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Basics About Jewelry Making Supplies For Making Bead Jewelry


Jewelry making supplies play the most important role in the jewelry manufacturing. The quality of final product, its beauty and everything depends upon the jewelry making supplies that one avail from the market.

Choosing major jewelry making supplies


The jewelry making supplies for beads jewelry is a short list, like the beads, the string, the pendant and the tools used for making the product. But, each of these single items can be expanded to large choices, i.e., one can use a elastic string, a metal string, a plastic string, a fiber string or even a normal cotton or nylon thread. Each of these give different finishes to the necklace formed. A jewelry using the metal string cannot be compared with one using an elastic string. A free size necklace cannot be made with a metal string.

This shows that choosing the jewelry making supplies is a very tough job. One has to choose unique combinations of string, beads, pendants etc. A metal string might not be a matching combination with a shell bead.


The choosing of beads itself is important for a good final product. As bead is the essential part of the bead jewelry, the selection of it plays a key role. They are available in different shape size, shape, colors and quality.  Supplies are available in wide varieties as per the need of the jewelry maker. The price of the jewelry mainly depends on the beads one select.

Selection of a tool is another important factor in the jewelry making supplies. One can use the tools in household toolbox, if he is a beginner and if he is doing it as a hobby. But as a professional maker, he has to search for the best tools supplies available. This makes the knowledge about tools and the terminologies used for them in the jewelry making supplies important.

The availability of jewelry making supplies

The jewelry making supplies are available in both brick and mortar platforms and online platforms. Normally a jewelry maker prefers an online market as they provide large varieties, at the same time in the discounted price.  The online platforms act as a single window for the makers to bargain with the different jewelry making suppliers to get ones as per their need.

A good range of jewelry making supplies, who can even arrange something which is not already available, as per the design in the mind of a good jewelry maker can bring up a jewelry of its kind.


Get The Best Beads For Jewelry Making


A bead is a small and ornamental object which is frequently pierced with threading and stringing. Beads are extensively used in jewelry making. They fall into different kinds varying from pony ones to glass ones. They are used to make jewels like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings and so on apart from clothing beautification. Been extensively used in jewelry making, all those types of beads in selection of shapes, sizes and colors dressed people look extra attractive. Whatever, the truth is that people repeatedly concerning on beads for jewelry making and beaded jewelry has been used in numerous ways.


Beaded jewelry for you

Currently increasingly people turns to create jewelry with beads through themselves, for it is tough to find a well-made beaded craft, and if ever, it would possibly cost in an irrationally way. Well, no matter it is a beaded necklace or a piece of dress or additional accessories whatever it is, it simply asked for the using of thoughts.


Jewelry making a talent

Temporarily, jewelry making would also be a good method in making a magnificent gift to your dearly ones. Why? Because your relations and friends would look fashionable while wearing handmade beaded jewelry. Well, remember that there are dissimilar kinds of beaded jewelry for diverse age groups to wear.

After the making procedure, while wearing the exclusive beaded jewelry, it’s time to get pleasure from the satisfaction of wearing a limited piece of jewelry! While you have the shine of those beads when you move your body faintly, you may eagerly desire to know how to select the appropriate beads for jewelry making?

These beads come in vital shapes such as rounds and ovals to additional complex shapes such as animals and flowers. There are themed shaped ones accessible such as medical, sports, music, moving, holiday, Christmas, etc. The ones that are made from plastic are more well-liked than the ones that are made from glass. Christmas pony beads for jewelry making are accessible in green, red, and white colors and in form such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus & snowmen.

These beads for jewelry making can be transparent or solid. The clear ones resemble glass beads to a vast extent and they also show seamless and of high-quality quality. You will also get those which have a metallic finish. If you are look to add a touch of shine or glitter to your jewelry making job, then you can think those which have a sparkle finish.


Types Of Beads And Other Varieties Of Beads


Beaded jewelry is highly popular and there are endless choices of customizable beads jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, anklets, armbands and a lot more. There are many types of beads jewelry and each bead has a unique specification.

beads 1

Types of Beads 

  • Acrylic Beads: This bead type is in polymerized or plastic materials such as resin, Fimo polymer clay and other plastics. They are inexpensive, light and appropriate for a range of applications.
  • Pearl Beads: Pearl beads are actual pearls featuring threading holes drilled. There are pearl beads made in plastic or polished glass resembling pearls. Beads made using actual pearls are expensive.Others are made of polished glass or plastic that has been finished to resemble pearls. These beads can be quite expensive, especially if the beads are made from actual pearls.
  • Gemstone Beads: This type of beads resembles gemstones. Some are semiprecious stones, while others are gemstone beads made from plastic or glass.

 Other Varieties of beads include:

beads 2

 Pony Beads

 Pony beads are the seed bead special sub-category and are between 3.5 and 4.5 mm in diameter. They have thin bodies and relatively large threading holes. Pony beads are made of plastic or glass. In fact, beginning bead crafters, learn beading using pony beads mainly as the large threading hole makes work easy.

Charm Beads

Charm beads are painted or carved beads. These are made using a simple bead with a charm. Most charm beads are molded or carved into a specific shape. Charm beads are made from metal and are larger than regular beads.

Specialty Beads

Specialty beads are for specific functions. For instance, crimp beads are crimped to one end of a jewelry piece, thereby placing a stopper on the wire end. Tubular beads may be the spacers or clasp beads may be put to use as create links between the bracelet ends.

Plastic Beads

Plastic beads are lightweight and cheap. They do not give a professional look and are available in various shapes and sizes.

Finishes and Styles

The beads are manufactured giving different styles and finishes now by the modern manufacturers of beads. Thus beads are available with different styles and finishes.

The beads come with solid color interior lining offering a color. This coating goes off in case durable coating is not given.  Beads finish imitates a stone in some beads, especially the opaque type of beads. In fact, translucent seed beads imitate rubies or amethysts, while the transparent beads are fully transparent.

How to make a bracelet using wholesale charms?

How to make a bracelet using wholesale charms?

Welcome to another step-to-step guide of making handcrafted jewelry. It has always been a pleasure for me to present you with these tutorials. I know you love it and enjoy it. Today we are going to learn to make bracelets using simple wholesale charms. These wholesale charms are easily available and affordable. You don’t need to fret about any complicated step; you just need some time off and your good will to proceed.

I have listed the materials you need below. Sit tight and concentrate!

  • Wholesale charms
  • Link chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Needle nose pliers

Step 1: First things first, create a good design. This requires your head working more than your hands. Think of a design, depict and arrange your supplies respectively.

Step 2: Then, you need to choose a chain for your bracelet. Head to stores and buy different sizes of chains and attach a clasp on your own. Choose a chain that matches your design and kind of bracelet.

Step 3: Select your wholesale charms and let your creativity do the job. You can opt for ready-made ones that are available in various colors and patterns. I always advise that you allow your creativity to work because you are not only making a material, but building your mind and experience in the job. Go for wholesale charms that are made up of metal, shell, bone, glass, ceramic or wood. Mix and match freely. You can go for a number of 10 charms to start with. You can always add more depending on the size and type of the bracelet you want.

Step 4: Arrange your bracelet on a flat surface. Then, lay out your wholesale charms beneath your bracelet as you like. You can simply put them in random or form a unique pattern. There’s no specific way to do so. Afterwards, fix jump rings to your charms. Using your needle-nose pliers and open the jump rings and slide them through the ring or loop of your charm. Close your jump ring using your pliers, neatly. You are almost done. Try it on your wrist and check the size.

If you left some space in your bracelet, you can always add more charms into it. I would recommend you try something like lampwork glass or gold charms to make it look appealing. Make any adjustments in the size as you have left enough space to work in the end. Trim off any ends that lie in excess.

That was all! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and loved it all through. It was a basic and simple guide you followed. You noticed that these steps were not complicated at all, in fact there are certain steps that you learn and apply in almost any handcrafted jewelry steps. Now that you know how to make wholesale charms bracelet, try making ones for your family and friends. I am sure they will love them!

Stay tuned on my blog for more exciting tutorials! I’ll see you next time…

A Glance At Different Sorts Of Beads For Jewelry Making

A Glance At Different Sorts Of Beads For Jewelry Making

The adornments business is blasting and regular a huge number of individuals shop for gems either online or from their nearby gems stores. The interest for gems is high and this is the reason more individuals are hoping to get into this business. In any case, keeping in mind the end goal to be a fruitful gems architect, it is imperative to give exceptional and shocking bits of gems. Today, adornments is worn by ladies, as well as and this is a critical thing that you must remember when contemplating your outlines. Here we will discuss about the beads for jewelry making.

You can get to be effective in the event that you have something one of a kind to offer to your clients. Joining exceptional sorts of globules in your outlines is one of the most ideal approaches to make one of a kind adornments things. Here’s a glance at a portion of the interesting sorts of beads for jewelry making that you can consider.

Natural beads:

There is a scope of natural materials which can deliver globules for gems making. These incorporate shells, pearls, horns, bones and golden. Utilizing these sorts of dots as a part of your manifestations can offer you some assistance with making exceptional bits of gems. Furthermore, you will be having critical influence in reusing delightfully.

Skull beads:

You might have caught wind of skull dabs, yet these are beads for jewelry making particularly for men’s’ adornments. Skull dots go back to no less than 3000 years. It is trusted that the first dots were made around 1000 BC and they were made utilizing earth.

Today, they are made of mud and a scope of different materials, for example, plastic, wood and acrylic. Be that as it may, those produced using dirt are better known than the others. Skull dots are for the most part utilized as a part of the formation of unpleasant adornments things and key chains. They are a well known decision amid Halloween. The most favored hanging material for these sorts of globules is calfskin cording.

Troll beads:

Troll dabs are likewise one of a kind and they are around from no less than 30 years. What settles on them a prominent decision for adornments is their configuration. Troll dabs are accessible in a wide range of sorts and they can be made utilizing an assortment of materials, for example, silver, gold and glass. Each of the distinctive sorts of dabs is roused by crystal gazing or mythology. These beads for jewelry making are normally utilized as a part of pieces of jewelry and arm ornaments and they likewise offer an awesome level of customization. On the off chance that you are hoping to give your clients gems that can offer them some assistance with creating an individual feeling of style, then you must consider utilizing troll dots as a part of your creation.

Lac beads:

Lac globules are likewise an incredible decision with regards to beads for jewelry making. Lac is an eco-accommodating and characteristic substance which is emitted by a bug fitting in with the Kerriidae crew. Lac dots are made by joining Lac and marble powder.

How to DIY Colorful Glass Beaded Bracelet for Kids


Do you often make something for your kids? If no, now you can have a try. It is easy to diy a colorful glass beaded bracelet for them. And I believe kids will like the bracelet with colorful glass beads.Making-Colorful-bracelet-for-kids-with-crystal-and-polymer-beads1
Things needed to diy colorful glass beaded bracelet for kids:

  1. 1mm crystal thread
  2. 10mm red painted glass beads
  3. 10mm red round faceted glass beads
  4. 10mm green round faceted glass beads
  5. 10mm green synthetic turquoise beads
  6. Red polymer clay bead
  7. Green shell beads
  8. Crimp beads
  9. Crimp bead covers
  10. Flat nose plier
  11. Scissors

Step1: Slide beads onto the thread
Firstly, cut down crystal thread about 35cm length, and tie at one end of the wire, then leave 8cm length.
Secondly, slide a red faceted glass bead and a crimp bead onto the wire.
Thirdly, flatten the crimp bead with the flat nose plier to fix the glass bead.
Finally, string a crimp bead cover on the flatted bead so that it can hide the crimp bead.
Step2: Make the glass beaded bracelet
Firstly, slide a green faceted glass bead onto the wire.
Secondly, slide a crimp bead and flatten it, then string a crimp bead cover on it.
Thirdly, repeat the action of sliding and covering, and slide the green turquoise bead, red painted bead, shell bead, and flower bead in order. Then do it at the other half wire.
Finally, connect the two ends firmly with a tie then use a crimp bead cover to hide the knot, just as previous step.
Yeah, it is the lovely glass beaded bracelet.
Of course, you can decide the order of different colored glass beads as you like. Now, can you finish the glass beaded bracelet for your kids? Trust yourself to make one to give your kid a lovely gift!

Beads for Jewelry Making- The Epitome of Real Fashion


Beads for Jewelry MakingPredictably, there are very many times you have tried to remain modest and simple when dressing up for a function but you fell short of attaining your target. That is because some of the accessories you were looking forward to having are too many. They end up giving you the wrong impression but with beads for jewelry making, you will be well sorted out. They come with wide selection to offer you enough options for consideration.

Choose the right colors

That makes beads the real epitome of fashion. You can choose the ones you prefer as per color, shape, size and material. Anytime you are in the market looking for the best beads to use for your jewelry, you will be up for the best selection. Beads for jewelry making will offer you the right ideas that you need to enhance your beautiful looks especially for women. You can use these beads in whatever way you feel is best suited to satisfy your needs. The one you settle for must be that which you are comfortable with and the one that fits in well to your jewelry project.

In most cases, these beads come translucent but it will vary from one material to another. Heart, square, faceted and triangle are some of the shapes to lookout for in beads for jewelry making. Every shape of the beads has its specific use which you must be alive to. For instance, there are those ideal for making curtains while others are designed for tying ropes plus other different uses. You have to choose the right shape for the right jewelry task at hand for accomplishment.

Acrylic beads are some of the type that many women fall in love with more often. This is because they can be easily manipulated to different sizes and shapes plus their cost is considerably low. They will be the best option to enhance your looks at an affordable cost. There will be nothing for you to worry about in case the beads are lost since getting a replacement is easy. It will not incur you extra expenses like many other types in the market.

Beads are easy to use

beaded braceletAnother aspect that makes beads for jewelry making the best thing is their ease of use. You just need a thread to put the beads together with no expertise necessary. You can come up with jewelry on your own with good guidance from a tutorial. Apart from jewelry, these beads are used for many other tasks including dressmaking, umbrellas and pottery design among many other things that are easily decorated using beads. You should not just limit yourself to jewelry alone when there are many options available for consideration.

Your beads for jewelry making should be handled with a lot of care and precision all the time. They can break easily or get scratched when mishandled. Even when cleaning, ensure the right cleaning agents and procedures are used to safeguard their quality and appearance. All in all, beads for jewelry making are the real epitome of fashion.