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Make this for Valentines or Anytime!


Simple DIY Winter Blue Bracelet


This winter blue bracelet is super simple to make, and here is a very careful tutorial shared by JPRDesigns Beading Channel on Youtube. So you can make it quick and easy.
What you will need:
52-3×4 rondelles for a 6 inch bracelet
11/0 seed beads
2 jump rings
1 clasp
1 size 10 beading needle
1.5 yds or 1.5 meters of 6 or 8 lb fireline thread
You only need to follow the video tutorial to make this winter blue bracelets.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial, if you do welcome to repost, like and comment.

2015 Easy Craft – Cool Button Bracelet


I love button bracelets! I like to wear adorable button bracelets of all different colors buttons and cords. So I decide to make some button bracelets for a super bohemian look in 2015!
To make these bracelets you only need plastic buttons and waxed cord. Choose the right color buttons so that they will meet with the color of waxed cord well.
After you select your buttons that you want on your bracelet, thread the ends of a piece of waxed cord into two side-by-side holes of the button. So do the other two holes.

Imge source from lotsofdiy.com

                   Imge source from lotsofdiy.com

These are the perfect little bracelets to make in holidays. They are lightweight and can be made in any color. Happy days!

Easiest Christmas Craft: Candle Holder


Absolutely speaking, easy craft is more suitable for holiday. And I love DIY in Christmas break. Especially when I get to share a super easy craft with you. How to quickly turn glass jar into cute candle holder, it would be a wonderful idea for this holiday. Super easy to make. Get the full crafting tutorial below.
Materials needed:
little jar
washi tapes
bow or satin ribbon


The first step is to apply your washi tape to your little jar.
The second step is to tie a bow to the little jar.
This will definitely be on my Christmas dinner table, how about yours?

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas


At Christmas time, there are often neighbours, friends or relatives whom you want to give a little something, sometimes, wine is the best choice, no clutter, no worries about style or size, and you can enjoy that nice drink with them.

wine bottle coverChoose a nice bottle of local wine, then DIY a special or cute wine bottle cover or bag. All are perfect!! Here I’ve collected top 8 wine bottle cover ideas, you can have a try during the break. Merry Xmas! :)

1.  Restoration Hardware Faux Fur Wine Bag by kristimurphy

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas2. Two piece Twine Wine Bottle Set shared by Abbi Sunner

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas3. Easy handmade wine bottle covers for hosts by hgtv

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas4. Thoughtful homemade wine botter covers by bhg

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas5. Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Bags with yarn and satin ribbon by thatswhatchesaid

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas6. Sexy Bachelorette Wine Bottle Covers by thediyplaybook

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas7. Beaded Wine Bottle Cover with selected beads such as seed beads, glass beads, pearl beads or else. Shared by Regina

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideas8. Christmas wine bottle covers by fitzbirch

Do-it-yourself: wine bottle cover ideasHope you will enjoy these wine bottle cover ideas! Do you have any other ideas on how to make wine bottle cover? Share with me in the comments!

Christmas Gift Idea: Old Tie + Button = Bracelet


Making a special gift  by yourself must be a perfect way to express your true blessing and people are always easy deeply touched by handmade gifts. Today I gonna share a very simple way to make a tie bracelet, which looks good for guys. It will be a great Christmas gift idea. So easy to follow.

Found on recyclart.org

Found on recyclart.org

Here are the things you need to prepare:
Skinny necktie ends (vintage polyester ties work best)
Plastic yogurt container
Needle and thread
Large snaps



{How to}
1. Wrap the necktie end around your wrist once, plus 1/2 inch for hemming. Then cut off un-needed tie.
2. Prepare the 1-inch wide strip from plastic yogurt container.
3. Feed the strip into the tie, turn the raw tie end to the inside, and sew.
4. Sew your large snap under the pointy tip of tie.  Then sew a button to the outside oppositing the snap.



Your tie bracelet is done! I am very glad that I can recycle old ties and make unique bracelets with them. You can do it and happy holiday! :)

Upcycled PET Bottles Jewelry by Silver Nut Tree


Happy holiday!! Today I will share some amazing art jewelry with you! Let’s go…When we say recycle, artisans Rituparna Das and Angeline Babu are the mothers behind Silver Nut Tree. They ofen make all handcrafted and upcycled from PET bottles to inspire their children to recycle. They turn “trash” into value jewelry named The Phoenix Range. What a great idea! I collected some of their amazing crafts below. Enjoy!
Silver Nut Tree earrings

silver nut tree earrings 1

silver nut tree earrings 3Silver Nut Tree necklaces

silver nut tree necklace 6 silver nut tree necklace 4 silver nut tree necklace 1They work with PET plastic bottles, bottlecaps and CD cases, painted them to the cured art with rubber glue to keep the art intact and protected. Then do the wire work and beading. What inspirational crafts!

I must say that I am super excited! I will have a try to make a simple necklace with bottlecaps, glass beads and pearl beads. That must be a great holiday craft with my moms, sisters, aunts or kids. If you agree with me, gonna prepare some PET bottles and other jewelry making supplies, then try one out! Happy holiday! :)