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Considerations before Beads Wholesale Purchase


Jewelry Making ToolsDon’t take the purchase of your beads wholesale any lightly. There needs to be serious considerations put into question in advance to avoid making silly mistakes. Make sure you have considered everything important that will help to shape your purchase decision. One of the top considerations should be the amount of cost you stand to save through wholesale purchase. Saving costs is one of the top reasons why you should have your beads bought in bulk so don’t ignore that. There will be no reason to buy in bulk if the costs you are saving are insignificant.

Do your calculations very well to be sure that you will save enough money that will encourage you to buy beads wholesale. Whether you are planning to buy online or from physical shops, there is the good option of price comparison which you should embrace. This will open up your eyes to all the wholesale deals available in the market for beads. With good comparison, it will be easy going for the one that stands good chances of saving huge costs. This can as well be determined by the amount of beads you are buying in bulk.

Consider size of your consignment

Easy Braided BraceletsMany dealers offer subsidized prices depending on the size of the consignment you order for. If it’s bigger, you get to save more costs and if it’s smaller the cost saving privileges you enjoy will be very limited. Therefore, consider the size of your consignment to help you determine if it’s a good idea buying beads wholesale. Quality is yet another of the important factors that have to be considered when buying beads in bulk. Many are the times when quality is compromised in bulk purchase but you must be keen not to fall into that when buying beads in wholesale.

The low cost of your beads has to come with high quality guarantee. Don’t allow any of the two to undermine the other. You must get guarantee for high quality to your beads that you buy in bulk. Anytime you are making purchase, quality has to be the most critical aspect that you cannot ignore especially when buying online. You will not have that assurance if you buy fake beads from fraudulent dealers. High quality for beads wholesale is only assured when you purchase from legal dealers.

As such, put consideration of the place you shop top on your list prior to making any market decisions. The place where you decide to buy from must have specialized in selling beads in bulk and should give you a reason to proceed with the purchase. You don’t have to pick on any dealer without putting such things into perspective. Lastly, warranty is very important when buying beads in bulk and should be duly considered. Never buy beads that don’t have at least a one or two year’s warranty. That is the security you have for your beads against damages right after purchase. There must be coverage against damages and loss of your beads wholesale.


Top Reasons Why Buying Acrylic Beads Is A Must



The great diversity of the jewelry making industry means that new materials are always being introduced on the market now and then. With demand for beaded jewelry being high at all times due to the stunning and uniqueness of these beads, jewelry making beads have become a favorite for many. Beads are of many different types and some of them like acrylic beads have become a must buy for any serious jewelry maker. Acrylic is essentially a synthetic substance which makes them very popular for many reasons among them being:

Attractiveness and versatility


For most people, acrylic beads are described as fun, versatile, affordable and attractive and these are just the attributes that everyone is always looking for. In fact, if you happen to buy them in wholesale or bulk, you will be surprised at how you will be able to cut the price significantly and this certainly results in great savings. If you are in the business of making beaded jewelry for sale, then you can be sure that this will help you cut down the initial cost in a great way and thereby boost your profit margin. You can then sell your jewelry via a retail store or on the internet.

Available in a large selection

Next, you will be amazed to know that acrylic beads come in a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors. As such, you can be sure that the large variety available will help you make any kind of project that you might imagine. Regardless of how small or big your crafting project is; you can rest assured that you have all the essentials that you need for your project. As such, you just need to apply a little creativity and you can be sure that you will be good to go.




Something else worthy knowing about acrylic beads is that these beads are of light weight and this makes them incredibly suitable for a wide range of projects that require beading. Besides using them to make jewelry, these beads can be used to decorate a gown or a costume and you can be sure that they will be able to yield awesome results. Most people even prefer jewelry pieces made using these beads unlike glass beads since the resulting creations are of light weight. In addition, these beads are very cool to the touch not to mention that wearing them feels in incredible comfort particularly in hot summers.

No matter what kind of beading project that you are planning to undertake, acrylic beads the most suitable choice that you can consider. Raging from scrap-booking to sewing and dressmaking, these beads comes next to none not to forget that you can also use them to make embellishments on ornaments and objects. And the good thing is that once you purchase acrylic beads, you can be sure that you won’t need to purchase other additional beads for completing your project and are certainly the best choice to use for your beading work. For the best results in your beading project you can try pandahall.com. They provides cheap and affordable beads in wholesale that’s going to be beneficial for your project.