Easy Tutorial on How to Make Pearl Chain Bracelet with Alphabet Acrylic Beads


Hey, friends. Have a nice day! Do you like pearl bracelet? How about alphabet beads bracelet? You should check this tutorial on how to make pearl chain bracelet with alphabet acrylic beads if you have any interest. Few materials and fools are needed, so let’s make it together!
Supplies needed for pearl chain bracelet:
8mm Green Pearl Beads
Alphabet Acrylic Beads
Silver Cross Chain
Silver Iron Eyepins
Round Nose Plier
Long Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Instruction on how to make pearl chain bracelet with alphabet acrylic beads:
Step 1: Prepare the pearl pattern
Firstly, slide three green pearl beads onto a headpin and make a loop at the other end;
Secondly, wrap the wire around the pearl pattern like the below picture shows.
Step 2: Add chain to the pearl pattern
Firstly, trim off a piece of cross chain into half and add a lobster claw clasp onto one end;
Secondly, attach the two pieces of chains with the green pearl pattern;
Thirdly, make a pearl dangle with headpin and add it onto the end of the chain.
Step 3: Finish this pearl chain bracelet
Firstly, choose three alphabet acrylic beads, here P, E, A are selected and you can decide it by yourself;
Secondly, make three dangles with headpins and add them onto the chain.
Now this pearl chain bracelet has been finished!
Easy bracelet pattern, right? You should collect this post if you are planning to make a pretty and meaningful bracelet for yourself! It is a great idea to make a bracelet for your friends with her names, how do you think of this idea?

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