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DIY Original Tibetan Three Strands Pearl Beads Bracelet


Hello, girls. Do you need any special and cool bracelet tutorial? Then how do you think of this Pandahall original Tibetan pearl beads bracelet? You should follow me to check this bracelet making details and then make your one. Now, let’s see the steps below.
Materials and tools needed for this Tibetan pearl bracelet:
10mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
4mm White Round Glass Pearl Beads
Platinum Magnetic Tube Slide Lock Clasps
Silver Fan Chandelier Component Links
Silver Eye Pins
0.2mm Transparent Fishing Wire
Round Nose Pliers
Instruction on how to make this Tibetan three strands pearl beads bracelet:
Step 1: make the basic part of this Tibetan pearl bracelet
Firstly, make a 10mm blue glass bead dangle with eyepin;
Secondly, connect two fan Tibetan component links by this glass bead dangle;
Thirdly, cut off a piece of fishing wire and slide some 4mm pearl beads onto the wire, then tie the other end of the wire onto a magnetic slide lock clasp;
Fourthly, make another two pearl beads strands and tie the wires onto the slide clasp.
Step 2: finish this Tibetan pearl beads bracelet
Firstly, continue to make three pearl beads strands on the correspondent pattern;
Secondly, fix the wire and the clasp, then cut off the extra wire to finish this bracelet making.
This Tibetan three pearl beads strands bracelet has been finished:
Now, have you figured out how to make Tibetan bracelet? You should follow the steps and you will get a complete pearl bracelet soon. Hope you will have a nice try!