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How To Make A Necklace Using Wooden Beads?


There are so many ways you can make accessories for your neck using beads and charm. Here, we’ll learn how to make a necklace using wooden beads. Now, you don’t need to make a sullen face over a dull and subdued appearance of wooden beads because we will also learn how to pain them.

A necklace of wooden beads exudes sheer class because of its somber style. For painting your beads, you don’t have to follow any restricted rules. Any color mixture will yield adorable results. You can present your friends and family with these necklaces; I’m sure they’ll love them.

wooden beadsThings you need:

  • Leather or suede lace – 36 inches
  • Wooden beads – 5x, 1 inch
  • Masking tape
  • Paint palette of 5 colors
  • Paintbrushes

Let us begin with the following steps:

Paint: Begin with painting a single bead in the darkest shade of color you have on your palette and take a moment for it to dry. You can let your bead stay on back tip of another brush to let it dry easily. Now, paint another bead in the lightest shade of color in your paint palette. As a suggestion, use black for dark shade and blonde for the light.

Masking: You have to use a sequence of masking techniques in order to paint the beads left. Take one bead, mask it off, so you can and paint about 2/3rd of it naked. Followed by, mask off another bead in diagonal direction. You don’t need to stress about reaching a perfect half; just ensure to get a line parting in diagonal across the bead surface. Paint this one too. For the last ball, paint three stripes around it. Paint one stripe at a time and let it dry before masking off your next stripe.

Dot making: You need to wait for the paint to dry up. Meanwhile, you can go back to your dark shaded bead. You will now be making dots on it! It’s common sense that you’ll use a contrasting light color on dark; my suggestion for some shinning colors would include golden because it’ll look fabulous and shall stand-out on black. Let me share a tip to ease you with making these dots: You have to use the end of your paintbrush without bristles.  Dip it gently into the paint dab and hold it at angle of 90 degrees to the bead. Now, onto the bead, touch the brush and haul up. You may require practicing this process on a paper towel before doing it with your bead while making necklace. Once you painted dots on your bead, let the paint dry!

Make a necklace: Once you’re done with the complicated part of painting the beads, you are all ready for making the necklace. Pick up the dried beads and start stringing them one-by-one along the lace to make your necklace. Then, choosing any order you may like, place the wooden beads on the cord. Tie a regular knot at the finishing point.

You’re all done. Wasn’t that absolutely simple?


Getting the Value out of Wooden Beads


Rustic Wood BeadsWooden material always offers a natural feel when used for beading. That is one of the top reasons why wooden beads will be good for your jewelry project at any given time. There is a guarantee of getting value in return for your investment. Even if it costs you as much as you may not have envisaged in having these beads for your jewelry project, you don’t have to get worried because you will get value in return. That is one assurance that you will always get from wooden beads and not any other type in the market.

Offers natural beauty

Wood is naturally attractive and you don’t need to add any decorations. This is the worst thing that can happen if you will have to add more decorations in making your beads look nice. At least you are cushioned from that with beads made of wood. Unless you want to do that for pure pleasure, there will be no obligation at all. You can choose to use either hardwood or softwood but the results are the same in terms of attractiveness.

You will never feel the difference since they both offer you what you need; natural beauty for your looks. Ever wondered why wooden beads are very popular? Well, it’s because of their unmatched durability and flexibility. Those are two things very few or none among the other types of beads will offer you. Every bead maker wants to have them as part of their jewelry project simply because of those two reasons.

You will get them in very many varieties to make you confused on which one to settle for. Their prices are always cheap since the raw material is readily available. It is very unfortunate that bead makers usually overlooked wooden beads in the past since they were yet to discover the benefits they came with. Now that they have known, these beads are a hot cake in the fashion world. You can use these beads to create earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces and bracelets among several other jewelry items.

Always buy online

Wooden Jewelry Making BeadsYou just need to make a decision on what you are keen to come up with and the choices of beads will come automatically. At any given time, you will get those that match with that in all key aspects. To ensure you get maximum value in your purchase of these beads, be sure to use online platforms. There is nothing wrong with making purchase from a physical shop in your area but of course that will come with a lot of limitations.

There will be very few beads to consider and not always when you can buy. But with online shops, you will have all the room to make considerations in a wide manner and at any time of your choice. There are many online stores offering wooden beads in all varieties and prices to leave to it that you fall for the right choice. If you decide to go for cheap beads, never compromise their quality for whatever reason.