5 Cool Jewelry Pendants Find


Jewelry pendants are suitable to wear every day as they are easy to match with almost every style of clothes. They just can be your daily adornments! Simple jewelry pendants are easy to make, but if you want to get a cool or unique one, then you may find it is hard to design. Don’t worry, I will share 5 cool jewelry pendants designs that I collected.

Crystal cage necklace pandent: this special pendant is made mainly with raw crystal, straight tube beads, jump rings. The cage design is really special that I fall in love with it immediately!

Crystal cage necklace pendant

Moon tree pendant: there are many life of tree pendants online or on pinterest, but this moon tree is outstanding when you add a moonstone on it. It is such ethereal and gorgeous.

Moon tree pendant designed by Ethora

Fork pendant: this recycled jewelry idea is wonderful! With just a recycled fork and a peach stone, you can make it. The materials are really easy to get.

Fork pendant; pic from: pinterest.com/pin/151855818659946554/

cabochon pendant: I didn’t share the finished pendant design because you can make map pendant, photo pendant, flower pendant, letter pendant and so on with these cabochon settings and glass cabochons. Just with different paper pattern, the pendant is not the same. It’s easy and fun to do it at home!

cabochon settings

Wire wrapped seaglass pendant: It’s really unique one and I just want to say that I want one! How about you?

wire wrapped seaglass pendant

Do you love these jewelry pendants? Which one is your favorite? In my next post, I will share you how to make photo pendants with cabochon settings and glass cabochons. Hope you like it too!

Pic source:http://www.pinterest.com/pin/455637687273791856/


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