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How to Make Double Strands Flower Necklace with Pearl Beads


Do you have any struggle with choosing a necklace to match with your new dress? Have a look at this flower necklace with pearl beads. It can be matched with different kinds of clothes.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-1
Before making this double strands flower necklace with pearl beads, you need to prepare the following materials:
10mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
6mm Bicone Glass Beads
8mm Amethyst Beads
10mm Pearl Beads
6mm Pearl Beads
2mm Golden Seed Beads
Purple Acrylic Flower Beads
Silver Spring Clasp
Silver Jumprings
Silver Bead Tips
Silver Bead Caps
Silver Headpins
Silver Eyepins
Tiger Wire
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Then you can follow these steps to make the necklace:
Firstly, make the linking bead patterns by sliding pearl beads and flower beads to eyepins, and make loops .There should be 11 in total;
Secondly,make the bead tassel patterns by adding glass bead, pearl beads, flowerbeads together through a headpin,and make loops at the ends. Then attach the tassel pattern and the linking patterns together as the following pictures show.
Thirdly, make the main necklace patterns by using tiger wire. You need to add a bead tip to the middle of the wire and close the bead tip to fix both wires.Then add 3 seed beads and a bicone glass bead to each wire, keep adding beads, linking patterns, and bead tassels to both wires like the last picture shows.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-5
Fourthly, complete the main necklace pattern by Keeping adding beads, linking patterns, and bead tassels to the wires until you get the whole necklace pattern like the following picture shows.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-7
Finally, you can make your own double strands flower necklace with pearl beads :easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-6
Pearl beads necklace is classical and elegant, combined with double strands flowers makes it more beautiful and fashionable. If you want to try this type of necklace, you can start to make this charm necklace right now!


Glass Beads – Short History About Glass Beadsmaking And Hobbies


According to some online history reviews, glass bead making is one of the first human arts. If you scroll in the global history timeline, you could find about glass beads even in the Roman times. The glass beads crafting might have been born in the Egyptian culture, where they would be crated from a clay and self forming coating.

Glass beads have an archaeology significance  because they point to the trade times and where the technology made its fundamentals.


Usually the category of glass beads looks something like this:

According to the method that is being used to work with the glass:

  • Wound beads
  • Drawn beads
  • Molded beads

By composition:

  • Millefiori beads;
  • Others

The idea is not to enumerate and specify all it’s history but just to give it some basic reach points into the evolution and growth of glass beads.


Today, glass beads are overwhelming the markets around the world. Thousands, tens of millions, billions of glass beads are waiting for people’s creative mind around the world.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you at this very moment how many deliveries are in one day among the globe of glass beads but the numbers are very overwhelming. Even if we put it in packs of 40 pieces each, still we’d get billions of packs.

Glass beads bring colors into our lives. Anyone in the world can make a glass beads bracelet. It’s simple to craft and you can make the day to someone very dear to you.

What it takes? It takes some will to do it and motivation. Patience is a base ingredient but at the core of it stays creativity. Burst with it when it comes to glass beads bracelets. It’s worth having the fun and making a surprise to someone you care about.

                That being said I recommend glass beads crafting to anyone in the world. All it takes is some threads, some glass beads of your favorite color and never the less a creative mind and will to make a little surprise to your dear ones.

Do not hesitate; glass beads are available pretty much everywhere. You can find some at the local mall, local stores and libraries as well. Get informed and start crafting bracelets for your dear ones and make their day’s one to remember you as a very good glass bead bracelets crafter.


The Beautiful And Unique Fascinating Glass Beads For Jewelry


Glass beads are a fascinating, beautiful creation. They have functioned as currency, gifts, work of art and symbols of high status. The glass beads are recorded as being created, traded and worn as jewelry by the earliest civilized societies.

There are many types of glass beads as there are colors in the spectrum. Art beads carry a variety of popular glass bead including;

                                                    Czech glass beads

                                                    Lamp work beads

                                                     Cat’s eye beads


We featured may dichroic glass beads from Paula and hand- blown beads from fire designs produced using a multi- layer coating, glass pearls, frosted glass beads and glass rocailles. The technology for glass beadmaking is among the oldest human art.

Common types of glass bead manufactured;

  • Wound glass beads
  • Drawn glass beads
  • Molded beads
  • Lamp work beads
  • Dichromic glass beads
  • Furnace glass
  • Lead crystal

Glass beads are usually categorized by the method used to manipulate the glass.


Lead glass and especially borosilicate is available in tubing, making true blown beads possible. In addition, beads can be fused from sheet glass or using ground glass.

Wound glass beads were the earliest beads of true glass were made by winding method. The wound bead, while still hot, may be further shaped by manipulating with graphite, wood, stainless, steel, brass, tungsten or marble tools and paddle and it can also be pressed into a mold in its molten state.

Drawn glass beads are also very ancient. There are several methods for making drawn beads, but they all involve pulling a strand out of gather of glass in such a way as to incorporate a bubble in the center of strand to serve as the hole in the bead.

Molded beads are associated with lower labor costs. Thick rods are heated to molten and fed into a complex apparatus that stamps the glass, including a needle that pierces a hole.

Lamp work beads are a variant of the wound glass beadmaking technique and a labor intensive one, is what is traditionally called lampworking.

Dichroic glass beads are being used to produce high end art beads. Dichroic glass has a thin film of metal fused to the surface of glass, resulting in a surface that has a metallic sheen that changes between two colors when viewed at a different angle.

Furnace glass uses large decorated canes built up out of smaller canes, encased in clear glass and then extruded to form the beads with linear patterns.

Lead crystal beads are machine cut and polished.

DIY Simple Vintage Cabochon Pendant Chain Necklace


Hello, guys. Hope everything is great with you. Now, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make simple vintage cabochon pendant chain necklace. Are you interested in this necklace design? Then follow me to see the making details below.
Materials are needed for the simple vintage pendant necklace:
39mm Tibetan Style Pendant Cabochon Settings
25mm Clear Glass Cabochons
0.6~0.8mm Mini Glass Beads
30mm Tibetan Flower Pendant Cabochon
12mm Flat Round Glass Cabochons
15mm Wide Adhesive Tapes
Brass Jump Rings
Brass Lobster Claw Clasps
Antique Bronze Cross Chains
Nail Polish
Chain-Nose Pliers
Instruction on how to make simple vintage pendant necklace:
Step 1: make the first part of the vintage pendant necklace
Firstly, cut off the wide adhesive tape and make it into the oval shape which can exactly cover the cabochon setting;
Secondly, glue the tape onto the cabochon and add a clear glass cabochon onto it.
Step 2: make the second part of the vintage pendant necklace
Firstly, paint the blue nail polish onto a vintage cabochon setting and glue many mini glass beads onto the polish;
Secondly, glue an oval cabochon onto the setting.
Step 3: finish the simple vintage pendant necklaces
Firstly, cut off three pieces of chain;
Secondly, connect the chains and cabochon pendants together by a jump ring to finish the necklaces making.
Then you can see the final simple vintage pendant necklaces:
Now, look at them. Do you like the cool vintage style pendant necklaces? Then follow the steps and make one for yourself. Have a good time~

Why Glass Beads Remain A Top Choice for Jewelry Makers


It is acknowledged that glass beads still remain a top choice for both jewelry makers and wearers. This is not only because they are affordable, but because they come with the benefit of different shapes those users can enjoy. It’s quite ideal to understand what really makes these beads a great choice for jewelry lovers. In this case, it makes it easier for you can purchase them based on solid information and not necessarily marketing hype.


Availability of many grades and sizes on the market

One thing that you are always guaranteed of with glass beads is different sizes and grades. And so, you can always choose what will best meet your unique needs without any hassle. You can choose from type B4, B5, B6, up to B13, based on your project and needs. Additionally, they come in different mesh such as 30-40, 40-60, 50-70, up to mesh 170-325. It is all comes back to likes and preferences based on what you actually want to achieve with your jewelry making project.

Choose glass beads based on Characteristics

It is equally important to choose glass beads based on the unique characteristics they depict. This will not only save you money and time, but you will get products that will be help complete your project as fast as possible. For instance, see to it that you choose the best color, transparent or translucent, with no impurities whatsoever. Also, make it a point to choose a bulk density that will help you get the best results. The following are additional points that you should never forget regarding glass bead choice;


  • Grain shape; in this case you can go for round, oval, square, or anything in this range.
  • Solubility; if you want the best jewelry do not compromise on this point
  • Hardness; it would be disastrous if you don’t choose beads that have a hardness that can stand the test of time.

Important note

If you have been thinking of using glass beads jewelry, you are advised to do some research before deciding on specifics. Remember, some of the glass bead characteristics will suit bracelets whereas others are ideal for necklaces. It’s for this reason that quality matters a lot when it comes to glass bead jewelry. The best thing is that if you contact reputable online stores, you get variety and this is a plus even for the novice jewelry maker.


Factors to consider when Making Glass Bead Jewelry-Necklace


It is acknowledged that necklaces are great beauty accessory, especially when you want to add the ‘wow’ effect to your looks. Its’ for this reason that you can benefit immensely if you understand the abc’s of making glass beads jewelry. Take note that you do not need to have rocket-science kind of knowledge to create a necklace. However, basic understanding of the entire jewelry making process will help you a great deal. Here are fundamentals of the process that you must always have on your finger tips;


Preparation and Material

If you want to make the best glass bead jewelry, then you must prepare for the projection by getting the necessary materials in place. This should include getting the best wire size and best glass bead, get a glass cutter if you will need any, and a kiln, if need be. It all depends on how customized you desire the necklace to be. Of course, the materials and tools you have in your hands determine how fast you can complete any given project. Fusing equipment, this is elemental for the job to look as professional as possible. Therefore, do not by any means overlook it-if you want excellent results.

Number of glass beads and size

It is equally important for you to get the best possible glass bead size. This is something that will help your end project stand out, and also give you ample tie while working. As a matter of fact, many of the glass beads store sell these beads in different sizes including size, 6,8,11, and 15. The size will determine the number of beads that you can use in a tube. Ultimately, the size determines number that you can buy. If you are thinking of doing a project successfully, then be advised to purchase these in bulk. As such, this will definitely save you time and money.


Variety-Easy Choice

One of the best thing with glass beads is that you’ll be lost of choice, and so your necklace project can never be a problem at all. Variety is key to any jewelry making process, and you can choose the following if you use glass beads as a top choice;

  • Lamp work beads
  • Molded beads
  • Furnace glass
  • Lead Crystal

In fact, if you desire to be more creative then you can mix up the glass beads and at the same time get the best possible results. In regard to color scheme, only opt for those that complement your skin tone and dressing code.


DIY Multi Strands Chain Necklace with Glass Beads


Hello, guys, how are you? Do you want to make any accessories recently? Then congratulations, because today I am going to show you a beautiful necklace. You will know how to make it after seeing this tutorial. Then let’s make this multi strands chain necklace with black glass beads together.
Supplies needed in making multi strands chain necklace with glass beads:
8mm black glass beads
Golden iron chain
Golden eyepins
Golden lobster clasp
Golden jump rings
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make beaded part
Slide a black glass bead onto an eyepin and make a loop at the end. Then repeat sliding until we get 16 beaded parts.
Step 2: cut off the chain to get two 22cm chains, two 20cm chains, two 19cm chains and two 18cm chains, as picture shows.
Step 3: Finish final part
Firstly, connect two 18cm chains with one black glass bead part, connect two 19cm chains with three beaded parts, connect two 20cm chains with five beaded parts and connect two 22cm chains with seven beaded parts. Then it is the below picture.
Secondly, attach all ends of the chains with the jump ring and do it to other ends. Then connect two jump rings with a lobster clasp.
Then it is finished!
You may think what a simple tutorial, it is right!! You can finish this chain necklace tutorial even if you are a green hand. Chain necklace always looks cool and the black glass beads also look mysterious. Do you like it? You can make it with few tools and materials, so have a nice try!