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How to make a crafty seed beads bracelet?

How to make a crafty seed beads bracelet?

We are back with our very own seed beads. They have quite an appeal of their own that makes us want to collect more and more. It is incredible how incredibly crafty you could get with these, and I personally love them the most.

Today, we are going to learn how to make a wired bracelet using seed beads. It is a simple project much addressed to the beginners who just started. Plentiful of skills are here to learn that will be adopted in nearly every handcrafted jewelry process.

So, sit tight, concentrate and begin… First of all, make sure you are on a lead with all the following supplies:

  • Seed beads – use any color you want. You can also add a seasonal theme
  • 18 gauge wire
  • Pliers
  • Ruler or inch tape for measuring length
  • Hairspray or any aerosol can

Following are the steps:

  • Begin with holding your 18 gauge craft wire prior to trimming it off the bundle. Then, form coils out of your wire using looping pliers. You have to be very cautious about it. Do not deform it; carefully and gently make wire coils.
  • For length, let me give you an approximate of 3 cm. In order to make a single bracelet, you require 6 wire coils measuring 3 cm long.
  • Another careful step to come; once you are done making your coils, now bend them a bit in order to form a round shape, so that your wire coils could easily fit into your bracelet.
  • Wrap it around your wrist and measure the size. You need to have a wire that is an inch or half more than the actual length. My length was 6”, so I cut my wire around 6.5”.
  • Now form any loop at either end of your wire using your looping pliers. Wrap the wire around your aerosol can carefully. You need to keep the other finishing point unclosed for the time being.
  • Put a wire coil through the bracelet through the point that you left opened. Then, string seed beads onto the wire. Once you reach halfway length of your wire, stop inserting beads.
  • Now, put another coil and repeat the abovementioned steps. Keep one and a half cm joined at the end because you will require forming another loop for closure.
  • Make another bracelet utilizing the same processes. Then make two jump rings.
  • Place your bracelets parallel, overlapping each other and having their loops matched on every end. Then attach jump rings to join the bracelets.
  • Cut wire piece around 8 cm. Bend it.
  • Again bend your wire using the looping plier to make a hook shape.
  • Now attach this hook with your bracelet via the ring on any side you prefer.
  • If you want to make any adjustments to your bracelet length, simply add more rings.

You are all done! Doesn’t it look splendid? Thank you for heading out to my blog!


How to Create Paper Beads for Jewelry Making


If you have old magazines or newspapers but don’t know how to dispose them, consider recycling to create paper beads for jewelry making. It will be a good way to dispose such waste material. This is not a new concept as you might feel because it has been in use for a long time only that it has not been exposed well. One reason why paper beads are ideal for jewelry making is because they are cheap to buy and even make. Additionally, they are attractive thus good for use with multiple jewelry projects.

This article will teach you how to create paper beads for jewelry making using three simple methods:

A. By using patterned papers

In this, you will start by cutting the paper in a triangle shape and it’s the length of the triangle that will determine fatness of the beads. Have that in mind. All the pointy ends of the triangle should be applied glue and then roll your bead. You can use a toothpick or dowel to roll your triangle round and the way you hold the triangle when rolling will determine the final shape of your beads. Once through, have the triangle’s tip glued to the paper that has been rolled. You can apply varnish to make your beads for jewelry making more attractive after which you will remove from the toothpick once dry.

B. With personal design

As usual, you must begin by cutting the paper accordingly. After that, proceed to craft the designs that you want your beads to have. Use a pen, pencil or marker for clear designs and focus more on the areas that will be visible. You can try out as many designs and colors as possible until you have come up with the best mix. Then, add glue as you did in the first step. Roll the bead in the same way beginning with the wide end. Applying varnish will help enhance its attractiveness so consider that. Allow it to dry before removing from the dowel. If you want to make more of such beads for jewelry making, repeat the same process.

Paper Bead Wrap Bracelet

C. Decorate beads

Now that you have already created the best paper beads for jewelry making, it will be time to personalize them with your preferred decorations. There are many options and you will have to choose the one that meets your demands. Paint is one of such choices and it should be the one that offers a quality texture.

The paint should also be able to dry out very quickly. Loose glitter is equally an option for decorating your beads. It is used on the paper surface to add some glitter and sparkle. If you have strings, they will be good for wrapping the beads in offering a decorative touch. You can use strings of different colors and combine them well no to end up with an incompatible design. Nail polish is also good for decorating paper beads for jewelry making thus should be given some consideration.

Desired Qualities of Beads for Jewelry Making


Whether you are targeting plastic, wooden or metallic beads, quality has to be the topmost consideration you make. This is because they have to serve your interests better and remain strong for the longest time possible. The purchase you make touching on beads for jewelry making should not be very different from others but you need to be more detailed. You have to look at the specifics that define beads. Without putting all that into question prior to purchase, you might end up frustrated and fail to achieve your mission.

Therefore, always be on the lookout for the following qualities that most of the successful jewelry beads have:

  • Value– how do you define the value of beads for jewelry making? It is as simple as looking at the price. The higher the price, the lower the value you get in return. When making purchase, you should look for affordable and not cheap beads. Affordable beads have low prices and high quality while cheap beads have both low quality and price. You have to make your choices wisely not to mess up
  • Durability– this quality is reflected in the type of material that the beads are made of. It is upon you to research well and know which among the many materials available is stronger than others. You will have the choice of wood, metal and plastic as the major materials in the market. There are many others to consider but the bottom line should be making a determination on the most durable one. A durable material will allow you to use beads for the longest time you can while weak materials wear out very fast.
  • Appearance- jewelry is all about making one appear good. For that reason, it is important you put into consideration the aesthetic value of beads for jewelry making that you select to use. They have to be attractive, appealing and eye-catching in terms of colors they have and design. Bright colors are known to be very attractive than dark ones and it’s an option you should weigh in very well. The shape can as well add to the aesthetic value of beads and should not be ignored among your considerations.
  • Weight- every person has specific preference in relation to the weight of beads to use in jewelry making. Many people prefer having light beads but still there are those who want heavy beads. Sometimes, it is all determined by the size of the body. Big-bodied people would have no problem having heavy beads while light-bodied guys prefer having light beads. Either way, weight is a very critical factor that you should consider when buying beads for jewelry making. It should meet your own specifications.

Never buy beads to use in jewelry making if they don’t meet at least half of the desired qualities. They must address a big chunk of that for you to get satisfied. Never have any limitations or go overboard when choosing the best beads for your jewelry works. It is advisable you remain moderate.

Tips to Finding Cheap Beads and Save



Jewelry makers are always looking for ways in which they can save as they continue undertaking their beading work. One of the ways in which you can minimize the amount of money that you spend in making those fantastic beaded jewelries is by shopping for cheap beads. It is so unfortunate that most people usually associate such inexpensive beads with poor quality while this is not always the case. In fact, you can be able to get some of the highest quality beads being sold at unimaginable cheap prices. With such great offers, you can always be sure that you will be able to save big in your purchase and this is how you can go about finding them.

If you are a jewelry designer, it is of paramount importance that you continue adding into your collections of beads and ensure that you always have the newest and trendiest ones available. Fortunately for you, the market is home to so many incredible options of cheap beads and no matter what you want, you can always be sure that you will get it. Some of the types of beads that are always sold at a relatively cheap price include the likes of glass beads, wooden beads, pearl woods and the like.

Internet shopping

With the recent advancement of technology, the online platform is with no doubt the best place where you can be able to find cheap beads without so much of a hassle. And the good thing about shopping for the beads on the internet is that the whole experience is always a very enjoyable one and you can always be certain and sure that you will be able to get exactly what you want without being bored in any way. There are many different vendors of these beads on the web and you just need to shop around and you will certainly be able to get what you want.

Check out clearance sales


It is needless to stress on the importance of clearance sales for anyone looking for cheap beads out there. Nowadays, it has become a habit for many internet retailers of beads to offer clearance sales to their customers from time to time and this is something that you should really take advantage of. Whether it is the annual or mid-season clearance sale, this is the time to get your hands on some of the best deals possible when shopping for these beads.

In conclusion, cheap beads don’t always have to be of cheap quality which is essentially a very common misconception among so many buyers of beaded jewelry out there. You can be able to save a lot of money if you focus your attention on making jewelry pieces with these inexpensive beads. Provided you are a little keen in your shopping, you can always be sure that you won’t in any way compromise the quality of your beading project and you will really love everything about it.

Creating Amazing Jewelry with Beads



Jewelry making is a great way to pass time when you are doing it as a hobby, and when you are doing it as a business, it is very enjoyable when you are putting different beads together to come up with an attractive ornament. Beads are inexpensive jewelry designing items that you can get in your locality or online at very affordable prices. When you are looking at making impressive profits from your designing, you should therefore focus on sourcing the beads from beads wholesale stores online.

Like every other business, less costly raw materials will help you get more profits from your finished products, and hence you should only go for the affordable beads for your jewelry. Remember that you should not compromise the quality of the beads with the prices, and that is why you should only buy from genuine beads wholesale stores who stock top quality beads at low prices.

Variety is another factor that you should consider when purchasing your beads. You do not want to have a uniform design of your jewelry because the retailers will want a variety of design for their customers. You have the flexibility to mix new styles and old ones to give your work a unique touch.

Bulk is Economical

wholesale_agate_gemstone_round_ball_faceted_carmine_pink_red_blue_green_mixed_jewelry_beads_10mm--10strands_16inch_per_strand_192b11e6As a wholesale designer, purchasing the beads in bulk will be advantageous because they are sold at very low prices. Apart from making impressive profits after designing your jewelry, you still have the option of pricing your finished products at lower prices than those of your competitors and still make good profits. The trick here is to attract more retailers who will be coming for your affordable jewelry so that they can also make good profits. You will still achieve the goal of making huge profits because as many retailers learn about your affordable jewelry, they will flock to your shop and hence you will sell more jewelry.

Beads make great jewelry and they are not as fragile as other jewelry making materials like glass pendants that you have to be very careful when handling them. Enamel and plastic beans are hardened enough to withstand the impact of a drop but glass pendants will probably be smashed into pieces. Beads wholesale stores sell beads made from different materials and hence you can purchase the most appropriate for you.

An Easy Way to Design Jewelry

Beads are probably the easiest jewelry making parts that you can find. They come ready with a place to pass your cord if you are designing a necklace or a bracelet, and your major work will be to arrange the beads in different design to achieve the appearance that you want. Creativity is what you should have because even if you get your beads wholesale, you will need to come up with jewelry products that will be marketable through their attractiveness.

Wooden beads can be customized to create more designs and hence you can personalize your artwork.

Upcycled PET Bottles Jewelry by Silver Nut Tree


Happy holiday!! Today I will share some amazing art jewelry with you! Let’s go…When we say recycle, artisans Rituparna Das and Angeline Babu are the mothers behind Silver Nut Tree. They ofen make all handcrafted and upcycled from PET bottles to inspire their children to recycle. They turn “trash” into value jewelry named The Phoenix Range. What a great idea! I collected some of their amazing crafts below. Enjoy!
Silver Nut Tree earrings

silver nut tree earrings 1

silver nut tree earrings 3Silver Nut Tree necklaces

silver nut tree necklace 6 silver nut tree necklace 4 silver nut tree necklace 1They work with PET plastic bottles, bottlecaps and CD cases, painted them to the cured art with rubber glue to keep the art intact and protected. Then do the wire work and beading. What inspirational crafts!

I must say that I am super excited! I will have a try to make a simple necklace with bottlecaps, glass beads and pearl beads. That must be a great holiday craft with my moms, sisters, aunts or kids. If you agree with me, gonna prepare some PET bottles and other jewelry making supplies, then try one out! Happy holiday! :)

The Advantages of Using Beads for Jewelry Making

The Advantages of Using Beads for Jewelry Making

containers-of-beadsBeads always present a cool and attractive look. When they are used in Jewelry, they can make it look more beautiful and catchy. You can use this type of jewelry with any type of clothing. It suits both casual and formal dressing. It feels even better when you wear something that it made for yourself. I am going to share some advantages of using beads for jewelry making. You may visit pandahall which offers all of these items at minimal rates. If you want to create your own designs, this article will definitely help you a lot.

Fit for All

First of all, the main advantage of using beads for jewelry making is that people from all walks of life can use it. Beads have been used for jewelry for more than 3,500 years. Beaded charms, beaded necklaces and bracelets have continued to amaze people throughout a long period of time. Today, people prefer to use beads made from gemstones or crystals. Unlike most of the people, there are some individuals who take beaded jewelry more than just a common article used in fashion.

Beads as an Integral Part of Rituals

autumnvinyard1The use of beads is common in almost every part of the world. People have been using beaded jewelry as a part of their cultural rituals. Such beads are not worn all the time. People keep them in order to use them on special occasions. So beads have an important part of in the life of any community. Using beads for jewelry making, serves another purpose in Asia and Africa. Some tribes in these continents wear beaded jewelry in order to attract the opposite sex.

Beads Enhance the Energy of the Body

It is a common belief that gems and crystals have the power to inject some kind of energy into the body. In some tribes, beads are still being used to boost the health of an individual. People from these tribes are of the view that beads not only improve the physical health, but also have a positive impact on the spiritual health. Some people believe that crystal beads keep a person safe from evil spirits or negative energies.

Make Your Own Beaded Jewelry

jewelry-making-classes-ideas-make-94566Unlike most of the jewelry items, beaded jewelry is something which you can make for yourself. When you chose beads for jewelry making, it allows you to customize the design according to your choice. Market rates are quite high because jewelers also have to earn something so they set the prices accordingly. When you make your own piece of jewelry using beads, it costs just a fraction of the money.

A Profitable Business Opportunity

When you start working with beads for yourself, you come to know that it is an easier option to turn it into a business. This industry is evergreen. There is a huge potential for profit making in this industry.

You just need to learn the basic skills involved in the use of beads for jewelry making.  You can start the business right from your home. You may refer to in order to find the best products. You can also launch an online beaded jewelry store in order to attract the people from the whole world. Have a nice day and a great future with plenty of success.