Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on Making Wire Wrap Earrings


Summary: Here is a very simple Beebeecraft guidance on how to make wire wrap earrings, I hope you will like it especially those people who like wire wrap techniques.


This handmade wire wrap earrings tutorial is a good idea for jewelry making beginner, just need several steps; you can create your own unique wire earring.

Wire wrap earrings Tutorial and Instructions

  1. Prepare simple jewelry craft supplies:

eye pins

1mm aluminum wire in different color

  1. Create a loop at the end of the wire, and then create a radian around the cylindrical stick. Loop the other end of the wire with round nose plier and clip off the excess wire.


  1. Repeat to the process and make a bigger one.
  2. Open the jumping and thread it from the loop.
  3. Use eyes to make earring hookswith round nose plier and cylindrical stick, hang the dangle on the earring hook.

Now you can see the creative wire wrap earrings have done! Join in us and learn the wire wrap earring tutorial if you like it.


Beebeecraft Easy Instructions on DIY Rhinestone Necklace


Summary: You will probably like this DIY rhinestone necklace tutorial, which is simple to understand and requires less complicated skills and materials; great work for necklace DIY beginners.

The other day I came across this brief-looking handmade rhinestone necklace on one online jewelry store; before long, I took a few minutes to finish one knockoff of the pretty rhinestone necklace;



  1. Craft supplies for jewelry making:

rhinestone beads


0.5mm copper wire


  1.  string 8 rhinestone beads On the 35cm jewelry making chain;
  2. Cut a 10cm piece of copper wire, thread it through the links on both ends, tie a firm knot and cut off extra wire.

Follow the above easy instructions, you can soon make the DIY rhinestone necklace i believe this handmade rhinestone necklace tutorial will unlock your potential of necklace DIY. Likely one day in near future you will become an expert on necklace making.

Easy Beebeecraft Instruction on Making Chained Earrings


Summary: In this Beebeecraft tutorial, we will make chained earrings. You can make them with chain. The making process is pretty easy.


In our jewelry making process, chain is very common. And this time, we use chain to make earrings. You may think it won’t be beautiful, but the finished project can give your surprise. Let’s make it.


4 Steps for making chained earrings:

  1. Things you’ll need:

Antique bronze iron cross jewelry making chain

antique bronze earring hooks

  1. Cut three brass chains with the same lengthen.


  1. Hook the middle loops of the three brass chain to an earring hook.
  2. Repeat above steps to make another one.

So your chained earrings are finished. They are very individualized. And you’ll be very outstanding when you wear them.

Easy Beebeecraft Homemade Jewelry Ideas – Charm Bracelet with Aluminum Beads


Summary: This tutorial just shows you guys how to make a charm bracelet with aluminum beads, making this charm bracelet and sent it to girlfriends is the best choice for boys.


Being fond of handcraft is a kind of happy experience, here we provide varies of jewelry making ideas for you. Today you will learn how to make a charm bracelet with aluminum beads step – by – step.

  1. Craft supplies for jewelry makingthe charm bracelet design:

aluminum beads

brass jewelry making chain

lobaster claw clasp



  1. Prepare 3 trips of chain, hang them onto an opened jumpring and start to compile three strands braided.
  2. Slide your beads onto the headpins, and make a loop on the end and cut off the excess part.
  3. Attach the charms to the chain by opening the loop.
  4. Add on the clasp.

Do you succeed in mastering the tutorial of how to make this bracelet with aluminum beads? Hope you will like it.

Beebeecraft DIY Charm Bracelet Tutorial – How to Make a Wire Bangle Bracelet


Summary: Do you know how to make a wire bangle bracelet? In this tutorial, we will teach you to make it with the wires in Beebeecraft.com.


Have you imaged that you can make a wire bangle bracelet just with string materials wires? Actually we will do it for you. This is definitely a charm bracelet. You’ll love it. Next, please follow our steps to make it.

4 steps to make wire bangle bracelet:

Jewelry craft supplies you will need:

Aluminum wire

Jewelry string brass wire

  1. Cut two aluminum wires with the same enough length to make bracelet. And make them into open circle.
  2. Make loops with their two ends.
  3. Wrap the brass wire around the two aluminum circle together. Cut off the extra wire.

Done! I don’t think it will take you much time to make it. And this wire bangle bracelet is very personalized. You’ll be very outstanding in the crowd.

Beebeecraft Easy Tutorial on Making Long Dangling Earrings


Summary: We have showed you many ideas about long dangling earrings. Here we will tell you to make special ones. Please create them with us together.


These earrings are with many elements such as wire wrapping, dangle and loop. So how could you miss these earrings? And it is easy for you to create them. You will make them if you follow our instruction step by step.

5 steps to make long dangling earrings:

  1. Prepare craft supplies for jewelry making:

seed beads

drop gemstone beads


Jewelry string aluminum wire

Pandahall Elite brass wire

2. Make a dangle with drop gemstone bead and eyepin.

3. Make a circle with Aluminum wire, and continue making a loop with one end, and then wrap the base of the wire with another end.

4. Wrap brass wire around the circle for several loops and slide enough seed beads onto the brass wire, and then continue to wrap it around the circle. 5. Hook the dangle to the circle and hook the circle to the earring hook.

Done! Just through several easy steps you can make the long dangling earrings. I believe you have mastered this technique now.

Beebeecraft Easy Tutorial on Making Beaded Bangle Bracelet


Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will tell you how to make a wonderful beaded bangle bracelet. The needed materials are just wires and beads. It is very easy. You can have a try.


Many people like wearing bangle. And now there is a chance you can make your own jewelry- beaded bangle bracelet. You can get not only fun but satisfaction from it. So please make it with us step by step.

5 steps to make beaded bangle bracelet:
1. Prepare jewelry craft supplies:

faceted acrylic beads

Pandahall Elite brass wire

Jewelry string aluminum wire

2. Make aluminum bangle. Cut two long aluminum wire with the same length, and make loop with two ends.
3. Wrap the brass wire around one aluminum bangle for several wraps and slide four faceted acrylic beads onto, and then wrap the brass wire around another brass wire.

4. Repeat step3 until you get your desired beads.
5. Make the bangle into an open circle shape.

Congratulations! Your beaded bangle bracelet is finished! Hope you like it. This is just an idea and you can improve it into other kinds of bracelet.