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The Classification of Hair Accessories


There are many kinds of hair accessories and they are made of different materials. However, at present there is no complete classification of hair accessories in society. There are many hairdressing brands in China and other countries. Nowadays hairdressing has become an indispensable fashion jewelry for woman’s styling design. Different hairdressing can match different hairstyles. The following is my summary of a reasonable classification of hair accessories.


Head rope includes hair rope, hair ring, leather band, hair bundle, etc.

Hair combs are also called combs which includes crowns and other similar head-wear with cards and teeth.

Hairpin is also called fork, hairpin and stick. Sometimes one set have one or two needles, mostly for dish head.


Hair clips are also called head hoops and hair hoops. A large semicircular circle with two sides is stuck behind the ear and it is made of cloth or plastic.The shapes of this kind clip includes duck mouth, crane mouth, crocodile mouth, tiger mouth, shark mouth, etc. The side inserted into the hair is thinner and thinner. And there are big ones and small ones.


BB clip is also called water drop clip and frog clip. Usually it is used to make decoration clips on both sides or in front of our head. Closed to the hair is a thin steel ring which is stuck in the hair. The surface of it is a water drill or other ornaments and there is also a pair of hair claws as the claw clips to hold the hair. The claw clamp is made of alloy material and acrylic material. The big claw clamp is suitable for disc hair. And the small claw clip can be used as a top clip, i.e. a small part of the hair is clipped when the hair is unfastened.


Hair hoop, a large semicircular circle with two sides stuck behind the ears. It is made of cloth or plastic, also known as a head ring or hairpin. Sometimes we can use ribbons to make hair hoop. It is very beautiful. Lace trim nylon ribbon is good material for jewelry making and hair accessories making.


Jewelry Making Supplies In The Market And Its Challenges


In this case as jewelry maker you need to keep your clients for steady supply of jewelry in the market. One should always make good research on the market to ensure that all time he has enough information of jewelry making and supply in the market. If you fail to have enough information it may lead failure in supply. All time client and customers always want a new designs and fashions. So without enough results on your figure tips you will end up your customers and them supply will decrease. Jewelry making supplies are one of tricky and difficult in the market. Whereby one cannot stand along and expect to succeed.  This is why is so important to join with each other so that you can have constant supply in the market. Things to consider when doing research on jewelry making and supply in the market.


  • Availability of customers
  • Cost of the jewelry
  • Collaboration between the two parties. I.e. seller and manufacturer.
  • One should also consider supply chain.
  • Improve in speed, service level and customer satisfaction.



Challenges Which Jewelry Making and Supply Might Face

For one to be successful and effective designer he / she must have good tools to use during designing. Without tools you cannot be a good designer and you will just fail on the side of production.

Sometimes they get a challenge of these tools because they might be too expensive for them to purchase and yet he / she does not have enough capital. One has to put effort to purchase them so that he can use them to produce better and reliable products. Some of the tools one might need are: – Basic pliers, Wire wrapping and Sewing necessities. Having a good tool will make easy for jewelry creation more efficient and as a fun too.


How to Promote Your Jewelry Making and Supply?

In this case one has to use so that he can attract more customers in his place of work. Here one has to use display board to show his ornaments. One should arrange his ornament on a place where customers can reach easy.  One can also wear some his jewelry creations so that customers can see them and know how to use them. If you are selling them online you should post high quality photos.





Investigate The Various Kinds Of Beads Utilized As A Part Of Jewelry Making


There are many distinctive sorts of beads accessible to buy, you can make your own particular or reuse different things to use for beads. Here is the rundown of various sorts of beads that are generally utilized as a part of the specialty of jewelry making supplies.


  • Glass beads
  • Seed beads
  • Bugles
  • Millefiori beads
  • Semi precious stones
  • Gem chips

There are numerous jewelry making supplies that can be utilized as beads, for example, catches, macaroni, plastic tubing or notwithstanding drinking straws. You can make your own particular beads utilizing paper or card, wire or string wrapped around a pencil to form it into a globule shape. The salt mixture and polymer mud are extraordinary for making lovely beads with beautiful patterns. If you can string it onto a length of line or wire then you can utilize it as a dab, as far as possible is your creative energy.



Glass beads

There is a wide range of sorts of jewelry making supplies accessible in loads of various styles, hues, and sizes. There are dreadfully numerous to show all of them however here are a couple that gives some thought of the range accessible. Venetian glass beads – different sizes and shapes they are exceptionally beautified and get their name from where they are made.

Seed beads

These are little beads that look somewhat like seeds, they are now and then called rocailles. They are generally made of glass, however, there are some plastic/acrylic ones accessible. They come in the colossal assortment of hues and completes and are generally purchased by weight.


These are tight glass tubes they likewise arrived in an extensive variety of hues and styles.

Millefiori beads

Milli is Italian for a thousand and fiori implies blossom. These beads appear as though they are secured in loads of little blooms. They are generally produced using glass by melting glass poles around a focal center. They can likewise be made utilizing polymer earth by joining long strings of dirt together around a focal string. They come in loads of various shapes and hues.

Semi-precious stones

These come in different shapes and sizes. They can be consistently cut or sporadic left unpolished or tumbled. They can be purchased with pre-bored gaps or without. Those without openings can be put into confines, wire-wrapped or you can stick them to your sought finding, for example, a safeguard. They can be costly yet are awesome as a focal stone or pendant in a neckband.

Gem chips

Chips of semi-precious stones more often than not effectively bored with a gap for hanging. They are not general fit as a fiddle and come in various sizes however most are little.

In this way, you can make any of these to make your jewelry lovely and one of a kind.

Create Mind-Blowing Jewelry Easily With Excellent Jewelry Making Supplies


Handmade jewelry style very good gifts, as they look striking, they have constantly been in fashion, and to top it all, they have been made by you. In the current time of internet, purchasing the necessary material is very easy and is just a click away.


Surf the best for yourself

When you surf the net for jewels materials, lots of sites will be presented on your screen. You will find several of them offering good quality resources at very inexpensive rates. If you’re really attentive in designing handmade jewelry, then you will find numerous unique ideas and also the necessary jewelry making supplies accessible online.

When it comes to jewelry making, beads offer wonderful variety, selection, and flexibility. Whether you have an inclination for simple strands, a difficult woven bead choker, or earrings sporting huge colorful beads, you will discover something you like; and if your beads are a reflection of their reserved home, it is a perfect way to celebrate this era of international citizenship.


Turn the amazing ideas into jewelry

With jewelry making supplies now accessible on the internet through trustworthy sellers, there is nothing to stop you from making stunning ornaments. You will find a huge variety of jewelry making supplies that will let you to turn your amazing designs into a reality. It is vital for you to choose the most reputed sites for purchasing your jewelry making goods. It will aid you get not only the most strong products but also at reasonable rates.

Beads enhance so much brilliance to a pattern that you just cannot overlook them when you have to create amazing bits. You will find avast range of beads online on the stores vending jewelry making supplies. Accessible in a plethora of exciting colors and sizes, you can acquire beads made of zirconia, acrylic, bones, glass, clay, rhinestones and wood to name a few. They are also considered as European and Tibetan kind beads that you will love to enhance to your designs. As 1 of the jewelry making supplies, beads are a must for presenting ethnicity and awareness into the pieces that you make. When your project warrants the use of beads, you need material for stringing them together. Under the jewelry making supplies unit, you will see chains, wires, and strings and threads for this purpose. The chains are sold as unwedded or soldered.

Reasonable and Best Quality Jewelry Making Supplies


Attractive things all the time attract human beings. It is due to this fact that since the start of time they look for ways to embellish themselves in order to look attractive. When there was no jewelry thing accessible around, persons use to make use of the found items such as stones, seeds, shells, and even bones etc. and wear them as accessories. Changing of time persons showed a lot of inclination on the way to designing of the jewelry things and whole this led to the invention of tools related to jewelry making. Most significant role was played by technology in presenting varied designing of accessories.


Various varieties of Jewelry

Different kinds of jewelry making supplies are obtainable that can be used by designers to come up with exciting and nice-looking designs of the jewelry pieces. Away from the supplies that are there in the marketplace, there are other matchless designs that are available online in a simple manner. For whole those who are seeking forward or preparation to start a jewelry making business, it is good information to purchase jewelry making supplies in bulk. It will save your hard earned cash and also time, thus purchasing through wholesalers enables you good quality within your pocket.

How to get good jewelry

There are more physical and online stores to deliver the wholesale jewelry making supplies at eye-catching charges, but it’s not about the price only, it’s about the quality. Quality plays the most significant part in any piece of jewelry to make it look fashionable and last longing. More good quality will be long lasting in the minds of the consumers. Today the consumers are very much informatics towards the product through the net.

jewelry makin supplies 1

Beaded jewellery is one of the oldest human innovations which date back to the olden time of Egyptian tombs and buried Roman towns. Light in weight, affordability and limitless possibilities of colors and forms make beads one of the most normally used components in jewelry making. Beads are further classified as acrylic beads, plastic beads, glass beads wooden beads, metal beads, and so on relying upon the material used in the making of the beads. Beads can also be categorized more relying upon the style of beads such as opaque, lined, transparent translucent and matte beads. Thus today the scope of accessories have increased a lot with time giving sellers more opportunity for growth. Today there are so many jewelry making supplies online shops.

How to make a bracelet using wholesale charms?

How to make a bracelet using wholesale charms?

Welcome to another step-to-step guide of making handcrafted jewelry. It has always been a pleasure for me to present you with these tutorials. I know you love it and enjoy it. Today we are going to learn to make bracelets using simple wholesale charms. These wholesale charms are easily available and affordable. You don’t need to fret about any complicated step; you just need some time off and your good will to proceed.

I have listed the materials you need below. Sit tight and concentrate!

  • Wholesale charms
  • Link chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Needle nose pliers

Step 1: First things first, create a good design. This requires your head working more than your hands. Think of a design, depict and arrange your supplies respectively.

Step 2: Then, you need to choose a chain for your bracelet. Head to stores and buy different sizes of chains and attach a clasp on your own. Choose a chain that matches your design and kind of bracelet.

Step 3: Select your wholesale charms and let your creativity do the job. You can opt for ready-made ones that are available in various colors and patterns. I always advise that you allow your creativity to work because you are not only making a material, but building your mind and experience in the job. Go for wholesale charms that are made up of metal, shell, bone, glass, ceramic or wood. Mix and match freely. You can go for a number of 10 charms to start with. You can always add more depending on the size and type of the bracelet you want.

Step 4: Arrange your bracelet on a flat surface. Then, lay out your wholesale charms beneath your bracelet as you like. You can simply put them in random or form a unique pattern. There’s no specific way to do so. Afterwards, fix jump rings to your charms. Using your needle-nose pliers and open the jump rings and slide them through the ring or loop of your charm. Close your jump ring using your pliers, neatly. You are almost done. Try it on your wrist and check the size.

If you left some space in your bracelet, you can always add more charms into it. I would recommend you try something like lampwork glass or gold charms to make it look appealing. Make any adjustments in the size as you have left enough space to work in the end. Trim off any ends that lie in excess.

That was all! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and loved it all through. It was a basic and simple guide you followed. You noticed that these steps were not complicated at all, in fact there are certain steps that you learn and apply in almost any handcrafted jewelry steps. Now that you know how to make wholesale charms bracelet, try making ones for your family and friends. I am sure they will love them!

Stay tuned on my blog for more exciting tutorials! I’ll see you next time…

How To Shop For The Right Heart Beads?


As the trend of jewelry making has increased on a massive level, you don’t really have to worry about where and how to find beads of various shapes and styles. One common example of the beautiful beads is the heart beads. You can use them for creating birthstone heart necklace, interlocking heart necklace, and anything you may imagine about hearts. These beads are surely a unique way to express your love for people, things and places that have special meaning in your life. You can even create necklaces, pendants and similar other jewelry items from these beads.

No matter what projects related to jewelry making you have in your head, you would want to ensure that your hand crafted product looks great and if you have plans of selling it, then the quality and making brings you good returns. Ideal heart beads will not come that easy. Although there is plenty of variety available but you simply cannot lay your hands on the stuff that you like. Take a look at some tips to make the right selection:

heart beads

  • Always ask yourself about the purpose for which you are making jewelry. Is for the purpose of gifting someone, do you want to sell this jewelry item? Whatever your answer is, you have to pick the beads according to what you are trying to make. If you are planning to create top rated jewelry, don’t choose any cheap kind of beads or jewelry findings. The more high quality stuff you choose, the more durable it is going to make your jewelry item.
  • In case you are looking for an ethnic look in your jewelry item, then you can go for beads with earth tone. You can also choose brown and tan colored heart beads. You can also paint the wooden beads into different colors so that you can create an ethic looking jewelry item. It won’t be a bad idea to add shells or pebbles in between.
  • It is easy to shop for beads. Don’t look here and there, just go shop online. It is going to be an amazing experience because you can shop by sitting at the comfort of your own home. If you don’t really have much time, then this option is going to be wonderful for you. Before you make any final purchase, you must check out the return policy so that you don’t end up buying something that does is not worth the money.
  • Apart from all these things, the next thing that you are supposed to worry about is the cost of the heart beads. Sometimes, the cost of the product itself is not high but there are hidden charges that are not acceptable. Before you make a final purchase, you have to be sure that you find such a supplier that does not charge additional amount. If you happen to find the right person, then you will never have to worry about your project.

Once you have the right product available, then you will obviously make the best quality jewelry item to satisfy your clients?