How to Make Turquoise Dragonfly Necklace


Do you want to learn how to make exquisite beaded necklace? Today, I will show you a tutorial about making turquoise dragonfly necklace with glass beads and pearl beads. DIY beaded necklace is very easy and this necklace which I will teach you today is very suitable for summer!


Materials needed in DIY beaded necklace:

materials about beaded necklace tutorials

Turquoise bead

Pearl bead

Czech glass bead

Jump rings

lobster clasp

Tiger Tail

Instruction on how to make beaded necklace:

Step 1:

  • Add six pearl beads in the tiger tail and cross two ends of the wire through a red glass bead and then tighten the jewelry wire.
  • Slide six pearl beads to the two sides of wire, cross both two ends through a beige pearl bead, then tighten the tiger tail wire.



Step 2:

  • Slide one turquoise bead through each end of tiger tail. Then, cross two turquoise beads to fix these beads and tighten wire.
  • Thread two Czech glass beads to each ends of wire and cross one pearl bead. Then, slide two Czech beads again.

beaded necklace tutorial


Step 3

beaded necklace tutorials


Now, cross one pearl bead and add six pearl beads to each end of wire as the above picture shows.

Step 4:

  • Cross one Czech bead to the both ends of wire, and add pearl beads and Czech beads according to the orders of above picture to tiger tail wire.
  • Cross Czech bead to wire and tighten it.
  • Add six pearl beads to the two ends again.
  • Last, cross pearl bead through the wire.

beaded necklace tutorials

Step 5:

  • Repeat above steps to finish the other six beaded patterns.

beaded necklace tutorials

  • Cross pearl beads to both ends and tie it together.

beaded necklace tutorials

Step 6:

Use a lobster clasp and jump rings to link the necklace.

beaded necklace tutorials

Now, a beaded dragonfly necklace is well done!

beaded necklace tutorials

So beautiful turquoise dragonfly beaded necklace! You can also use turquoise beads and pearl beads to make the same pattern necklace like this one, I think it will be also delicate and charming.

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