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How to make a necklace using wooden beads?

How to make a necklace using wooden beads?

Being able to make jewelry out of your own hands is an epitome of beauty with brains! Just imagine the splendid jewelry by your neck. Every time you look at it, it reminds you of the time, will and your hands that so tenderly made that fantastic wooden beads necklace!

You can start learning making jewelry on my blog and in fact you can start selling them once you have made. Have you ever thought how your friends and family would come to feel when they would wear that splendor you crafted on your own?

I present you with a tutorial on how to make a necklace using wooden beads. Let us begin now, but first make sure you have the following materials ready at hand:

  • Wooden beads – ¾”, 3/8” and 5/8” in size
  • String
  • Jump rings
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Clasp
  • Silver chain

Now let us begin with my step-to-step guide:

Step 1: The first step is always about stringing your beads. Start stringing your wooden beads on your string and make sure you leave some of your beads in excess.

Step 2: Now start this with grabbing your chain and cut it to a random length. By random, I do not certainly mean that you ridiculously cut to a useless length, like 2-4 inches. Cut just about a length that is required and always remember the length should be bigger than your size in order to incorporate any adjustments you may eventually need to make. Anyway, back to crafting; attach a clasp that you collected with a jump ring, and another jump ring at the corresponding end. Afterwards, tie the ending point of your string holding wooden beads with one or double good strong knot.

Step 3: Next up, you have to pull up the initial 3-5 wooden beads that you have strung. If you are cautious, you need to be able to pull them over the string and the ending point. Then snip off an inch your string after the final bead.

Step 4: Now, attach your jump rings to the end points of another piece of chain, measuring about 2-5” in length. Then, tie the wobbly end of the chain strongly to one of the jump rings.

Step 5: Now you need to cover up that lose end. Start threading it through a wire needle by twisting a wire piece into a loop and then thread it into your wooden beads.

Step 6: Followed by, continue to adding your wooden beads until and unless you are pleased with your necklace’s length. Go before a mirror, put it on and make a decision! Meanwhile, I’ll wait for you.

Step 7: Now that you are back on your computer or mobile to this tutorial, all you have to do is make two more strings of your necklace just like you made this one. You need to simply go and grab your closure and put a new chain to the jump ring, and when you’re done attaching the last chain to your last jump ring.

That’s it! Making a necklace using wooden beads was that simple!


Wooden Beads- How to Apply Dye


Bracelet With Wood BeadsWooden beads come with a natural feel. It is on very rare occasions that you will have the need to decorate them more including applying colors. But, you are not limited in case you will have the feeling of making your beads look more attractive to meet your needs. One of such decorations is applying dye. There are different types of dye in the market to choose from and they are all well suited for that. There are professionals who are trained to handle that but you should not incur such expenses easily.

It will be possible to apply dye to wooden beads on your own without such assistance. As long as you have a detailed guide, there will be no problems that you will encounter.

  • Start by assembling together all the things that you will need to accomplish that. These things include water, beads, rubber gloves, food dyes, paper towel, strainer or large spoon and glass bowls. They all play different roles so don’t make any omissions or assumptions.
  • The beads should then be put in the bowl after boiling water. They can be allowed up to 20 minutes for soaking and this will make the beads highly porous.
  • For every cup of the boiled water, add two teaspoons of the dye and mix. Ensure you have used different bowls in case there are different colors of the dye. When you double or halve the amount of dye, it will help to achieve either softer or stronger dyes and it will be upon you to make the choice.
  • After you have attained the solution through mixing up, use the strainer to add your wooden beads to the bowl. Allow another period of about 20 minutes for the beads to sit in the bowl that has the dye.
  • Remove the beads from the bowl using a strainer and let them drain off the dye completely before lifting out. When out, the wooden beads should be placed on the paper towel where they will dry slowly.
  • After they have dried completely, it will be time to use your dyed beads in whatever way you desire. Whether it’s for a craft or jewelry project, the choice will be all yours to make.

Mixed Wooden BeadsYou need to be aware that beads made of wood can easily develop cracks or even twist. Those are more of natural effects that you will have minimal control over. If that is something you are not happy with, be sure to select wooden beads that have a smooth and even finish. It will cushion you from such unprecedented frustrations.  Also, make sure you don’t wear the beads before dye has dried out completely. It can end up staining your clothes.

Even when dry, there are some factors that will cause the dye to come out and you must be very wary of them. For instance, too sweaty skin or wet clothes will be a leading factor. You can have varnish sprayed on the wooden beads even though their natural feel will be compromised.

The Simplicity and Versatility of Wooden Beads


Wooden beads are the simplest yet among the most beautiful beads available for jewelry making. They are favored by many people because they can be used to make jewelry pieces to accessorize elegant outfits and also make simple jewelry for everyday use. These beads give you lots of room to be creative, and they are not as expensive as other beads such as glass beads.

wooden beads

Wood beads, as the name suggests, are made from wood. As much as there are numerous different types of trees in the world, there are different types of wooden beads. Some examples of great wood beads are Bayong Beads, ebony beads, Graywood Beads, Robles and Rosewood beads among others. The list of wood beads available in the market is endless.

Interesting Types of wooden beads to buy

  • Sibucao wood beads: These beads come from Sibucao wood which a natural hardwood. They are a bold reddish-orange color.
  • Palm wood beads: These are wood beads made from palm trees such as date trees or coconut trees. The beads have tiny black marks all over them giving them a distinctive look.
  • Nangka beads: These are beads made from the Jackfruit tree. They are a light brown color and are a bit grainy giving the beads a great texturized look.
  • Magunko beads: These beads come from trees found in the Philippines said to have the hardest wood worldwide. Their color is slightly lighter than ebony beads, and they have a smooth polished look.

Use beads to make organic jewelry

There are many more interesting types of wooden beads in the market that you can use to make excellent, earthy jewelry. Ideally, wood beads convey warmth, and they always go well with other earthy materials such as shells, feathers, and horn. Hence, you will find many jewelry makers combining wood beads with such materials to come up with excellent statement pieces. These beads are not hard to find and hence you will find them in every jewelry supplies cabinet.

Apart from their availability and versatility, wood beads have the advantage of being lighter than other kinds of beads such as precious stones. Hence, if you are looking for material to make simple light weight jewelry, then wooden beads must not be far from your mind.

Wooden beads are not just for making jewelry; they are also used to make other beautiful items. For example, you can use them to make a partitioning curtain. Alternatively, you can use them to make fringes for lamp shades. They can also be used to make small trinkets such as key holders. The different craft projects you can come up with when using wood beads are so many. Hence, it’s wise to buy these beads in bulk.

It’s a good idea to purchase wholesale wooden beads because they will never be a waste. You can transform plain wooden beads into vibrant beads by painting them, varnishing them and even carving clever designs on them. Wood bead give you the chance to be creative and yet they are not as expensive as other kinds of beads such as glass beads. Buy some wood beads online today!

The Various Types of Wooden Beads


Wooden BeadsFor the creative craftsmen, wood is the best raw material to work with and bring out products just as they are required. Nature gives us many things that we can use to enhance our lives with, and the diversified importance of trees brings our focus to jewelry making. One of the main jewelry making supplies that come into people’s mind when jewelry is mentioned is the bead. Wooden beads are one of the most easy to work with type of beads, and their main advantage is that they are readily available.

Wooden beads can be mixed with other types of jewelry supplies to create magnificent products that will give the wearer a stunning appearance. Can beads come from just any type of tree? The answer is no because there are specific types of trees that are used for curving beads, and they have specific factor of attraction such as fragrance, color, and weight. The following are some of the trees that are used to produce wooden beads.

  • Iron Wood Tree – The tree is known to be among the hardest globally, which is found in the tropical regions. Wooden beads curved from this tree are smooth and comfortable to the skin of the wearer. They are also hard and durable.
  • Jackfruit tree – Wood from this tree is mainly used to make wooden furniture and jewelry beads too. Just as ironwood, tree jackfruit produces very hard wooden beads, which is an advantage when it comes to durability of the jewelry products. Beads from this tree have a yellow color and when given a perfect finish, their loose grain gives them a magnificent natural look. The grains that show clearly on the surface give the jewelry products a natural look.
  • Ebony – Produces wooden beads that have a deep dense and dark colors, and as the wood is popular with furniture makers, so it is with jewelry designers because of the hardness and durability of the beads.
  • Bayong – Is a type of wood that is found in Philippines and just as most of the other trees that are used for curving wooden beads, the products made from it are very durable. The beads that come from this tree can be used to make tablemats and seat covers, as well as door and window blinds. The beads curved from this tree are attractive enough because they have a red-brown color, which comes out clear and shiny when the beads are given a perfect finish.

Do not be like some people who consider wooden beads cheap just because they are made from trees, because the beads have many advantages. You need to try them to see for yourself, but even so, you will have to buy your wooden beads from one of the reputable online stores that have been in this business long enough to provide you with the beads that you need.

The creativity of the jeweler is what determines the outcome of the jewelry products and hence you ought to be creative enough to produce magnificent pieces that will attract many customers.