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Art Of Iconic Tibetan Style Beads Jewelry


Tibetan jewelry conveys the way of life and life of Tibet. Individuals from Tibet esteem Tibetan jewelry to a great degree. They trust that putting on specific sorts of Tibetan style beads jewelry will bring the wearer good fortunes and keep away from awful things. In many spots, these jewelry pieces speak to riches. These days, even individuals don’t fit in with the Tibet legacy get a kick out of the chance to put on Tibetan jewelry. They feel these jewelry pieces may get peace and satisfaction their life.


Captivating Tibetan style beads

There is something exceptional about Tibetan style beads jewelry. They’ve natural excellence inside them, are captivating, secretive and outlandish. Bunches of individuals get a kick out of the chance to put on Tibetan style jewelry because of their appeal and in addition because of their baffling elements. In view of the qualities of Tibetan individuals, these jewelry pieces can protect people from ailments, gives riches and also expels the stress of kicking the bucket from people mind. All Tibetan jewelry is delivered by silver. It is called Tibetan Silver that is a sort of composite delivered from copper and nickel. When you investigate Tibetan beads or other Tibetan jewelry like Tibetan catches and fittings, you will see exactly what Tibetan silver seems like.


Another fascinating truth is that the greater part of Tibetan jewelry is carefully assembled. The carefully assembled jewelry and frill are much cherished in the present world which is among the reasons for the acknowledgment of Tibetan jewelry. The greater part of jewelry creators’ makes Tibetan style jewelry since they’re high looked for after. Indeed, even individuals that do beading or deliver jewelry like a side interest can easily make Tibetan style jewelry in your own home.

Tibetan beads, bead tops, spacer beads and Tibetan style fittings and catches are comprehensively offered by jewelry suppliers. Many individuals make Tibetan jewelry for promoting, while some ensure they are all alone with a specific end goal to give as presents. You will discover certain sorts of pendants that are viewed as instruments in Buddhism. Every one of these pendants is basically utilized for dispersing individuals’ sin, stifling villains and giving individuals strength, insight, vitality, et cetera.

Tibetan beads can be utilized to light up the home as well. In Tibet, individuals generally utilize these sorts of beads to light up ornaments, furniture and additional items inside their home. This can help them construct Tibetan air inside their homes. Tibetan beads can be found in an assortment of hues, measurements, and shapes. They might be utilized to adorn work areas, tables, divider timepieces, droplights, et cetera.


Tibetan Style Beads You Need To Look Out For


There are so many beads in the world and choosing the best beads is a great challenge. Tibetan style beads bring you some of the most unique beads in the world. These are the kind of beads you would fall in love with at the first sight.

Types of beads at Tibetan style beads


Below are some types of beads you get at Tibetan style beads

  • Tibetan dzi agate
  • Om charms
  • Large hole metal bead
  • 50 antique gold bead caps flower
  • Silver Tibetan boho leather wrap bracelet
  • Buddha head bracelet, silver Buddha bracelet, yoga bracelet, healer and spiritual bracelets

These are just some of the few bracelets you get at Tibetan style beads. They incorporate different cultures, religions, popular people and things, animals and many other things. There are those beads that are made in the shape of animals. For example beads that are made of a lion’s head shape. These are beads you would like to have


When it comes to religion, you are well covered. They are diverse and you will find those beads made in shape of Buddha, those that take the shape of a cross and those that take the sign of the crescent moon. The beads are made from different materials. There are those beads that are made from silver, bronze, natural wood and tree seeds.

All the beads are of high quality and you can just purchase yours for you to make your own products. There are the beads that have been curved with names of people, popular symbols and many other things. You can surprise a friend by buying for them beads that have decorated with their names.

Tibetan style beads give you some beads that are fully made into beautiful earrings. The beads are eco friendly and they can cause no harm to your body. There are those beads that look exactly like a rose flower. You could buy this one for someone special during valentines and they will highly appreciate it. The beads are rust resistant and they last longer. Tibetan style beads brings also some beads that take the colour of gold and when you look at them, they looks exactly like gold and no one can really differentiate from real gold without touching them. The beads comes at an affordable price and you get value for your money

Get The Best Beads For Jewelry Making


A bead is a small and ornamental object which is frequently pierced with threading and stringing. Beads are extensively used in jewelry making. They fall into different kinds varying from pony ones to glass ones. They are used to make jewels like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings and so on apart from clothing beautification. Been extensively used in jewelry making, all those types of beads in selection of shapes, sizes and colors dressed people look extra attractive. Whatever, the truth is that people repeatedly concerning on beads for jewelry making and beaded jewelry has been used in numerous ways.


Beaded jewelry for you

Currently increasingly people turns to create jewelry with beads through themselves, for it is tough to find a well-made beaded craft, and if ever, it would possibly cost in an irrationally way. Well, no matter it is a beaded necklace or a piece of dress or additional accessories whatever it is, it simply asked for the using of thoughts.


Jewelry making a talent

Temporarily, jewelry making would also be a good method in making a magnificent gift to your dearly ones. Why? Because your relations and friends would look fashionable while wearing handmade beaded jewelry. Well, remember that there are dissimilar kinds of beaded jewelry for diverse age groups to wear.

After the making procedure, while wearing the exclusive beaded jewelry, it’s time to get pleasure from the satisfaction of wearing a limited piece of jewelry! While you have the shine of those beads when you move your body faintly, you may eagerly desire to know how to select the appropriate beads for jewelry making?

These beads come in vital shapes such as rounds and ovals to additional complex shapes such as animals and flowers. There are themed shaped ones accessible such as medical, sports, music, moving, holiday, Christmas, etc. The ones that are made from plastic are more well-liked than the ones that are made from glass. Christmas pony beads for jewelry making are accessible in green, red, and white colors and in form such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus & snowmen.

These beads for jewelry making can be transparent or solid. The clear ones resemble glass beads to a vast extent and they also show seamless and of high-quality quality. You will also get those which have a metallic finish. If you are look to add a touch of shine or glitter to your jewelry making job, then you can think those which have a sparkle finish.


Make Beautiful Jewelry Items Out Of Wooden Beads


As wood is 1 of the most usually found supplies around human environment, wooden beads having a long history? Carpenters and carvers frequently made them in their extra time or used the formation of beads as practice movements for beginner. Because wood is so simple to source, wood beads have tended to be ignored as unique jewelry features.

Wooden being always a part of fashion

Wooden beads are an exclusive piece of ornament as they give a usual look and are a part of the newest fashion trends. They are inexpensive, low-priced and still give an alluring look without the need to use a lot on jewelry.

wooden beads 1

These are accessible in quite a huge number of shapes and colors. Though, normal and wood colored beads are used more frequently because of their stylish and simple look. Furthermore, patterned beads of these tones look extremely stylish. Jewelry items that have an addition of such beads in them show very eye catching and adaptable.

The jewelry is weightless

One of the most significant facts regarding them is that they are very lightweight. Wooden beads can be carved out of several different types of wood. Generally hard wood is used, but a range of additional woods can also be used. The beads that are made are extremely light which means that you can use any number of beads in your formation without the jewelry item becoming too heavy. All method of jewelry can be created from these beads. You can make delicate bracelets and even chunky jewels out of them.

wooden beads 2

Give an aesthetic look after wearing

The beads can be found in each size and color. They are an ideal choice for women who don’t like the idea of weighty pieces of jewelry, as the wooden beads are trivial and look wonderful when altered into bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. The wood beads have an external that is, both, flat and soft. Hence, carving different patterns and letters on the beads is moderately easier.

When it comes to really buying the beads that you’ll require to keep in stock, you might find that beads made of wood are no more luxurious than the other types of beads on the marketplace. Wooden beads may not be as inexpensive as the plastic ones, but you recognize the old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’, and the old supply of plastic beads that you have might be a good technique of getting the next generation of jewelry making ability started in your relations.

Types Of Beads And Other Varieties Of Beads


Beaded jewelry is highly popular and there are endless choices of customizable beads jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, anklets, armbands and a lot more. There are many types of beads jewelry and each bead has a unique specification.

beads 1

Types of Beads 

  • Acrylic Beads: This bead type is in polymerized or plastic materials such as resin, Fimo polymer clay and other plastics. They are inexpensive, light and appropriate for a range of applications.
  • Pearl Beads: Pearl beads are actual pearls featuring threading holes drilled. There are pearl beads made in plastic or polished glass resembling pearls. Beads made using actual pearls are expensive.Others are made of polished glass or plastic that has been finished to resemble pearls. These beads can be quite expensive, especially if the beads are made from actual pearls.
  • Gemstone Beads: This type of beads resembles gemstones. Some are semiprecious stones, while others are gemstone beads made from plastic or glass.

 Other Varieties of beads include:

beads 2

 Pony Beads

 Pony beads are the seed bead special sub-category and are between 3.5 and 4.5 mm in diameter. They have thin bodies and relatively large threading holes. Pony beads are made of plastic or glass. In fact, beginning bead crafters, learn beading using pony beads mainly as the large threading hole makes work easy.

Charm Beads

Charm beads are painted or carved beads. These are made using a simple bead with a charm. Most charm beads are molded or carved into a specific shape. Charm beads are made from metal and are larger than regular beads.

Specialty Beads

Specialty beads are for specific functions. For instance, crimp beads are crimped to one end of a jewelry piece, thereby placing a stopper on the wire end. Tubular beads may be the spacers or clasp beads may be put to use as create links between the bracelet ends.

Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are lightweight and cheap. They do not give a professional look and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Finishes and Styles

The beads are manufactured giving different styles and finishes now by the modern manufacturers of beads. Thus beads are available with different styles and finishes.

The beads come with solid color interior lining offering a color. This coating goes off in case durable coating is not given.  Beads finish imitates a stone in some beads, especially the opaque type of beads. In fact, translucent seed beads imitate rubies or amethysts, while the transparent beads are fully transparent.

How To Make a Multiple strands necklace with wholesale charms?

How To Make a Multiple strands necklace with wholesale charms?

You have been making simple necklaces, and now it is time that you add some variety to muse your excitement. I love the idea of mixing, matching, putting this and that and having many strands on a necklace because not only they show off that you know your game with wholesale charms, but also look splendid.

Let us start now with collecting the following supplies:

  • Wholesale charms
  • 18” chain
  • Clasp of your choice
  • 20 gauge metal wire
  • Wire for beading
  • Guards for wire
  • 10mm opening End cones
  • Scissors
  • 2mm Crimp beads
  • Round nose pliers
  • Jump rings

First and foremost, you need to form loops that would attach to your necklace’s strands. I would say you make a closed connector to make sure you do not let anything fall down later on from an opened jump ring. Of course, at the end look it shall be covered by an end cone.

Cut 4 inches of your beading wire in order to form a closed connector and cover up an end of your beading wire around the round nose pliers. Wrap the short end around the long one, which will make your loop securely. After wrapping for about twice or thrice, cut off any piece in excess.

You need to string your wholesale charms, so prepare your wire. You need to keep the appeal of your wire secure, so fix a wire guard. Put your wire into a crimp bead and then through one end of the guard.  Hook your guard on the connector and pull the corresponding end into the next opening of your wire guard. Feed your wire back into the crimp bead and then crimp it securely via pliers.

Add the other beads to your wire and press the other end to the other loop.

You can choose to keep a different length of your chain & strands to add more versatility and style, so that they do not overlap onto each other and hide under.

Cut a piece of your chain and fix to a jump ring. When the beaded part is all done and connections are made, you should attach your end cones.

String a cone on the connector to wrap it up. If you want to secure it, add your chain onto the loop. But if it looks complicated to do then simply close it first, and then using a jump ring fix it to your chain. Then as you did in one of the previous step, shut your connector by covering it around your pliers and covering the pieces in excess around the bottom of your new loop. Trim away any pieces that are in excess.

Followed by, add the chain. The length is totally up to you; mine was 18”. For it, I put 2 chains of the same length to the loops and attached to a clasp to close it up.

You are finally finished! I am sure you enjoyed working with wholesale charms. It was indeed a bit tricky one, but you should focus on how you have had a learning opportunity to take on some of the most useful jewelry making steps.

How to make a crafty seed beads bracelet?

How to make a crafty seed beads bracelet?

We are back with our very own seed beads. They have quite an appeal of their own that makes us want to collect more and more. It is incredible how incredibly crafty you could get with these, and I personally love them the most.

Today, we are going to learn how to make a wired bracelet using seed beads. It is a simple project much addressed to the beginners who just started. Plentiful of skills are here to learn that will be adopted in nearly every handcrafted jewelry process.

So, sit tight, concentrate and begin… First of all, make sure you are on a lead with all the following supplies:

  • Seed beads – use any color you want. You can also add a seasonal theme
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Pliers
  • Ruler or inch tape for measuring length
  • Hairspray or any aerosol can

Following are the steps:

  • Begin with holding your 18 gauge craft wire prior to trimming it off the bundle. Then, form coils out of your wire using looping pliers. You have to be very cautious about it. Do not deform it; carefully and gently make wire coils.
  • For length, let me give you an approximate of 3 cm. In order to make a single bracelet, you require 6 wire coils measuring 3 cm long.
  • Another careful step to come; once you are done making your coils, now bend them a bit in order to form a round shape, so that your wire coils could easily fit into your bracelet.
  • Wrap it around your wrist and measure the size. You need to have a wire that is an inch or half more than the actual length. My length was 6”, so I cut my wire around 6.5”.
  • Now form any loop at either end of your wire using your looping pliers. Wrap the wire around your aerosol can carefully. You need to keep the other finishing point unclosed for the time being.
  • Put a wire coil through the bracelet through the point that you left opened. Then, string seed beads onto the wire. Once you reach halfway length of your wire, stop inserting beads.
  • Now, put another coil and repeat the abovementioned steps. Keep one and a half cm joined at the end because you will require forming another loop for closure.
  • Make another bracelet utilizing the same processes. Then make two jump rings.
  • Place your bracelets parallel, overlapping each other and having their loops matched on every end. Then attach jump rings to join the bracelets.
  • Cut wire piece around 8 cm. Bend it.
  • Again bend your wire using the looping plier to make a hook shape.
  • Now attach this hook with your bracelet via the ring on any side you prefer.
  • If you want to make any adjustments to your bracelet length, simply add more rings.

You are all done! Doesn’t it look splendid? Thank you for heading out to my blog!