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Top Tips of Making Wood Beads Earrings


It is important to consider elemental all the pertinent factors of wood bead earring process, in order to come up with jewelry that is suitable for all age groups. As a matter of fact, wood beads come with so many benefits and his is always a plus for those who like to adorn them. For instance, with wood beads you will not need to poke holes in your pocket-they are affordable and readily available. Secondly, you get variety and based on the wood-type they can last a lifetime. They are versatile in many ways and this makes it possible to be used in the making of many accessories. Last but not least, they can be painted to enhance aesthetic value.


Get every item ready

This is tip number one when you are thing of making wooded bead earring, as it will save you time and money in the long run. It doesn’t matter whether you are making the earring for a festive or not, make it a point to have the beads, string, pliers, and other items on the table. Importantly, avoid areas with clutter as this can make a mess of the working environment.

Know to make patterns


If you are a novice and just starting out, see to it you learn more about patterns and styles. In as much as choosing the correct size of beads is great, do not hesitate to learn a thing or two when it comes use of pliers, charms, and related things. The wire you choose to use for the earring making process must be of accepted quality, too. In all cases, you’re advised to do some research before you part with your money. Importantly, consult experts who are well versed with what it takes to get a correct wire-size that will give you an easy time.

What you need to take note of

It is vital that you take note of the following so that you don’t end up discouraged with the final results

  • Use different wire size and bead size in order to come up with desired patterns
  • Always go for quality wood beads that will offer you value for your money
  • You can buy in bulk so that you get variety
  • Make it appoint the due process and leave nothing to chance

It is great to make earring that your customers will love, and if you are thinking of giving it out as a present always consider color scheme.



Colorful Bracelet Making with Jump Rings You Will Like


Hi, guys. Hope everything is good with you. Do you like colorful jewelry? How do you think of colorful beaded bracelet? Today, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a colorful bracelet with wood beads and jump rings. Special design, I believe that you will like it. Then let’s see the details together.
DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads (1)
Supplies needed for colorful bracelet making:
6MM Colorful Wood Beads
10MM Jump Rings
4MM Jump Rings
Slide Lock Clasps
DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads (2)
Step 1: make basic beads and jump rings pattern for this bracelet
Firstly, take out three 10mm jump rings, a yellow and red wood bead. Then connect two jump rings with a yellow bead and add a red bead to connect the third jump ring.
DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads (3)
Secondly, continue to add a yellow bead, a jump ring and a red bead until you get the desired length.
Thirdly, make another same beads and jump rings patterns with same steps and you can select other colored beads you like. Then keep one jump ring at two ends.
DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads (4)
Step 2: finish this colorful bracelet making
Firstly, take out a five-strand lock clasp, and take out 6 2mm jump rings, then connect the beaded strands with the lock clasp in the first third and fifth clasp.
Secondly, do it at the other end with the same steps.
DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads (5)
Then this colorful bracelet has been finished.
DIY Chainmail Jewelry on How to Make a Jump Ring Bracelet with Colorful Wood Beads (6)
Beautiful bracelet with colorful wood beads and so many jump rings, it is really a fantastic design. Do you like it? You also can choose other colored beads you like and it is all up to you. So are you planning to make one for yourself? Have a nice try!

Easy Tutorial on How to Make Charm Bracelet for Kids


Hey, guys. How are you doing? Do you often make any crafts for your kids? How do you think of charm bracelet? You know that kids always like colorful things. Then today I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a charm bracelet with wood beads for kids. Do you have any interest? Then let’s see it.
Supplies needed in making charm bracelet:
Colorful Wood Beads
Jump rings
Bracelet Making Chain
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers
Step 1: make wood beaded charms
Firstly, slide a wooden mushroom bead onto a headpin, and make a simple loop.
Secondly, make some flower wooden beaded dangles with the same steps.
Step 2: make seed beaded dangles
Firstly, slide three seed beads to a jump ring, and make some same patterns with the same steps.
Secondly, add the dangles to the chain link as you like.
How-to-Make-a-Floral-Charm-Bracelet-for-Kids-with-Colorful-Wood-Beads-step2 - 副本
Step 3: add charms on the chain
Firstly, add the mushroom beads and flower beads on the chain.
Secondly, connect the two ends of the chain with clasp.
Then this bracelet has been finished!
How do you think of this colorful bracelet? Trust me, your children will like it if you are willing to make it for them. Mushroom beads and flower beads are interesting to make jewelry. Or you can add other funny charms to it. Please just share us your good news if you kids also love them.