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The Hottest Trend In Jewellery, A Unique Snap Jewelry Creating Fashion Statement


Jewellery items like bracelets, earrings, watches and necklaces are the accessories pair off with outfit we wear make a style statement. Most of us have boxes full with jewellery items which can be team it up with the attire. A snap jewelry is one of the newest concepts in jewellery designing and a beginning of success. Day by day it is increasing jewellery designers to rise the outstanding collection of designs which can be made with this kind of jewellery. But, before crafting your design, it is essential to take spare some time to think a few different aspects about it.One of the main cause why people like this snap jewelry it can be customize easily and is liked by many people as a unique and fashionable item.


The main significant thing to think through is the snap system itself. Some snap jewelry functions similar a snap button: the two shares are firmly hard-pressed into one another, similar to the buttons found in baby apparels. To detach them, just pull them separately on both the sides with little force .An another use of snap jewelry mechanisms like a wrist watch clip. One side forces to the other side, rings around and then snaps shut. If you are planning to design jewellery with snaps, you have to decide wisely which form of snap jewellery to use.

There are number of snap buttons available in the market used for making different accessories such as

  • Snap faster buttons
  • Ring snap buttons
  • Spring snap buttons
  • Magnetic snap buttons
  • Brass buttons


When acquiring snap jewellery, ensure that there are real images of the products that you prefer to buy. When buying button push type snaps, one should check the size of it that you want to prefer and size of front and back items. There are number of sizes available in snaps. If you are into a business of selling hand-made designs with its exclusive durability feature then it will be advisable to choose a regular size which will give maximum degree of suppleness about the pieces that the customers can buy in future to attach to their current jewellery.

Some normal point that need to be consider when buying snap jewelry such as CP, colour and shipping period. If you plan to buy wholesale then it is sometimes trouble free to get pieces with lower CP. Trustworthy sellers have fast delivery periods and you can start your business speedily.

What You Need to Know About Snap Jewelry


It is acknowledged that snap Jewelry is one of the best that you can get on the market today. This is not only because of their high quality, but also due to the fact that they enhance beauty in quite unique ways. This said, snap accessories and snap charms come in handy whenever you’re thinking of making great bracelets, earrings, hair bands or just anything in this line. However, before you can part with your hard earned money do consider the following during the purchase process;

snap jewelry 2


It is one thing to buy snap jewelry and another go for one that is easily customizable. In other words, you must consider how easy it is to customize any of the snaps that you purchase. As a matter of fact, this will not only help in regard to mood but add the ‘wow’ effect on your clothes. If you have been thinking of that fresh look or your clients wants look stylish and send a strong fashion statement, look no further. The many designs are able to cater for all manner of needs at any given time-it is all a matter of choice and preference.

Variety & Collection

There is nothing better than choosing different designs of snap jewelry that are tailored to meet your unique needs. If you are shopping in any online store, ensure that you can purchase variety of designs. This makes it easier for you to come up with something unique that can stand the test of time. It doesn’t matter whether you desire to make earrings, bracelets, or earring, with great collections the tasks is simple as counting 123. Last but not least, snap jewelry is a very big gift idea that you can go for irrespective of the celebrations or person you want to appreciate.

snap jewelry 1

Top Snap Jewelry

There are quite a number of snap jewelry brands out there, but you can as well get snaps and make your own unique jewelry. The most important thing is for you to know exactly what you need and making process. Nevertheless, the following have always proven to be a great choice;

  • Long snap earrings
  • Short snap earrings
  • Pin-dot snap necklace
  • Pearl snap necklace
  • Flowers snap

As a matter of fact, there is no end to the many designs of snap jewelry you can make if you are good at ornament making. Overall, you can never go wrong with snaps.


How to Wear and Take Care of your Snap Jewelry?

How to Wear and Take Care of your Snap Jewelry?

Among the many different types of jewelry items, the most interesting ones I find is snap jewelry. They can be a great addition to your collection. It is through these jewelry items that you can create what you love and wear them always. You simply need one base product and different interchangeable accessories and everything would just be perfect. For example, if you are getting an angle locket, get different center pieces so that you can change it every day and make them match your outfit.

If you have newly started wearing snap jewelry, here is a guide for all the beginners that I would like to share:

How to Change the Poppers?

It is quite easy to change the poppers. All you have to do is look for the metal rim on the base. Use your nail to pick it up. It would become easy for the popper to pop off that way and you can place a new design there from your collection. Initially, when you will be exchanging the popper, it might feel tight so you are recommended to give it a good pop otherwise the snap jewelry will fall off. In case you pull the top of the decorative poppers and there is a design above, it will cause damage. Whenever you are removing the popper, start with the rim. There are some items such as the memory glass lockets which you cannot open up all the way so be gentle while doing so and do not force it.

How to Clean the Snap and the Poppers?

Cleaning is a necessary part of any jewelry item and so is snap jewelry. You simply need a dry cloth to do that. Most of the jewelry items are made with silver plated, copper or stainless metal. Do not use chlorine to wear the lock or the snap pieces. You have to be careful in choosing the material in case you have allergies with metal.

Be sure that whenever you are exchanging a new popper, you are starting from the first rim instead of the base. In case you start pulling from the base, that means you are pulling out the snap itself. It is recommended not to wear the jewelry pieces like these in water because the product will start becoming dull over time. These pieces of jewelry are not recommended for children because they might not be as gentle in removing or exchanging the snap and poppers.

Have a Huge Collection with a Huge Variety

As you will explore the markets, there is now loads of variety available in snap jewelry which no one would be able to resist. You will find flower snaps, beads, necklaces, earrings, rings and even bangles in snap variety. The more you have them, the easier it will become for you to wear a new piece of jewelry. This jewelry is especially useful for those individuals who go to work and they want to be sure they wear matching accessories and a new jewelry item every time they go. Life will become easy with this type of jewelry for sure.

Getting the Best from Snap Jewelry Wholesale


Ginger Snaps JewelryWhether you are using jewelry for commercial reasons or to satisfy your personal needs, it will be a good idea if you choose to go for the snap jewelry wholesale option. It will make sure your business maximizes on profits and that you get the best out of their use. Either way, it is a plus using snap jewelry in wholesale. It is just amazing how buying this type of jewelry in wholesale will offer you varieties to have for consideration.

It Offers versatility

It is a versatile option and that is one of the gateways to get maximum value out of them. It will be of great advantage if you are using them for commercial reasons. You will not have a hard time impressing your customers and selling them out will be the easiest thing to accomplish. When you talk of snap necklaces, earrings and bracelets, you will be thinking of a catchy option for customers to enjoy. Their attractiveness will draw the attention of customers easily.

At no time will snap jewelry wholesale frustrate you. As a business person dealing with snap jewelry, the most important thing will be grabbing that attention from customers. Of course there will be many other competitors dealing with the same products and having the best first impression of your snap jewelry will be helpful in nabbing customers in big numbers. You can have them displayed as well as give out their main benefits for the advantage of buyers.

Don’t leave them guessing on that but provide all the necessary information that will make their purchase easy. Touch on the key features of your snap jewelry wholesale and it will be a critical selling point. Be informed that the more options for snap jewelry you have at your store, the more customers you will attract. This is because many customers want to buy from where they have freedom of making choices they are comfortable with.

Offer limitless options

Snap Jewelry WholesaleThey don’t like stores where there is a feeling of snap jewelry wholesale being imposed on them by the dealer. If you are able to offer limitless options for your customers, it will be a plus in terms of maximizing profits. Anytime you choose to buy your snap jewelry in bulk, you will have the opportunity to take down overall costs. That will be a key strategy to apply in maximizing on profits as well as getting the best from your jewelry.

In order to have the best out of the snap jewelry you buy in wholesale, you must be focused on getting the latest designs in the market. There are new arrivals every often and keeping a close attention to the market will expose you to that. There will be very little to benefit with by buying snap jewelry that is out of fashion. Keep close tabs with the modern trends in the market and you will have the best opportunity to buy snap jewelry wholesale that is in line with your needs to be satisfied.

Some Information About Snap Jewelry


snap jewelrySnap jewelry items are a dream come true for the individuals that like to have a variety of accessories at hand. People that love accessories often have a bunch of jewelry items at hand to make sure they have something to pair with each outfit. However, lugging around lots of jewelry items often gets tiresome and for others is a security risk.

Snap accessories are meant for people that want to travel light yet have ideal jewelry items to have as accessories at hand. You don’t have to carry lots of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to complete all the outfits you bring along on a trip. You can use snap accessories to simplify your need for a variety of jewelry.

What is snap jewelry?

This type of jewelry has buttons strategically placed so that you can snap pieces of it away to come up with separate jewelry items. Hence, from one long piece of jewelry you can snap away a bracelet, some earrings or a necklace. The idea of making this type of jewelry is to provide versatility without having to carry around too many jewelry pieces.

Advantages of interchangeable jewelry

ginger snaps

This type of jewelry item can also be referred to as interchangeable jewelry or versatile jewelry. Some of the advantages of having this type of jewelry are;

–    Ease of travel

If you are a person who loves fashion and loves to accessorize, then you most likely lug around a huge amount of jewelry pieces to complete your wardrobe. However, with interchangeable jewelry pieces, the issue of carrying around too many jewelry items is nullified. You just have to carry one or two snap jewelry items that can accessorize the few outfits you travel with on your journey. This simplifies things in a big way and makes parking for trips that much easier.

–    Saves money

When you use interchangeable jewelry, you don’t have to spend lots of money on a variety of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Once you identify the major colors of your favorite outfits, you can purchase two or three pieces of snap jewelry that will easily be used to accessorize these outfits. This is preferable to purchasing jewelry pieces that you may not often wear in the long run. In this way, you can save lots of money.

–    Stand out

If you love accessorizing with jewelry you are not someone who likes to fade into the background. People that love jewelry do so because it makes them look special and allows them to stand out as unique individuals. Nothing says unique like interchangeable jewelry that you can wear many different ways. Such jewelry pieces even make interesting conversation pieces ensuring that any time you wear them you don’t end up as a boring wallflower.

Snap jewelry is lots of things but most of all it is unique. Get online and purchase some of this unique jewelry items to accessorize a favorite outfit or for everyday wear. Regardless of whichever purpose you choose there is a jewelry item for any occasion for you online!

An Introduction to snap jewelry


snap jewelry


The snap jewelry is made with snap button and is very easy to make. It can be created into many different designs and styles as you like, such as the sweetness style, the vintage style and the fashion style. The snap jewelry gives people a lot of freedom to create more and more fashion and unique jewelry. They are affordable and more easy to use because of their design.

Advantages of snap jewelry

Snap buttons can be made into different kinds of jewelry, like the necklaces, bracelets, rings, even they can be used to match the clothes. In a word, they can match with everything easily. Snap jewelry can help you save much money, you can buy them wholesale rather than buy separate jewelry. Besides, it is a good idea to choose snap jewelry when you plan to go to travelling. You can only take a few pieces of snap jewelry due to its interchangeable. The snap jewelry also can save much time, you don’t need to waste lots of time to consider what should you wear to match your outfits before going out every day.

snap jewelry

How to keep and buy the snap jewelry

If you want to keep the snap jewelry in a long time, please keep them from the water. Don’t clean them with the wet and hard towel and never wear them to the seaside. Online stores have much variety of snap jewelry for you to choose and you can buy wholesale snap jewelry.

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Different kinds of snap jewelry


By the chance, I find some cute Accessories, the bling bling snap jewelry. What is the snap jewelry? In fact, it is designed on the basis of snap button. Don’t you think it’s amazing? Just a common button can change into a variety of beautiful snap jewelry through the creation of the people. The snap button can cater to everyone, you can make it into many styles no matter what you want. Such as vintage style, American street style, modern and fashion style, etc. Because of its diversity, snap jewelry has a lot of variety of patterns and species.

Today, I want to share some with you guys about lots of different snap buttons and snap jewelry. Hope these designs can inspire you to DIY your own charming jewelry or crafts. I believe that through your own creativity, you can also design a unique jewelry, and as long as the courage and imagination, you can design your own style of snap jewelry.

snap button 1

Different Snap Buttons

The snap buttons are varied in different sizes and shapes, such as animals, flowers, numbers and so on. And the button-like charms are from alloy to brass and more.  There are various buttons you could choose and the jewelry accessories are interchangeable.

In the next picture, we can see the snap jewelry owl style, lovely flower style Snaps Jewelry and so on.

snap buttons2

Different Snap Jewelry

With snap buttons, you can make different snap jewelry like snap necklace, snap bracelet and snap ring. It must attract more women or young girls who love the vintage style and really concern with the current fashion. Rings, necklaces, bracelets are favored women; they can make your dress look more perfect and you look more refined. Even, they can make you shine in the crowd.

snap jewelry

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