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PandaHall Ideas on Making Star Beaded Earrings


This pair of earring is made by faceted cubic zironia beads, pearl beads and sliver seed beads. The design is original and make them into the shape of stars.

If you love jewelry, you can not miss this jewelry making. The tutorial is simple, and it is suitable for beginners.


First, you need prepare the materials during this jewelry making.

  1. Cubic Zirconia Cabochons, Grade A, Faceted, Diamond, Mixed Color, 4×2.5mm
  2. Imitated Pearl Acrylic Beads, Round, White, 3mm, Hole: 1mm
  3. Iron Round Spacer Beads, 2~5mm, Hole: 1~1.5mm
  4. Iron Jump Rings
  5. Earring Jewelry Findings Iron Silver Earring Hooks, Size: about 18mm long, 18mm wide, 0.8mm thick, hole: 2mm
  6. Fishing Thread Nylon Wire, White, 0.2mm


Next, you can start making this earring by the help of instruction or leading pictures.

  1. Thread 12 round spacer beads and one Cubic Zirconia Cabochon. Make the spacers beads around the Cubic Zirconia Cabochon.
  2. Then thread 12 pearl acrylic beads around the jewelry.
  3. Another 12 pearl acrylic beads threaded again. Every two pearl beads is a set as the picture shows.
  4. Add 6 pearl beads on the 6 top of the jewelry. And you will get a Hexagonal star.
  5. Add a jump ring and connect the earring hook.




Then, the final result is here.PandaHall-Ideas-on-Making-Star-Beaded-Earrings-4


PandaHall Inspiration Project of Sector Crystal Drop Earrings


This pair of earrings is made by royal blue glass beads, faceted and golden chains. It is easy to make it. And you can learn handmade crafts by this.


The materials you will need:

Glass Beads Strands, Faceted, Drop, Colorful, 12x8mm; Hole: 1mm, about 60pcs/strand, 28.3″

Iron Cable Chains, Unwelded, with Spool, Popular for Jewelry Making, Important Decoration, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free, Golden, 3x2x0.6mm

Earring Components:
Iron Head pins, Golden, 35×0.7mm

Golden Brass Earring Hooks Ear Wire Hooks with Ball, 19mm, Hole: 1.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm

Iron Jump Rings, Close but Unsoldered, Mixed Size, Golden, 4~10×0.7~1mm


Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Needle pliers



  1. Thread six glass beads on head pins. And cut down the rest wire if the head pins are too long. Then bend the head pins into circles.
  2. Put all glass beads threaded on a jump ring.
  3. Make the jump ring connect with the earring chains and add the other earring components.
  4. Make another earring in the same way.


This is the final look of the crystal drop earrings. Have you got it? See you next tutorial.


PandaHall Colorful Pearl Bracelets Sets


Summary: Different kinds of colors make different beads. This jewelry set is made up by four colorful beaded bracelets. Each of them is beautiful and bright. And it is so easy to make them. Let’s enjoy the jewelry making journey!


To make these colorful beaded bracelets, you just need to prepare some glass pearl beads strands, iron round spacer beads, crystal stretch elastic craft wires and other basic jewelry making materials, then you can follow our tutorial to make them at home.


Supplies needed to make the colorful beaded bracelets sets:

Glass Pearl Beads Strands, Round, Mixed Color, 8mm, Hole: 1.5mm

0.8mm Crystal Stretch Elastic Craft Bracelet Beads Thread, Clear,0.8mm wires

1 Box Mixed Color Iron Round Spacer Beads, 2~5mm, Hole: 1~1.5mm

304 Stainless Steel Ball Head pins, Stainless Steel Color, 20mm, Pin: 0.8mm

1 Box Brass Jump Rings, 4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/10mm Jump Ring Mixed, Close but Unsoldered, Silver, 4~10×0.8~1mm

Jewelry Pliers, Japanese Imported Steel Short Chain-Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers and Side-Cutting Pliers

Stainless-Steel Scissors


How to make the colorful pearl bracelets sets

Step 1: Make the beginning part of the bracelet pendant pattern

Put the headpin through one pearl bead, and make the point of headpin bend into a circle. Add a jump ring on the circle wire. This is the pendant bead.


Step 2: Finish the rest part of the bracelets

Thread all the beads together. One pearl bead and one spacer bead as the picture shows. Remember tie the wire a knot.

Here is the final look of these attractive bracelets



Ideal on Making a Sunflower Earrings with Pearls


This pair of earrings is made of white glass pearl beads and a golden sunflower pendant. With the wonderful match of bright gold jump rings and shinny chains, the pretty looks very elegant and charming. You can follow me to begin thisjewelry making if you have interests in this.


Before we making it, we should prepare the materials included in advance.


  1. Brass Enamel Charms, Flower, Real Gold Plated, 14x12x4mm;
  2. White Glass Imitation Pearl Round Loose Beads For Jewelry Necklace Craft Making, 6mm, Hole: 1mm;
  3. Brass Clip-on Earring Findings for Non-Pierced Ears, Golden, Nickel Free, about 13.5mm wide, 17mm long, 5mm thick, Hole: about 1.2mm;
  4. Mix Iron Eye Pin, Golden Color;
  5. Jump Rings;


  1. Flat nose pliers;
  2. Round nose pliers;
  3. Diagonal pliers;


Then we can start up making. The process may be very simple for handcraft lovers. Of course, it will not be difficult for beginners. And it will cost you about 30 minutes. Now, let’s do it.

The main steps of making:

  1. Thread the beads one by one. What you need to do is to thread one pearl bead with one eye pin. Bend the other point of wire and cut down the rest. Do other pearl beads in the same way.
  2. Connect the beads with circles. When you bend the wire, remember to connect it with the previous one. And the sunflower pendant is connected in the last.
  3. Add the brass clip-on earrings. You can connect it directly or by the help of jump rings. And when you finished this step, the earrings will be made.



What do you think of this kind of clip-on earrings? If you like this style of jewelry making, please let me know. I will update jewelry tutorials on time in my blog. Thank you!



Earring Findings in Golden Earrings with Black Pearls


This pair of earrings combines black and golden color together. It is pretty and elegant. And you will learn how to use bead caps while making it as well.


Materials needed before jewelry making:

Environmental Glass Pearl Bead Strands, Round, Dyed, Cotton Cord Threaded, Black, 8mm;Imitation Pearl Acrylic Beads, No Hole, Round, Black, 6mm;

Brass Bead Caps, Mixed Shape, Golden;

Brass Twisted Chains Curb Chains, with Spool, Oval, Golden;

Brass Eye Pin, Golden;

Brass Earring Hooks, Golden;

Iron Bead Caps, Golden;


Flat nose pliers;

Round nose pliers;

Cutting pliers;


Main steps of the jewelry making:

  1. Make the earring pendants.

Firstly, you need several glass pearl beads, some imitation pearl acrylic beads, brass beads caps, brass eye pins.

Secondly, thread the pearl beads and brass caps as the pictures show.

Thirdly, bend the rest eye pin into circles under the help of jewelry making tools.

Fourthly, thread the other beads in the same way.


  1. Connect the pearls.

Firstly, connect the pearl beads with the circles and the brass twisted chains.

Secondly, add the brass earring hooks on the earrings.


This is the final mode of this earring findings. You can have a try if you are interested in this jewelry making. And if you have any problem in making this jewelry, you can leave a comment below the article and i will reply you as soon as possible. You can also tell me which kinds of earrings you want to make, and i will try my best to teach you some helpful skills in jewelry making.


Jewelry Making–Yellow Acrylic Flower Beads Earrings


This pair of earrings is very cute. The main materials are acrylic beads. As you can image, the color of it will be very bright and it is a good ideal to send this earring to your friends or as a gift for your mother. Let us learn how the jewelry make.


First, you should prepare the materials needed in the jewelry making.

What you will need are in the flowing:

Opaque Acrylic Beads, Flower, Mixed Color, about 15mm wide;

Column Synthetic Turquoise Beads Strands, Dyed, Mixed Color, 9x6mm;

Brass Earring Hooks, Golden, 18x17x0.8mm;

Round Iron Spacer Beads, Mixed Color, 3.2x3mm;

Iron Head pins, Golden, 35×0.7mm;

Flat nose pliers;

Round nose pliers;

Diagonal pliers;

(jewelry box maybe) if your beads are a little more, it is better for you to get some jewelry boxes. These jewelry boxes can help you store the beads in order so that your beads will not run everywhere. As the picture shows, you can use flat round box for the mixed color turquoise beads strands. And there is another kind of jewelry box with partition, which is designed for beads with different colors.


Next is the main steps of making this earring. It is very easy to make it.

Step one: thread the beads.

You can match your favorite colors as you like. We have chose the yellow acrylic beads and red turquoise beads. Thread one red turquoise bead, three yellow acrylic beads and one brass iron spacer bead in order with the head pin. Then cut down the rest wire if the head pin is too long. But remember to leave the length of making a circle.

Step two: add the earring hooks.

Connecting the earring hooks by the circles. This step is very easy except making the circle. You need pliers to bend the wire. But it is not too difficult anyway.


Not too hard, right? This jewelry making will not only make you charm, but also give you pleasure. It is your time now. Thank you!


The Tutorial of Making Acrylic Colorful Beads Earrings


Funny and interesting tutorial of jewelry making is coming! This pair of earrings is made of beads of bright colors. If you like showy style, join us and learn to make it!



Acrylic Beads, Imitation Gemstone Style, Oval, Mixed Color, 19mm long, 15mm wide, 7.5mm thick

Natural Mashan Jade Beads Strands, Dyed, Round, Mixed Color, 8mm

Stainless Steel Pendants, Star, Golden

Earring Findings, Iron Eye Pin, Golden, 45×0.7mm

Plastic Beads, Environmental Electroplated Beads, Round, Golden Plated, 3mm

Golden Brass Earring Hooks Findings, Ear Wire Hooks with Ball, 19mm


Round Nose Pliers

Wire Cutter Pliers

Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers

Jewelry making steps:

  1. Take out one iron eye pin. Make it through an acrylic beadand then string a small plastic bead. In this way, string the other beads one by one. Remember to twist the wire into a circle at the last.
  2. Cut a little of golden wires to string the natural Mashan jade beads strands. You can do your jewelry making in a free style or do it follow the picture.
  3. When you finish the step of making circles, you should connect different beads together by them. Those earring beads include two acrylic beads, one plastic bead and a stainless steel pendants.
  4. Golden brass earring hooksfindings with ball is the last material you need. What you need to do is putting the earring beads with the ear wire hooks.



  1. This jewelry making is not difficult. You just need some patience in twisting wires.
  2. You should make sure that each circle is fastened. Otherwise the earring beads findings will get loose.
  3. The pliers are sharp. Be careful!


That is all about the acrylic colorful beads earrings. If you like beads links, you can also make a necklace in the same way. Thank you for your browsing!