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How to Make Dangling Earrings within Three Steps


Dangling earrings always make people more pleasant. Do you have any simple dangling earrings to keep your good mood? If no, I believe you will love this tutorial. Let us learn how to make dangling earrings together.

Things needed to make dangling earrings

  1. acrylic beads
  2. turquoise beads
  3. iron pinch bails
  4. eyepins
  5. earring hooks
  6. side cutting pliers
  7. round nose pliers
  8. wire cutter pliers


Firstly, screw the iron pinch bail into the half-drilled turquoise beads.


Secondly, thread 9 acrylic beads through a eyepin and loop the other end of this eyepin.


Finally, Add the earring hooks, as well as the turquoise bead dangles by opening those two loops that is close to rainbow bead part. Then it is done!



Yeah! What a simple diy earrings it is. The project is suitable for the beginners to make a dangling earrings.


Mother’s Day DIY Jewelry Roundup


Happy Mom’s Day! And wish all the mothers around the world a sweet and happy life!
Whether you are a mother or a daughter, whether you celebrate or not, whether you spend the day with your mother, kids or favorite pet, I hope you’ll have a weekend filled with love.
If you’re in the mood for DIY some jewelry, here are the Mother’s Day DIY Jewelry Roundup! All these crafts are easy to make.
Roundup 6 Jewelry Tutorials on Mother's Day
1. Easy DIY Necklace to Share! Need colorful beads, such as wooden beads, porcelain beads, agate beads…
2. DIY Luckly Lantern Earrings – Easy and inexpensive to make.
3. DIY Rosegold Heart Charm Bracelet – Sweet craft with video tutorial’s sharing.
4. Pearl Necklace + Safety Pins, special DIY with a pearl necklace and safety pins.
5. How to Make Ombre Crystal Cluster Earrings – Enjoy the video tutorial of makeing the ombre crystal cluster earrings.
6. DIY A Daisy Beaded Flower Bracelet, beautiful craft turns cute beads into flower bracelet and great gift for your mother!

DIY Luckly Lantern Earrings


Here is designer inspired craft that is easy and inexpensive to make. The nice thing about this particular project is that I can customize it to I liking by using whatever color beads. These DIY luckly lantern earrings take half an hour from start to finish. And you only need a few simple materials and tools which I’ve shared below. Happy crafting!

DIY Ear Cuff



Here is an DIY tutorial video of making ear cuff which is a fun last-minute gift idea for you. I was browsing Pinterest last week and came across this ear cuff. It’s quick, easy, fun and you can customize it with any color you want! Now let’s enjoy the video below.
If you like it, prepared these jewelry making supplies to DIY your own design. Happy crafting!

Cute Owl Crafts


Beads, wires, threads and other jewelry making supplies can be used to make all kinds of cute animals such as owl. Here you will see three owl crafts and if you like owls then you will love these ideas out of beads or else materials. If you have no big weekend project plans, you can do the Owl crafts projects. They are cute, fun to do. Here is the collections. Enjoy!
Owl earrings out of embroidery thread and little black seed beads. These pair of earrings are very lightweight and easy to wear.



Wire Owl pendant is made up of copper wire, aluminum wire and glass beads. It is cute and will bring you good luck.

I love this little owl pin best!! Can’t help trying this weekend. :)



How to Make Ombre Crystal Cluster Earrings


glass beaded earrings

This is a pair of ombre cluster earrings for autumn. I used four colored crystal glass beads to form an ombre effect. Such a pair of dangle can match with any daily outfit. Check out the video tutorial now!