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Beebeecraft Wire Wrapped Idea – Birds Nest Pendant Tutorial


Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial is very special which is about making birds nest pendant. On hearing the birds nest pendant, you may think it is very amazing. Yes, it is. So do you want it? Just follow the instruction


Don’t be scared by its appearance. Actually the birds nest pendant is very easy to make. Here we will show you the detailed making process and you will make it. This bird nest pendant is great for necklace making and house decoration. It is worth owning.

Jewelry craft materials in making birds nest pendant:

0.8mm&0.5mm Brass wire
Acrylic beads
Electroplate crystal glass beads

How to make birds nest pendant?

Step1: Wire wrapped the spider web

1st, cut four 0.8mm brass wires with the same length and fold them in half;
2nd, intertwine the four brass wires in the center tightly;
3rd, clockwise wrap the 0.5mm brass wire around the 8 pieces of 0.8mm brass wire in sequence;
4th, continue wrapping until you get your desired scale.


Step2: Add electroplate glass beads to the web

1st, slide a electroplate glass bead onto a 0.8mm brass wire and make a loop over the bead;
2nd, slide the beads and make loops with other brass wires.


Step3: Add “bird egg” to the web

1st, slide the two pink acrylic beads onto a 0.5mm brass wire and cross through another two beads;
2nd, thread the two ends of the brass wire through the center of the nest web.


Step4: Tie a knot with a two ends


So the birds nest pendant is finished! If you don’t want to add the pink acrylic beads to the center of the web, you can let the center blank, and you will find it looks like a spider web. Make one and you will find it is an interesting tutorial.


Beebeecraft DIY Wire Wrapped Turquoise Bead Earrings Tutorial


Summary: You may have seen many wire wrapped earrings. But the wire wrapped turquoise bead earrings we are going to make are different.


They are very cute, right? I think the wire wrapped turquoise bead earrings look like globes very much. Everyone will pay attention to you when you wear them. So how could you miss them? Make them with us and you will love them.

Jewelry crafts materials in wire wrapping turquoise bead earrings:

Turquoise gemstone beads
1mm & 0.5mm jewelry string brass wire
Earring hooks

How to wire wrap turquoise bead earrings?

Step1: Wire wrap the brass wire

1st, start to wire wrap the 0.5mm brass wire around the 1mm brass wire;
2nd, continue wrapping until you get the desired length.


Step2: Wrap the turquoise bead

1st, slide turquoise bead onto the eyepin and make a loop over the bead;
2nd, wrap the 1mm brass wire of the wrapped wire around the loop to fix it;
3rd, continue wrapping the brass wire around the turquoise bead until it reaches another loop;
4th, wrap the 1mm brass wire around the loop tightly.


Step3: Hook the turquoise dangle to the earring hook


The wire wrapped turquoise bead earrings are finished! I believe you have known how to make them. You can also introduce this tutorial to your friends if you like it. And we will try our best to show you more jewelry making ideas

Beebeecraft Cute Wire Wrapped Boy Pendant Tutorial


Summary: This time we are going to tell you how to make a wire wrapped boy pendant. It is very cute. And you can make it for your kids. I believe they will like it.


Actually from the finished project, you can see it is not difficult to make and the needed materials is little. Even so, we still want to show you the detailed making process. Just have a try and you will get a cute wire wrapped boy pendant in a few minutes.

Jewelry craft supplies in making wire wrapped boy pendant:

0.5mm string materials brass wire

0.8mmbrass wire

Seed beads

How to wire wrap a boy pendant?

Step1: Make the legs and feet of the boy pendant.

Cut a certain length of 0.8mm brass wire and make loop with two ends, and then bend it into the shape as picture shows.


Step2: Make upper body and head of the boy pendant

1st, prepare two long 0.8mm brass wires and wrap them around the leg for several wraps;
2nd, wrap the two 0.8mm brass wires together with a 0.5mm brass wire;
3rd, continue wrapping until you think the upper body is long enough. And then wrap the two 0.8 brass wire around a round object to make the head;
4th, wrap the right wire around the left one for several times and make a loop with the left wire.


Step3: Make hands of the boy pendant.

Cut a certain length of the 0.8mm brass wire and make two loops with two ends, and then wrap it around the upper body for several times.

Step4: Make hair of the boy pendant.

Wrap the 0.5mm brass wire around the head until you think it is enough and then start to wrap the seed beads around the head to make hair.


Step5: Finish the boy pendant.

Continue wrapping the seed beads around the head to make enough hair and then wrap the brass wire around the head

So the wire wrapped boy pendant is just finished. It can be not only a necklace pendant but also a bag decoration. You can also use your imagination to make this pendant into other postures.

Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making European Style Bracelet


Summary: European style bracelet looks so brilliant. If you like fashion, you must own this jewelry. And this time we will teach you to make this kind of bracelet.


European style bracelet is gorgeous and actually it is easy to make. Next, we will tell you how to make it in details. You can have a look or even have a try if you like the European jewelry. Let’s do it.

3 steps to make European style bracelet:

  1. Jewelry craft suppliesyou will need:

lampwork European beads

alloy rhinestone beads

Tibetan style hanger

Tibetan style pendant

brass European style finished string for jewelry bracelet


  1. Slide the beads and Tibetan style hanger onto the brass European style bracelet.
  2. Hook the Tibetan style pendant to the hanger.

So your style bracelet is finished just in few minutes. You can make more beautiful European bracelet to send your friends. I believe they will like them.

Beebeecraft Triangle Dangle Earring with Black Beads


Summary: Are you interested in learning how to make dangle earring with beads? DIY this triangle dangle earrings is a great way to get start.


This is a very unique project and it won’t cost you a lot of time, just using bugle beads, black stone and eyepins, you can create this pair of black triangle earring.

Craft supplies for jewelry making the fashion dangle earring:

Glass Bugle Beads
Black Stone
Black Chain
Earring Hook
Round Nose Plier
Jewelry making tools side cutting plier

Steps on how to make dangle earrings with beads:

  1. Slide a bugle bead on eachof the eyepin and make several simple links.
  2. Thread four black stones onto the eyepin and another simple link.
  3. Put a bugle link vertical landing; attach two more links on both of the sides.
  4. Connect the two horns together by using the stone link, and then you can see a triangular.tim图片20190110112230
  5. Cut off a piece of chain with 12cm, find the loop which is just in the middle and hang the chain on the earring hook.tim图片20190110112241
  6. Attach the triangle to the chain.

Have you mastered our tutorial on how to make dangle earrings with beads? Once you get going, you will find it is very quick to finish the triangle dangle earring, just try it!

Beebeecraft Handmade Wire Wrapped Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace with Seed Beads


Summary: This heart shaped pendant necklace is so cute that you can’t look away from it. Are you struck by this heart pendant necklace? In this article, we will show you how to make it in details.

Today the Beebeecraft tutorial is about making heart shaped pendant necklace. You may think of love first at the mention of heart. And you’re right. It is a piece of great jewelry and gift for yourself or your lover. So let’s make this love heart pendant necklace right now.


Craft supplies for jewelry making heart shaped pendant necklace:

Glass seed beads

Brass Jewelry making chain

Lobster clasp (with jumpring)


Aluminum wire

Brass wire

3 steps to make heart shaped pendant necklace:

  1. Make heart shaped pendant.

1st, cut a certain length of aluminum wire and make it into a heart shape as picture shows below.

2nd, use brass wire to wrap the seed beads around the newly-made heart.

3rd, continue wrapping the heart until it reaches your desired length.

4th, wrap the two ends of the heart together with brass wire.


  1. Add the jumprings and chains.

1st, slide jumpring to each end of the heart shaped pendant.

2nd, attach the brass chains on.

  1. Add the clasp and jumpring to the chains.

A heart shaped pendant necklace is born.


Just with few minutes you can get a beautiful heart shaped pendant necklace. Give it a try. And you will gain much fun from this interesting tutorial.

Beebeecraft Easy Step to Make Creative Golden Flower Earrings


Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make the flower earrings with wire, even though you don’t have worked with wire before, this wire jewelry pattern instruction will guide you to make such golden flower earrings!

Most girls like flowers, but how about this dedicate flower earrings? Do you like them? I hope the answer is “yes”. Now go with me to figure out the way to make the golden flower earrings.


Instructions on making golden flower earrings:

  1. You will need earring hooks


String materials  aluminum wire

  1. Pick up a pen or other cylindrical stick and begin to coil the wire around the pen.


  1. Make 6 full coils are ok, and then snip off the extra wire.
  2. Open the coils from one side with your fingers and make it form a flower shape.
  3. Use jumping to link the flower shape and earring hook!

Golden flower earrings are done! Once you have master the guidance on making this wire jewelry pattern, you can make them for you friends and your families.