agate beads…
2. DIY Luckly Lantern Earrings – Easy and inexpensive to make.
3. DIY Rosegold Heart Charm Bracelet – Sweet craft with video tutorial’s sharing.
4. Pearl Necklace + Safety Pins, special DIY with a pearl necklace and safety pins.
5. How to Make Ombre Crystal Cluster Earrings – Enjoy the video tutorial of makeing the ombre crystal cluster earrings.
6. DIY A Daisy Beaded Flower Bracelet, beautiful craft turns cute beads into flower bracelet and great gift for your mother!


5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants


Happy Wendsday! I have a collection of 5 creative DIY jewelry ideas for you today. There is no need to spend money on your accessories anymore, you can DIY at home. All of these ideas are simple, easy and quick to create. You won’t need any expensive jewelry making supplies to make them. What you will need is beads and Tibetan style pendants. Okay, now let’s enjoy these ideas to get well used your Tibetan Style pendants.

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (1)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (5)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (2)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (3)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (4)

10 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


Happy Wendsday!
Do you have all your birthday gift ideas ready? I don’t. Luckily, I collect these 10 birthday gift ideas, so I will be using the weekend to make a craft. Yay for DIY! Here are the current 10 favorite DIY birthday gift ideas, for you, for her or for myself. If you also like them, you can collect the detailed jewelry making supplies, for example, beads, jewelry wire, chains, other jewelry findings and tools. Get started to make!
10 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas For Her:

10 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

1. How to make your own solid perfume
2. DIY striped rope basket
3. DIY copper bar earrings
4. DIY dyed napkins
5. DIY yoga bag
6. DIY no sew floral apron
7. DIY spa kit
8. DIY lemon skin balm
9. Homemade jasmine perfume
10. DIY raw stone and silver pendant necklace

Make this for Valentines or Anytime!


DIY Jewelry Box Clutch


Jewelry are my weak spot. I have SO many jewelries, most of which I’ve made myself. Today’s DIY project is a fun way of recycling your old jewelries to form a far more expensive jewelry box cluth. You only need a few old jewelries (broken, odd and unlove bracelets, necklaces and earrings), a hard case box cluth and glue.
Now let’s begin the simple but stylish project. Take a loook at the image steps below.



Step 1. Gather your old jewelries you would like to collocation. Then cut them into seperate parts to prepare.
Step2. Desigin the perfect placement, you’d better take a photo,  then glue into place one by one.
Step3. Leave to dry. There it is!
Tips: If you do not want to destroy your jewelry though they are old. You can choose some bling bling cheap beads or cheap pendants instead.
I DO LOVE this and can’t wait to use on Valentine’s party. Happy crafting!

DIY Rosegold Heart Charm Bracelet


This jewelry making video shows you how to make a rosegold heart charm bracelet from sweet materials – rosegold polymer clay and pink glass pearl beads chain, and also very quick to make. Oh, and it’s earth-sweetly gift, too. :)

DIY Rosegold Heart Charm Bracelet
Prepare the main supplies shared below:
premo clay in copper
premo clay in blush
scupley glaze
miniaturesweet diamond cut heart
eye pins
glass pearl beads chain
gold toggle
jump rings

As to the rosegold heart charm, you can use some cheap pendants which are also cute and nice instead. Make sure you check out the Youtube video tutorial below. If you like this video and this blog, you can give it a thumbs up.

Wedding Jewelry for Valentine’s Day


The Valentine’s Day for 2015 is approching and I’ve decided to make some wedding crafts for this Valentine. Right, when Valentine’s Day is coming, we’re all about looking to wedding. A wedding is the perfect for a day dedicated to love, which can be fun and romantic. So let’s look at a few wedding jewelry crafts for this day.
Wedding Jewelry for Valentine's Day (1)
This is a pearl necklace, perfect for the DIY bride! Take this idea and create something no other bride will have – a ribbon and pearl necklace fit only for you… Main materials are pearl beads, crystal beads, crimp beads and ribbon. If you love this project, welcome to create your own necklace and I’d love to see your creativity!
Wedding Jewelry for Valentine's Day (2)
Here I got another pearl necklace idea which I love soooooo much on pinterest.com! Happy crafting!

Wedding Jewelry for Valentine's Day (3)