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What You Should Know About Jade Beads


Jade Beaded Stretch Gemstones BraceletMost people might not beware of jade beads but the truth of the matter is that they are among the best types of beads that you can ever use. While you don’t necessarily need to know a lot about jade so that you can use these beads for your crafting needs, it is a good idea that you are a little more knowledgeable about them so that you can know what to expect. To start with, there are two kinds of rocks that are regarded as jade with Nephrite being the commonly available rock for crafting them.

Nephrite essentially comprises of tremolite, amphibole and calcium and a kind of asbestos usually form the center part of the rock. The green color of this rock is essentially attributed to the presence of iron in the rock. Jadeite is the next rock substance used for making jade beads. Ideally, this one comprises of aluminum rich pyrozene and sodium and you should know that this rock is used less frequently when it comes to creating jade. Being relatively harder than quartz, working with Jadeite is essentially a little harder.

The seemingly green color featured in Nephrite is one of the most loved aspects of jade beads and it is needless to point out why the rock is so much adored by most people. In addition to this, the stones tend to be a little softer not to mention that forming them is also much easier as well and this is something that you will really appreciate about the rock. When you go to buy jade beads, you will realize that the value of the rock is measured in scale and this will guide you in being able to know what to buy.

jade beaded braceletType A jade essentially comprises of the best grade jadeite which has nothing infused to it. While most of the designer usually polishes the stone to give the jade beads a remarkable appearance, you can be sure that there is nothing else that has been added to it. Type B usually comprises of a piece which has great potential only that it is a little stained. Use of a chemical process contributes greatly towards getting rid of the stain from the stone and helping it keeps its remarkably great looks.

Type C comprises of jade that has been dyed by use of artificial measures and finally, there is Type D that denotes the lowest quality of jade. Jade beads are semi-precious stones that can be used to make some of the most beautiful and colorful pieces of jewelry that you can ever imagine of. The stone is very valuable and this explains why jewelries made with jade are usually relatively highly priced. Nevertheless, you can be sure that they are of the best quality and your craft will look stunning and great on you. You can visit online stores to get the best beads of this kind at the most reasonable price possible.


Save Money: Buying Wholesale Beads Online Today!


Bohemian Style Necklace and EarringsWholesale beads are a favorite of jewelry makers and DIY lovers. The purchase of beads in bulk at wholesale prices, as opposed to retail prices, is a wise choice. Wholesale prices are much cheaper than retail prices, and this translates to saving money. However, saving money is not the only reason you should purchase bead on wholesale.

Why should you buy your beads on wholesale?

Many jewelry makers purchase their beads in small quantities from different retailers. Buying beads on retail is not cost effective especially if you do a lot of work with beads. When you purchase wholesale beads, you purchase a large quantity of the beads you want that you can use to make a variety of jewelry items.

Bulk beads are available in different types, colors, shapes, and sizes, and it’s always good to have a wide variety of beads to choose from when working with beads. Buying beads of a wide variety in bulk is good because there is so much you can do with beads apart from jewelry making hence it’s always prudent to have extra beads at hand.

Different uses of beads

People think that beads are only for jewelry making, but this is not true. There are lots of ways you can used beads apart from making jewelry starting with home décor. You can use beads in your home by decorating light fixtures. For example, use them on lamp shades, candle holders or even to make chandeliers. You can also use them in flowers and plant arrangements or use them to make beaded curtains and partitions.

Beads are also important in dressmaking or decorating fabrics. For example, you can bead cushion covers to add some sparkle or bean bags to stick needles and sharp objects such as pins. Beading on garments is quite common in dressmaking. Dresses for special occasions such as wedding dresses are often beaded to add some sparkle and shine to the garments. It is also common to find evening dresses beaded with colorful or bright beads ideal for adding some sparkle to one’s outfit on a night out.

Purchase wholesale beads online

Beaded NecklaceHome decor and fabric embellishments are just a few ways that beads come in handy in creative projects. There are many more uses for beads, and hence it doesn’t make any sense to purchase them at retail; it’s better to purchase them in bulk. The best place to buy beads on wholesale is online.

Purchasing beads online saves time and money. You save time because online bead vendors are virtual shops that you can access from the comfort of your home or office. When you visit beads selling websites you will find, a wide variety of beads to choose from that is hard to find in regular brick and mortar shops.

When you purchase your wholesale beads online, you save money because online bead merchants often sell their products at extremely affordable prices. You save even more money because you don’t have to spend money on transport moving from one shop to another; your purchases can be made easily from your workshop, home or office. Also, many vendors ship any merchandise you purchase straight to your doorstep. So why not order your wholesale beads online today!