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Show the best in you with pearl beads


It is clear that someone’s personality and self worth can be determined with how they are dressed. Dress smartly and everyone will know you are also smart upstairs. Dress bad and people will not trust you. Pearl beads give you the opportunity to stand out. They make you look smart and no one will ever overlook you.


Advantages of pearl beads

  • Pearl beads will make you stand out
  • They are long lasting so no disappointments
  • They come in different sizes and you are guaranteed to get your size available
  • It is easy to purchase
  • They will boost your self esteem

It is always nice to walk in a place feeling that you are smart. Self confidence is what determines your capability. Have more self confidence and definitely you will do more things than when you have little or no confidence at all. Pearl beads will help you improve your self confidence because you will be looking great all the time.

Pearl beads come in different shapes and you can easily select your favorite shape by just looking at the photo of the beads. The beads are also of different colors. You can get blue beads, yellow beads, colorless beads, red beads, silver beads, gold beads and many more colors available just to satisfy you.


Peal beads make you comfortable and satisfied. The beads come at an affordable price and when you purchase them, they will be no regrets at all. Purchasing peal beads won’t give you any headache. Forget about moving from one retail shop to the other just to get the right beads and even when you get them, you might not get them at a favorable cost. Avoid using intermediaries. Just purchase the beads directly and you will get the best out of it. All you have to do is search for the beads at the comfort of your house and place an order.

The beads come in a safe packet. They are packed with care so that you get them at the highest quality. Pearl beads bring you naturally occurring beads that won’t cause any side effects to your skin. Wear something you feel safe and not something that will give you worries. You can also buy it as a gift to someone you love. At pearl beads, everyone gets satisfied with the money they can have.


Pearl beads and Its Uses as a Make Up


Pearl beads are very common in the industry of jewelry and its uses. It has a got very creative design which is so exciting to the users. There is single strands which are small to medium sized pearls which are available and they are considered to be traditional. Just like the other ornaments the pearl beads occurs in different verities of shapes, color and the type in the market. It is very rare to find to find a natural pearl beads. This is because these pearls beads causes irritant which made its way inside the muscles therefore producing layer. Most of the pearl which exist are cultured  which means that mature oyster can be harvested the riverbed or ocean . The pearl beads needs to be handled carefully when are being made and some of the tools that can be used in making them are:


  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutter pliers
  • Iron chain
  • Nylon wire
  • Side cutting pliers
  • Glass pearl beads

In the past most of people thought that pearl beads are white or cream as this not true since there is variety of these pearl beads in there market. This has  been made by freshwater pearl culture operation who are now producing more tons of pearls in different varieties which are of high quality and in different colors which known to be mixed with natural and artificial pearl beads which are treated .

Contraction between artificial and natural pearls beads to the retailers.


In most cases the beautiful colored pearls which are commonly in the market are in pink color , peach and they are well marked and this makes most of the retailers who buy them to be in dilemma and wondering which color is natural. This is because of uniqueness of some of the treated pears  which leads to many people think that if it is not a white or cream then it must be treated. This makes hard to differentiate as some fake pearls are easy to know.

In this case it is important to do research before purchasing pearl beads as it can be easy to confuse them on failing to differentiate which is pearl is natural or which one is artificial. Or it can be possible to use someone who can easily differentiate them at a glance.

Collection of Various Beads Jewelry


Hi, friends. How is everything going? We showed you some jewelry making tutorials before. I believe you must have learned a lot craft skills from those projects. Today I will introduce different beaded jewelry for you guys. Hope you will enjoy them!
Glass bead bracelet
Wide Glass Bead Bracelet
Designer: Dusana Jurickova
Three strands bracelet is made by faceted glass beads. Obviously, there are clear and black faceted glass beads. I love this bracelet because I think the different color beads matches well. Do you have any other good idea about color matching?
Pearl bead necklace
White Pearl Bead Necklace
Designer: Eileen McRory
Is it shiny, right? Pearl beads usually represent dignity and nobleness, so every girl wants to own a bling necklace like it. And you can attend many formal occasions with wearing this necklace. I bet it can bring you much confidence wherever you are. In a word, each girl deserves one.
Wood bead bracelet
wood beaded bracelet
Designer: Amanda Klingstedt
Multi-colored beads, so beautiful! It is just made by wood beads and acrylic alphabet beads. You can have a try and choose your desired color beads, other letter beads or you can also change their order. It is definitely up to you. So why do not try it?
Turquoise bead necklace
Handmade Turquoise Bead Jewelry Set
Designer: Susan Gammons
How do you feel when you see it at the first time? As for me, it surprises me a lot. I like the color of the turquoise bead. You can wear this nice necklace when you hang out outside. It is causal and simple yet fashionable. And now you never need worrying about you have no beautiful jewelry.
Which one jewelry or bead do you like best? It may be hard for you to choose your favorite one because all of them are attractive. But it is a good idea that you can learn to make them by your hand then you can get all of them. And I believe you will enjoy much pleasure from the making process.

Tips to Finding Cheap Beads and Save



Jewelry makers are always looking for ways in which they can save as they continue undertaking their beading work. One of the ways in which you can minimize the amount of money that you spend in making those fantastic beaded jewelries is by shopping for cheap beads. It is so unfortunate that most people usually associate such inexpensive beads with poor quality while this is not always the case. In fact, you can be able to get some of the highest quality beads being sold at unimaginable cheap prices. With such great offers, you can always be sure that you will be able to save big in your purchase and this is how you can go about finding them.

If you are a jewelry designer, it is of paramount importance that you continue adding into your collections of beads and ensure that you always have the newest and trendiest ones available. Fortunately for you, the market is home to so many incredible options of cheap beads and no matter what you want, you can always be sure that you will get it. Some of the types of beads that are always sold at a relatively cheap price include the likes of glass beads, wooden beads, pearl woods and the like.

Internet shopping

With the recent advancement of technology, the online platform is with no doubt the best place where you can be able to find cheap beads without so much of a hassle. And the good thing about shopping for the beads on the internet is that the whole experience is always a very enjoyable one and you can always be certain and sure that you will be able to get exactly what you want without being bored in any way. There are many different vendors of these beads on the web and you just need to shop around and you will certainly be able to get what you want.

Check out clearance sales


It is needless to stress on the importance of clearance sales for anyone looking for cheap beads out there. Nowadays, it has become a habit for many internet retailers of beads to offer clearance sales to their customers from time to time and this is something that you should really take advantage of. Whether it is the annual or mid-season clearance sale, this is the time to get your hands on some of the best deals possible when shopping for these beads.

In conclusion, cheap beads don’t always have to be of cheap quality which is essentially a very common misconception among so many buyers of beaded jewelry out there. You can be able to save a lot of money if you focus your attention on making jewelry pieces with these inexpensive beads. Provided you are a little keen in your shopping, you can always be sure that you won’t in any way compromise the quality of your beading project and you will really love everything about it.

6 Pearl Wedding Jewelry with Pearl Beads


Wedding are wonderful and they are great to have. Sometimes the bride gets stuck on what kinds of crafts she would want to make. Fortunately there are so many ideas to choose from which shared on pinterest.  Find the perfect something new for your special day! Here I will list 8 pearl wedding jewelry with pearl beads.


Photography by: Ashley + Brandon


Found on fabyoubliss.com


Shared by wedding chicks


Found on mercinewyork.com


Found on weddingchicks.com


Found on swannsoirees.com

I’m a happy girl today. According to these items, when asked to think of a craft idea for wedding, here I am. Gotta to DIY some my own wedding crafts with pearl beads or other jewelry making supplies are okay!

Pearl Collar Neckalce DIY


Pearls are one of my favoriate jewelry beads for making fashion jewelry. They are so elegant and beautiful, and pearl jewelry like pearl neckalce, pearl earrings and pearl rings are elegant too. Pearl jewelry are favored by people and their popularity lasts for a long time

Today, I will share a DIY tutorial about how to diy pealr collar neckalce with you. Materails you need to prapare are: pearl beads, a piece of white paper, felt, ribbon, pencil, glue, scissor and hole puncher.

pearl collar neckalce diy

Just follow the easy steps and you can make a elegant pearl collar neckalce! It would be made your shirt and dresses more special.


the photo comes from beadandcord.com;

Easy bracelet out of cat eye beads and pearl beads


Easy Bracelets - Pandahal

I love this beautiful beaded daisy chain bracelet. It’s such a sweet jewelry piece for girls, which is made from stunning cat eye beads with brilliant colors & well-defined “eye” lines and lucidus pink pearl beads. By stitching with the easiest beading pattern and adding the platinum colored box clasp, you will find this dedicated accessory it’s inexpensive and yet simple to create!