Different Types of Beads for Jewelry Making


beautiful leather jewelryOne of the exciting things about beads for jewelry making is that there is no end to the types of beads you can use to make your jewelry. Few people can utter the word boring and jewelry making in the same sentence.

Jewelry making is interesting because there are different types of beads for jewelry making available in the market. There are also many different ways that can be used to string beads together hence there is no end to the beautiful creations you can make. Some of the beads that can be used to create jewelry are;

–    Gemstone beads

Gemstone beads used in jewelry making are beads made from precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, onyx, jade and turquoise among others. Jewelry made from gemstone beads can be quite expensive based on how large the beads are and the gemstones used to make the jewelry. Jewelry made using this type of beads is often used during special occasions.

–    Bugle beads

A good example of common beads for jewelry making is Bugle beads. These are tubular shaped beads that are found in beads of different lengths. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They can be smooth and rounded, squared and twisted, smooth and square or hex cut among other designs. These beads are also available in square holes hence do not just expect to find them with round holes.

–    Acrylic beads

The other types of beads that are often bought by jewelry makers are Acrylic beads. These are beads made from plastic in different forms. These beads are light and inexpensive. They are also available in a variety of colors and are quite versatile in terms of shape. You can use Acrylic beads in embroidery and various craft projects. Acrylic bead designs are a great choice for people who want to make beautiful but inexpensive jewelry items.

–    Metal beads

These beads are fashioned from different types of metals. There are bronze beads, silver beads, and copper beads among others. These beads are often ideal for use in organic jewelry. When these beads are put together with feathers, bones, leather and shells among other types of organic items, they make great statement jewelry items.

–    Wood beads

These beads for jewelry making are made using wood. There are as many different types of wood beads in the world as there are varieties of trees. Beads made from wood are valued because they are relatively inexpensive compared to other beads such as crystal beads and precious stone beads. They make excellent jewelry that can be accessories to formal wear and they can also be worn as accessories with casual wear. People are rarely allergic to beads made from wood and wood beads make jewelry items that are quite beautiful.

There are so many beads for jewelry making available in the market. The best way to shop for beads is online because online stores have a wide selection of beads to choose from and prices are quite affordable. So buy your beads from online bead vendors today!


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