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Tips on How to Choose Wood Beads for Your Bracelet Project


It is a fact that wood beads do have a very high natural aesthetic value. It is for this reason that many people like to wear jewelry made of the best woods that nature has given to mankind. The do not add extra weight and so even young children will find it easier to wear these kind of jewelry. They are also not only perfect for bracelets, but also craft projects and macramé. If you are thinking of getting some for your project, here are some tips for you;


Get Quality tools and Supplies

There is always the issue of tools and supplies whenever you think of bracelet making processes. In this case, you are advised to have all the required things in place prior to begin your project. Of course, you must have the high quality beads, wire guardians (especially if you are a beginner), bead design board, jewelry tools, and closures. It is equally important to consider the best possible designs of the bracelets and determine whether they will complement the bead design. Remember, the quality and design of the wood beads has a direct impact on the end-results. And so, never should you compromise on the end result.

Wood Type

There are many types of wood that are used to make beads, while some are of exceptional value others are re not. If you want to make bracelets that stand out consider high value beads. You can choose the Bayong beads, Ebony beads, Magkuno, Graywood beads, or anything that falls in this range. In this case, you are always guaranteed of high quality wood beads that can stand the test of time. If you have no idea on how to differentiate the different types of woods used to make these beads, do not hesitate to ask experts. This is something that will save you time and money in the long run, and even make the project easier to complete.


Important note on wood beads

The best way to choose wood beads is consider quality; nevertheless, you are also advised to look into;

  • Customization options; this helps you come up with a unique end product.
  • Color; this must be based on likes and preference. Also, how it complements with skin tone.
  • Size; based on who is going to wear the bracelets.
  • Origin of the wood bead-different woods have unique characteristics that determine aesthetic value

If you consider all these, it’s likely you will have a better high quality bracelet at the end of the day.


Few Facts About Wood Beads


Making jewelry is a method to express your creativity with mixture of color, texture and approach. Wearing the jewelry design through yourself is a fabulous feeling, as it personalizes your jewelry, the others would admire your design and you will sure hear about how good-looking and charming your jewelry is. The procedure of beading jewelry with variety of beads gives you fun. You can also gift handmade jewelry with beads to your friends, parents, classmates, they will adore your jewelry .

Wood beads are very well-liked these days. Though what is the reason for their fame? In this article few facts about wood beads are clarified that contributes to their status.


Wood beads – they are extremely sought after for a variety of causes. For one, they are simply available. Secondly, you can have them in a variety of colors. You can also select from a variety of thicknesses and different patterns and types of wood. They are also simple to cut, carve and shape, & they can be polished, lacquered, painted or given oil treatments for shine.

They are also lightweight, so even if the outline is big and chunky, the jewelry itself is light in weight. Finally, they look good along with pearls, gems and semi-precious stones, and by Swarovski crystals in addition to shells, horn beads & bones.

Types: Wood beads are made from a variety of trees including olive, bamboo, rose, apple, sandalwood, baying, ironwood, ebony, pear, etc. Several of these trees have a separate aroma while others come with a very pleasant grain. Trees like sandalwood have their own smell, which is keep even after beads are made out of them. Isn’t that a good idea?

Size: If you are making your own jewelry, you can take benefit of the fact that wood beads are accessible in graded sizes, start from one millimeter and going on to 1 centimeter. So, go forward and make your own jewelry designs by mixing and matching with further beads and contrasting them by differently colored & sized wood beads.


These beads have been well-liked for numerous years and they come in numerous styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes. The wooden beads might be left unfinished for you to coat yourself, or they might be painted or stained. They do require a protective varnish applied to them to stop them from being uncovered to humidity, and water damage.

There are numerous popular online stores where the wood beads shown are lightweight and just correct for making big and thick jewelry. The bulk beads that you get at this site can be selected from a wide variety, so you will always get the ones you desire to customize your personal jewelry.


Make Beautiful Jewelry Items Out Of Wooden Beads


As wood is 1 of the most usually found supplies around human environment, wooden beads having a long history? Carpenters and carvers frequently made them in their extra time or used the formation of beads as practice movements for beginner. Because wood is so simple to source, wood beads have tended to be ignored as unique jewelry features.

Wooden being always a part of fashion

Wooden beads are an exclusive piece of ornament as they give a usual look and are a part of the newest fashion trends. They are inexpensive, low-priced and still give an alluring look without the need to use a lot on jewelry.

wooden beads 1

These are accessible in quite a huge number of shapes and colors. Though, normal and wood colored beads are used more frequently because of their stylish and simple look. Furthermore, patterned beads of these tones look extremely stylish. Jewelry items that have an addition of such beads in them show very eye catching and adaptable.

The jewelry is weightless

One of the most significant facts regarding them is that they are very lightweight. Wooden beads can be carved out of several different types of wood. Generally hard wood is used, but a range of additional woods can also be used. The beads that are made are extremely light which means that you can use any number of beads in your formation without the jewelry item becoming too heavy. All method of jewelry can be created from these beads. You can make delicate bracelets and even chunky jewels out of them.

wooden beads 2

Give an aesthetic look after wearing

The beads can be found in each size and color. They are an ideal choice for women who don’t like the idea of weighty pieces of jewelry, as the wooden beads are trivial and look wonderful when altered into bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. The wood beads have an external that is, both, flat and soft. Hence, carving different patterns and letters on the beads is moderately easier.

When it comes to really buying the beads that you’ll require to keep in stock, you might find that beads made of wood are no more luxurious than the other types of beads on the marketplace. Wooden beads may not be as inexpensive as the plastic ones, but you recognize the old saying that ‘you get what you pay for’, and the old supply of plastic beads that you have might be a good technique of getting the next generation of jewelry making ability started in your relations.

How to make a necklace using wooden beads?

How to make a necklace using wooden beads?

Being able to make jewelry out of your own hands is an epitome of beauty with brains! Just imagine the splendid jewelry by your neck. Every time you look at it, it reminds you of the time, will and your hands that so tenderly made that fantastic wooden beads necklace!

You can start learning making jewelry on my blog and in fact you can start selling them once you have made. Have you ever thought how your friends and family would come to feel when they would wear that splendor you crafted on your own?

I present you with a tutorial on how to make a necklace using wooden beads. Let us begin now, but first make sure you have the following materials ready at hand:

  • Wooden beads – ¾”, 3/8” and 5/8” in size
  • String
  • Jump rings
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Clasp
  • Silver chain

Now let us begin with my step-to-step guide:

Step 1: The first step is always about stringing your beads. Start stringing your wooden beads on your string and make sure you leave some of your beads in excess.

Step 2: Now start this with grabbing your chain and cut it to a random length. By random, I do not certainly mean that you ridiculously cut to a useless length, like 2-4 inches. Cut just about a length that is required and always remember the length should be bigger than your size in order to incorporate any adjustments you may eventually need to make. Anyway, back to crafting; attach a clasp that you collected with a jump ring, and another jump ring at the corresponding end. Afterwards, tie the ending point of your string holding wooden beads with one or double good strong knot.

Step 3: Next up, you have to pull up the initial 3-5 wooden beads that you have strung. If you are cautious, you need to be able to pull them over the string and the ending point. Then snip off an inch your string after the final bead.

Step 4: Now, attach your jump rings to the end points of another piece of chain, measuring about 2-5” in length. Then, tie the wobbly end of the chain strongly to one of the jump rings.

Step 5: Now you need to cover up that lose end. Start threading it through a wire needle by twisting a wire piece into a loop and then thread it into your wooden beads.

Step 6: Followed by, continue to adding your wooden beads until and unless you are pleased with your necklace’s length. Go before a mirror, put it on and make a decision! Meanwhile, I’ll wait for you.

Step 7: Now that you are back on your computer or mobile to this tutorial, all you have to do is make two more strings of your necklace just like you made this one. You need to simply go and grab your closure and put a new chain to the jump ring, and when you’re done attaching the last chain to your last jump ring.

That’s it! Making a necklace using wooden beads was that simple!

How To Make A Necklace Using Wooden Beads?


There are so many ways you can make accessories for your neck using beads and charm. Here, we’ll learn how to make a necklace using wooden beads. Now, you don’t need to make a sullen face over a dull and subdued appearance of wooden beads because we will also learn how to pain them.

A necklace of wooden beads exudes sheer class because of its somber style. For painting your beads, you don’t have to follow any restricted rules. Any color mixture will yield adorable results. You can present your friends and family with these necklaces; I’m sure they’ll love them.

wooden beadsThings you need:

  • Leather or suede lace – 36 inches
  • Wooden beads – 5x, 1 inch
  • Masking tape
  • Paint palette of 5 colors
  • Paintbrushes

Let us begin with the following steps:

Paint: Begin with painting a single bead in the darkest shade of color you have on your palette and take a moment for it to dry. You can let your bead stay on back tip of another brush to let it dry easily. Now, paint another bead in the lightest shade of color in your paint palette. As a suggestion, use black for dark shade and blonde for the light.

Masking: You have to use a sequence of masking techniques in order to paint the beads left. Take one bead, mask it off, so you can and paint about 2/3rd of it naked. Followed by, mask off another bead in diagonal direction. You don’t need to stress about reaching a perfect half; just ensure to get a line parting in diagonal across the bead surface. Paint this one too. For the last ball, paint three stripes around it. Paint one stripe at a time and let it dry before masking off your next stripe.

Dot making: You need to wait for the paint to dry up. Meanwhile, you can go back to your dark shaded bead. You will now be making dots on it! It’s common sense that you’ll use a contrasting light color on dark; my suggestion for some shinning colors would include golden because it’ll look fabulous and shall stand-out on black. Let me share a tip to ease you with making these dots: You have to use the end of your paintbrush without bristles.  Dip it gently into the paint dab and hold it at angle of 90 degrees to the bead. Now, onto the bead, touch the brush and haul up. You may require practicing this process on a paper towel before doing it with your bead while making necklace. Once you painted dots on your bead, let the paint dry!

Make a necklace: Once you’re done with the complicated part of painting the beads, you are all ready for making the necklace. Pick up the dried beads and start stringing them one-by-one along the lace to make your necklace. Then, choosing any order you may like, place the wooden beads on the cord. Tie a regular knot at the finishing point.

You’re all done. Wasn’t that absolutely simple?

Getting the Value out of Wooden Beads


Rustic Wood BeadsWooden material always offers a natural feel when used for beading. That is one of the top reasons why wooden beads will be good for your jewelry project at any given time. There is a guarantee of getting value in return for your investment. Even if it costs you as much as you may not have envisaged in having these beads for your jewelry project, you don’t have to get worried because you will get value in return. That is one assurance that you will always get from wooden beads and not any other type in the market.

Offers natural beauty

Wood is naturally attractive and you don’t need to add any decorations. This is the worst thing that can happen if you will have to add more decorations in making your beads look nice. At least you are cushioned from that with beads made of wood. Unless you want to do that for pure pleasure, there will be no obligation at all. You can choose to use either hardwood or softwood but the results are the same in terms of attractiveness.

You will never feel the difference since they both offer you what you need; natural beauty for your looks. Ever wondered why wooden beads are very popular? Well, it’s because of their unmatched durability and flexibility. Those are two things very few or none among the other types of beads will offer you. Every bead maker wants to have them as part of their jewelry project simply because of those two reasons.

You will get them in very many varieties to make you confused on which one to settle for. Their prices are always cheap since the raw material is readily available. It is very unfortunate that bead makers usually overlooked wooden beads in the past since they were yet to discover the benefits they came with. Now that they have known, these beads are a hot cake in the fashion world. You can use these beads to create earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces and bracelets among several other jewelry items.

Always buy online

Wooden Jewelry Making BeadsYou just need to make a decision on what you are keen to come up with and the choices of beads will come automatically. At any given time, you will get those that match with that in all key aspects. To ensure you get maximum value in your purchase of these beads, be sure to use online platforms. There is nothing wrong with making purchase from a physical shop in your area but of course that will come with a lot of limitations.

There will be very few beads to consider and not always when you can buy. But with online shops, you will have all the room to make considerations in a wide manner and at any time of your choice. There are many online stores offering wooden beads in all varieties and prices to leave to it that you fall for the right choice. If you decide to go for cheap beads, never compromise their quality for whatever reason.

Different Types of Wooden Beads in the Market


wooden necklaceFor those not in the know, wooden beads are a key accessory for jewelry making. They are very common in the market and crafters from across the world have a soft spot for them. Maybe, it’s because of the unique qualities that wooden material comes with. It is durable and attractive. Also, wood is light in weight especially when dry which is an ideal quality for beads. That is more than just enough to entice any person into considering using wooden beads for a jewelry project.

Another important aspect that should not be ignored is the options that beads made of wood material offer in the market. You will come across a very heavy selection to enable you manage any type of jewelry project. You might be out to create earrings, bracelets or necklaces and ideal wooden beads will be available for your consideration. When you are able to do wide consideration online, you will get hold of all types of beads to have a look at and they include:

  • Rosewood beads– this is a very great option for creating jewelry with beads. The material is heavy and dark as well as dense. The grains for these beads are in refined lines that come in dark brown and black colors to make them attractive. When you have these wooden beads, they will keep off any negative energy as well as strengthen your impression in the best way.
  • Sandalwood beads– you will like these beads for two main reasons. One, their weight is very light and secondly, they come in light colors. Its soothing smell is very unique and distinctive which will make it possible to differentiate it from others in the market. There have been beliefs that sandalwood brings about clear perceptions to the wearer but you need to have that experience firsthand.

Apart from those two, you will get to know about several other types of wooden beads in the market but only through researching well. You should not leave anything to chance but go flat out to ensure you have exhausted all options available. In crafting, you will have several uses for these beads and some might be influenced by the type you have chosen. Scrapbooking is one of such uses. For starters, a scrapbook is more of an album that is decorated.

wooden beaded braceletIt’s used for preserving some of the memorable moments captured in photographs. Owing to the valuable use of scrapbooks, it will be good to beautify using beads and those made of wood will be the ideal ones. Decoration is generally the widely known use of wooden beads and that is applicable in very many situations. You can decorate virtually anything in the house but you must make wise choices on the type of beads that you decide to use.

You will not have any limitations because these beads come in varied sizes, shapes and colors. From that, you will have all the opportunities of settling for the right beads to satisfy your decoration needs. Make sure you have made right and informed choices all the time.