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How to Make Double Strands Flower Necklace with Pearl Beads


Do you have any struggle with choosing a necklace to match with your new dress? Have a look at this flower necklace with pearl beads. It can be matched with different kinds of clothes.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-1
Before making this double strands flower necklace with pearl beads, you need to prepare the following materials:
10mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
6mm Bicone Glass Beads
8mm Amethyst Beads
10mm Pearl Beads
6mm Pearl Beads
2mm Golden Seed Beads
Purple Acrylic Flower Beads
Silver Spring Clasp
Silver Jumprings
Silver Bead Tips
Silver Bead Caps
Silver Headpins
Silver Eyepins
Tiger Wire
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Then you can follow these steps to make the necklace:
Firstly, make the linking bead patterns by sliding pearl beads and flower beads to eyepins, and make loops .There should be 11 in total;
Secondly,make the bead tassel patterns by adding glass bead, pearl beads, flowerbeads together through a headpin,and make loops at the ends. Then attach the tassel pattern and the linking patterns together as the following pictures show.
Thirdly, make the main necklace patterns by using tiger wire. You need to add a bead tip to the middle of the wire and close the bead tip to fix both wires.Then add 3 seed beads and a bicone glass bead to each wire, keep adding beads, linking patterns, and bead tassels to both wires like the last picture shows.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-5
Fourthly, complete the main necklace pattern by Keeping adding beads, linking patterns, and bead tassels to the wires until you get the whole necklace pattern like the following picture shows.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-7
Finally, you can make your own double strands flower necklace with pearl beads :easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-6
Pearl beads necklace is classical and elegant, combined with double strands flowers makes it more beautiful and fashionable. If you want to try this type of necklace, you can start to make this charm necklace right now!


Pearl Necklace Making with Long Golden Chain


Hello, guys. Are you searching for pearl necklace recently? If yes, then you should pay more attention on this project. Today, I will show you a tutorial on how to make a long chain necklace with pearl beads. Do you have any interest for it? Then let’s just see it now.
Supplies needed in making pearl necklace:
Golden bead cap
12mm white pearl beads
8mm white pearl beads
Golden jump rings
Golden lobster clasp
Golden eyepins
Golden brass ball headpin
Golden iron chain
Wire cutting plier
Round nose plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make beaded dangles
Firstly, slide an 8mm pearl bead onto an eyepin and make a simple loop at the other end with jewelry plier.
Secondly, continue to make pearl beaded dangles with the same steps until you have 40 dangles in total.
Thirdly, connect all the dangles together one by one in order.
Step 2: finish this pearl and chain necklace making
Firstly, cut off a piece of golden chain with the same length of the beads link.
Secondly, connect two ends of the chains and beads link. Then add a lobster clasp to one end of the chain.
Thirdly, slide a 12mm pearl bead and a bead cap onto a headpin and make a simple loop at the end. And add this bead dangle to the middle part of the beaded link and connect two chains with a jump ring. Then connect two ends with lobster clasp.
Now this pearl beads and chain necklace has been finished!
Have you also finished this necklace making? It is easy to make, right? Then just share this project with your friends and they will like it. Have fun~