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Easy Tutorial on Wire Wrapped Bracelet Making with Turquoise Beads


Hey, guys. Have a nice day! Do you like wire wrapped jewelry? How about wire and beads bracelet? Then you can pay more attention on today’s post if you have any interest. Next, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a wire wrapped bracelet with turquoise beads. You will know that it is easy to finish after seeing this post.
Supplies needed for wire wrapped bracelet making:
Aluminum Wire
Turquoise beads
Wire Cutter Plier
Flat Plier
Step 1: make the wire pattern of the bracelet
Firstly, cut off a piece of aluminum wire with suitable length according to your wrist and wrap it into a circle.
Secondly, slide 3 turquoise beads onto this wire.
Thirdly, cut off a long piece of aluminum wire, and wrap the wire around the three beads, wrap the wire from the first bead’s upside and continue to wrap it from the second bead’s downside and third beads’s upside. Then wrap the wire back with opposite dirrection and fix the them tightly.
Step 2: finish this wire wrapped bracelet making
Firstly, cut off a piece of aluminum wire and wrap the wire around the beads, then wrap 7 times at two ends.
Secondly, cut off four pieces of aluminum wire and wrap it around the circle at two ends and the middle parts. You can just do it according to the picture shows. Then conceal the excess part in case of hurting you.
Then this wire wrapped bracelet has been finished!
Simple wire craft, right? You just need to master the skills of the wire wrapping. So do you want to have a nice try? You know that wire wrapped jewelry are always popular among popular. Then you also should own one. Enjoy!

How to DIY Colorful Glass Beaded Bracelet for Kids


Do you often make something for your kids? If no, now you can have a try. It is easy to diy a colorful glass beaded bracelet for them. And I believe kids will like the bracelet with colorful glass beads.Making-Colorful-bracelet-for-kids-with-crystal-and-polymer-beads1
Things needed to diy colorful glass beaded bracelet for kids:

  1. 1mm crystal thread
  2. 10mm red painted glass beads
  3. 10mm red round faceted glass beads
  4. 10mm green round faceted glass beads
  5. 10mm green synthetic turquoise beads
  6. Red polymer clay bead
  7. Green shell beads
  8. Crimp beads
  9. Crimp bead covers
  10. Flat nose plier
  11. Scissors

Step1: Slide beads onto the thread
Firstly, cut down crystal thread about 35cm length, and tie at one end of the wire, then leave 8cm length.
Secondly, slide a red faceted glass bead and a crimp bead onto the wire.
Thirdly, flatten the crimp bead with the flat nose plier to fix the glass bead.
Finally, string a crimp bead cover on the flatted bead so that it can hide the crimp bead.
Step2: Make the glass beaded bracelet
Firstly, slide a green faceted glass bead onto the wire.
Secondly, slide a crimp bead and flatten it, then string a crimp bead cover on it.
Thirdly, repeat the action of sliding and covering, and slide the green turquoise bead, red painted bead, shell bead, and flower bead in order. Then do it at the other half wire.
Finally, connect the two ends firmly with a tie then use a crimp bead cover to hide the knot, just as previous step.
Yeah, it is the lovely glass beaded bracelet.
Of course, you can decide the order of different colored glass beads as you like. Now, can you finish the glass beaded bracelet for your kids? Trust yourself to make one to give your kid a lovely gift!

DIY Beaded Basic Stringing Bracelet


I’ve been meaning to do another craft DIY after how much I loved hama bead pattern crossstitch! Here is a  video which is a simple and beautiful beaded bracelet . The detailed beads and jewelry findings can be found in the video. In general though, this is a fairly simple DIY project for beginners!  I was already feeling inspired by this video. Happy to enjoy!

Simple DIY Winter Blue Bracelet


This winter blue bracelet is super simple to make, and here is a very careful tutorial shared by JPRDesigns Beading Channel on Youtube. So you can make it quick and easy.
What you will need:
52-3×4 rondelles for a 6 inch bracelet
11/0 seed beads
2 jump rings
1 clasp
1 size 10 beading needle
1.5 yds or 1.5 meters of 6 or 8 lb fireline thread
You only need to follow the video tutorial to make this winter blue bracelets.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial, if you do welcome to repost, like and comment.

Green Bracelet Ideas Collection!!


Green is a symbol of nature and life. If your favorite colr is green. It means that you are kind, compassionate and generous. You are always caring and nurturing to others. And you have a great need to love and to be loved. That’s all, and I like green. That’s the main reason why I collect these green bracelet ideas and share with you. L.O.L

green bracelets ideas (1)Everyone loves gorgeous jewelry. So, when I saw this crystal bracelet, I knew I had to collect it. You will find a tutorial by click how to make crystal bracelet.

green bracelets ideas (2)If you are looking for wrapping bracelet tutorial, here it is. This is an easy waxed cord wrap bracelet. Click how to make a wrap bracelet to check it is an easier craft or not.

green bracelets ideas (1)Light turquoise pearl memory wire bracelet by beachseacrafts. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this, simple but beautiful! Get prepared some pearl beads and tibetan style pendants. You can start to make it.

green bracelets ideas (3)Seed beads are always used for making flower crafts. Daisy anklet with one single strand… Could be made 4 leaf clover too! Green flower seed bead bracelet.

green bracelets ideas (4)Rainbow loom green bracelet – I found on pinterest. Loom bands are the hottest materials for making bracelets in 2014.

green bracelets ideas (5)Button, button, button craft with dark green and lime green button, great ideas for kids! Clever! – source.

green bracelets ideas (6)I love this green yarn bracelet because it is winter outside. L.O.L

green bracelets ideas (7)If you love this collection page, welcome to like, comment or reblog. Happy crafting!

Beautiful Cluster Bracelet with Gemstone Beads and Tibetan Charms



At the first sight of this bracelet, I was impressed by the amazing color match, just too pretty! The natural jade red beads; rutilated quartz beads and natural rose quartz beads are like exquisite grapes beautifully hanging on the antique bronze double chain, along with some retro style leaf charms and sea shell flower beads attached. It’s just a cluster style bracelet which can be easily created. I will gather some transparent gemstone beads or crystal glass beads, some beautiful acrylic flower beads and especial Tibetan charms to try it. Just can’t wait to see how it will turn out to be!

Easy bracelet out of cat eye beads and pearl beads


Easy Bracelets - Pandahal

I love this beautiful beaded daisy chain bracelet. It’s such a sweet jewelry piece for girls, which is made from stunning cat eye beads with brilliant colors & well-defined “eye” lines and lucidus pink pearl beads. By stitching with the easiest beading pattern and adding the platinum colored box clasp, you will find this dedicated accessory it’s inexpensive and yet simple to create!