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Tibetan Style Beads You Need To Look Out For


There are so many beads in the world and choosing the best beads is a great challenge. Tibetan style beads bring you some of the most unique beads in the world. These are the kind of beads you would fall in love with at the first sight.

Types of beads at Tibetan style beads


Below are some types of beads you get at Tibetan style beads

  • Tibetan dzi agate
  • Om charms
  • Large hole metal bead
  • 50 antique gold bead caps flower
  • Silver Tibetan boho leather wrap bracelet
  • Buddha head bracelet, silver Buddha bracelet, yoga bracelet, healer and spiritual bracelets

These are just some of the few bracelets you get at Tibetan style beads. They incorporate different cultures, religions, popular people and things, animals and many other things. There are those beads that are made in the shape of animals. For example beads that are made of a lion’s head shape. These are beads you would like to have


When it comes to religion, you are well covered. They are diverse and you will find those beads made in shape of Buddha, those that take the shape of a cross and those that take the sign of the crescent moon. The beads are made from different materials. There are those beads that are made from silver, bronze, natural wood and tree seeds.

All the beads are of high quality and you can just purchase yours for you to make your own products. There are the beads that have been curved with names of people, popular symbols and many other things. You can surprise a friend by buying for them beads that have decorated with their names.

Tibetan style beads give you some beads that are fully made into beautiful earrings. The beads are eco friendly and they can cause no harm to your body. There are those beads that look exactly like a rose flower. You could buy this one for someone special during valentines and they will highly appreciate it. The beads are rust resistant and they last longer. Tibetan style beads brings also some beads that take the colour of gold and when you look at them, they looks exactly like gold and no one can really differentiate from real gold without touching them. The beads comes at an affordable price and you get value for your money


Types Of Beads And Other Varieties Of Beads


Beaded jewelry is highly popular and there are endless choices of customizable beads jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, anklets, armbands and a lot more. There are many types of beads jewelry and each bead has a unique specification.

beads 1

Types of Beads 

  • Acrylic Beads: This bead type is in polymerized or plastic materials such as resin, Fimo polymer clay and other plastics. They are inexpensive, light and appropriate for a range of applications.
  • Pearl Beads: Pearl beads are actual pearls featuring threading holes drilled. There are pearl beads made in plastic or polished glass resembling pearls. Beads made using actual pearls are expensive.Others are made of polished glass or plastic that has been finished to resemble pearls. These beads can be quite expensive, especially if the beads are made from actual pearls.
  • Gemstone Beads: This type of beads resembles gemstones. Some are semiprecious stones, while others are gemstone beads made from plastic or glass.

 Other Varieties of beads include:

beads 2

 Pony Beads

 Pony beads are the seed bead special sub-category and are between 3.5 and 4.5 mm in diameter. They have thin bodies and relatively large threading holes. Pony beads are made of plastic or glass. In fact, beginning bead crafters, learn beading using pony beads mainly as the large threading hole makes work easy.

Charm Beads

Charm beads are painted or carved beads. These are made using a simple bead with a charm. Most charm beads are molded or carved into a specific shape. Charm beads are made from metal and are larger than regular beads.

Specialty Beads

Specialty beads are for specific functions. For instance, crimp beads are crimped to one end of a jewelry piece, thereby placing a stopper on the wire end. Tubular beads may be the spacers or clasp beads may be put to use as create links between the bracelet ends.

Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are lightweight and cheap. They do not give a professional look and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Finishes and Styles

The beads are manufactured giving different styles and finishes now by the modern manufacturers of beads. Thus beads are available with different styles and finishes.

The beads come with solid color interior lining offering a color. This coating goes off in case durable coating is not given.  Beads finish imitates a stone in some beads, especially the opaque type of beads. In fact, translucent seed beads imitate rubies or amethysts, while the transparent beads are fully transparent.

How to make a bracelet using seed beads?

How to make a bracelet using seed beads?

Did you ever wonder you could make handcrafted jewelry on your own?

Well, you have taken the leap of heading out to my blog. Let me tell you, not only you can learn to make handcrafted jewelry, but you can be really good at it and in fact, muster your creativity and knack for craftwork as a business!

You may be looking for a gift that shows your love and fondness, yet personalized and easy. So, worry not because today the bracelet we are going to learn to make might just be the right gift item to go with.

Let us begin with my step-to-step guide. If you are a beginner, stay focused, concentrate and read every step carefully. You do not want to miss anything or do it entirely wrong, otherwise you may frustrate yourself. It is simple and requires your good will! Just imagine how shiny gold and matte seed beads would go for Christmas or any season!

The following is the list of materials you need, so make sure you do not fall short of anything:

  • Matte and glossy seed beads – all must be 4mm in size
  • Strong, broad wire – 20 gauge copper in Parrot green color
  • Pliers
  • Double Cup Loop Connectors
  • Clasps
  • Scissors

*Although there are no restrictions of design and color of your seed beads, but if you generally require a suggestion, then I would say you try to find a combination of green-blue matte beads, metallic burgundy matte and bronze gold matte.

Step 1: First of all, grab your scissors and carefully cut an 18-24” of wire length. You will have 2 loops around the wrist for the length of 18”. Make sure you do not forcefully bend or deform the wire while cutting it.

Step 2: Grab the sack of your seed beads that you are using. I recommend you use the bronze gold matte on the center of your bracelet and on each end of your other piece. I put the metallic burgundy ones towards the ends of the piece with bronze golden beads. Then, I added the green-blue on the middle of the other piece.

Step 3: It is time to string the beads! Start by putting your wire into the hole & pulling the bead up onto the wire length. Just remember, you have to carefully hold the wire because you do not want to disturb its natural shape.

Step 4: Once you are done stringing the whole length of wire with seed beads, leave out an inch or more space at the finishing points, then cover the wire around the foot of a double-cup connector & close it using pliers. You will have a loop to attach a clasp to your connectors. I’d say you let it remain unclasped because it looks better this way.

Step 5: To cover up, follow the natural shape of your wire and then strongly wrap the bracelet on your wrist. Let it go and it will spread out a bit.

That was all! How does it look like? I’m sure you loved it. Stay tune for more blogs for seed beads jewelry!

Considerations before Beads Wholesale Purchase


Jewelry Making ToolsDon’t take the purchase of your beads wholesale any lightly. There needs to be serious considerations put into question in advance to avoid making silly mistakes. Make sure you have considered everything important that will help to shape your purchase decision. One of the top considerations should be the amount of cost you stand to save through wholesale purchase. Saving costs is one of the top reasons why you should have your beads bought in bulk so don’t ignore that. There will be no reason to buy in bulk if the costs you are saving are insignificant.

Do your calculations very well to be sure that you will save enough money that will encourage you to buy beads wholesale. Whether you are planning to buy online or from physical shops, there is the good option of price comparison which you should embrace. This will open up your eyes to all the wholesale deals available in the market for beads. With good comparison, it will be easy going for the one that stands good chances of saving huge costs. This can as well be determined by the amount of beads you are buying in bulk.

Consider size of your consignment

Easy Braided BraceletsMany dealers offer subsidized prices depending on the size of the consignment you order for. If it’s bigger, you get to save more costs and if it’s smaller the cost saving privileges you enjoy will be very limited. Therefore, consider the size of your consignment to help you determine if it’s a good idea buying beads wholesale. Quality is yet another of the important factors that have to be considered when buying beads in bulk. Many are the times when quality is compromised in bulk purchase but you must be keen not to fall into that when buying beads in wholesale.

The low cost of your beads has to come with high quality guarantee. Don’t allow any of the two to undermine the other. You must get guarantee for high quality to your beads that you buy in bulk. Anytime you are making purchase, quality has to be the most critical aspect that you cannot ignore especially when buying online. You will not have that assurance if you buy fake beads from fraudulent dealers. High quality for beads wholesale is only assured when you purchase from legal dealers.

As such, put consideration of the place you shop top on your list prior to making any market decisions. The place where you decide to buy from must have specialized in selling beads in bulk and should give you a reason to proceed with the purchase. You don’t have to pick on any dealer without putting such things into perspective. Lastly, warranty is very important when buying beads in bulk and should be duly considered. Never buy beads that don’t have at least a one or two year’s warranty. That is the security you have for your beads against damages right after purchase. There must be coverage against damages and loss of your beads wholesale.

Creating Amazing Jewelry with Beads



Jewelry making is a great way to pass time when you are doing it as a hobby, and when you are doing it as a business, it is very enjoyable when you are putting different beads together to come up with an attractive ornament. Beads are inexpensive jewelry designing items that you can get in your locality or online at very affordable prices. When you are looking at making impressive profits from your designing, you should therefore focus on sourcing the beads from beads wholesale stores online.

Like every other business, less costly raw materials will help you get more profits from your finished products, and hence you should only go for the affordable beads for your jewelry. Remember that you should not compromise the quality of the beads with the prices, and that is why you should only buy from genuine beads wholesale stores who stock top quality beads at low prices.

Variety is another factor that you should consider when purchasing your beads. You do not want to have a uniform design of your jewelry because the retailers will want a variety of design for their customers. You have the flexibility to mix new styles and old ones to give your work a unique touch.

Bulk is Economical

wholesale_agate_gemstone_round_ball_faceted_carmine_pink_red_blue_green_mixed_jewelry_beads_10mm--10strands_16inch_per_strand_192b11e6As a wholesale designer, purchasing the beads in bulk will be advantageous because they are sold at very low prices. Apart from making impressive profits after designing your jewelry, you still have the option of pricing your finished products at lower prices than those of your competitors and still make good profits. The trick here is to attract more retailers who will be coming for your affordable jewelry so that they can also make good profits. You will still achieve the goal of making huge profits because as many retailers learn about your affordable jewelry, they will flock to your shop and hence you will sell more jewelry.

Beads make great jewelry and they are not as fragile as other jewelry making materials like glass pendants that you have to be very careful when handling them. Enamel and plastic beans are hardened enough to withstand the impact of a drop but glass pendants will probably be smashed into pieces. Beads wholesale stores sell beads made from different materials and hence you can purchase the most appropriate for you.

An Easy Way to Design Jewelry

Beads are probably the easiest jewelry making parts that you can find. They come ready with a place to pass your cord if you are designing a necklace or a bracelet, and your major work will be to arrange the beads in different design to achieve the appearance that you want. Creativity is what you should have because even if you get your beads wholesale, you will need to come up with jewelry products that will be marketable through their attractiveness.

Wooden beads can be customized to create more designs and hence you can personalize your artwork.