DIY Simple Bracelet with Colorful Crackle Glass Beads


Hey, friends. How is everything going with you? Are you planning to make any jewelry recently? How about a simple beaded bracelet? If you are interested in this design, please follow me check the making details next. Trust me, you will also love it.
Supplies needed for this simple bracelet with colorful glass beads:
8MM Round Crackle Glass Beads
Golden Headpins
Silver Tibetan Style Bead Caps
Golden Jump Rings
Golden Lobster Claw Clasp
Golden Cross Chain
Needle Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Instruction on how to make simple bracelet with colorful crackle glass beads:
Step 1: make the basic part of the simple bracelet
Firstly, slide a crackle glass bead and a bead cap onto a headpin to make a dangle;
Secondly, make many same dangles with different colored glass beads.
Step 2: finish this simple beaded bracelet
Firstly, cut off a piece of chain, and add a lobster claw clasp and a jump ring onto one end;
Secondly, attach these dangles onto the chain one by one and hang one onto one piece end of the chain.
Here is the final look of this simple chain bracelet:
Now, how do you think of this beads and chain bracelet? You can finish making it within ten minutes if you are willing to have a try. It is a great idea to make it as your friend’s present, so when are you going to make one?


Pearl beads and Its Uses as a Make Up


Pearl beads are very common in the industry of jewelry and its uses. It has a got very creative design which is so exciting to the users. There is single strands which are small to medium sized pearls which are available and they are considered to be traditional. Just like the other ornaments the pearl beads occurs in different verities of shapes, color and the type in the market. It is very rare to find to find a natural pearl beads. This is because these pearls beads causes irritant which made its way inside the muscles therefore producing layer. Most of the pearl which exist are cultured  which means that mature oyster can be harvested the riverbed or ocean . The pearl beads needs to be handled carefully when are being made and some of the tools that can be used in making them are:


  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutter pliers
  • Iron chain
  • Nylon wire
  • Side cutting pliers
  • Glass pearl beads

In the past most of people thought that pearl beads are white or cream as this not true since there is variety of these pearl beads in there market. This has  been made by freshwater pearl culture operation who are now producing more tons of pearls in different varieties which are of high quality and in different colors which known to be mixed with natural and artificial pearl beads which are treated .

Contraction between artificial and natural pearls beads to the retailers.


In most cases the beautiful colored pearls which are commonly in the market are in pink color , peach and they are well marked and this makes most of the retailers who buy them to be in dilemma and wondering which color is natural. This is because of uniqueness of some of the treated pears  which leads to many people think that if it is not a white or cream then it must be treated. This makes hard to differentiate as some fake pearls are easy to know.

In this case it is important to do research before purchasing pearl beads as it can be easy to confuse them on failing to differentiate which is pearl is natural or which one is artificial. Or it can be possible to use someone who can easily differentiate them at a glance.

Using Jade Beads For More Than Just Fashion


The Jade beads are used for different jewelry purposes and other distinct purposes. Before we talk more uses of Jade Beads lets know what a Jade is. Jade is an ancient special gemstone stone that has historically been used for numerous things such as healing; promote wisdom, balance, peace, to attract love,etc. In China jade is carved into butterfly as a symbol used to attract love.


There are believes that Jade can be used to bring money into one’s life. Jade has some spiritual attributes, which are very distinct. There have been historical signs that Jade brings calm and peace and it is a unique piece of tool that helps encourages our consciousness to increase at a very high level. Jade gemstone is normally categorized together with the diamond.

Since the early days, Jade was regarded as a gemstone of power, royalty, and nobility mostly in Eastern areas. It was thereby as a gemstone which manifests worldwide ideology.


Basic formation of the Jade

The Jade is made of two minerals, these are nephrite and jadeite. The best and original varieties of jadeite are near clearness, but they are not completely transparent. Jade comes in few colors which are;

  • Brown colors
  • Yellow colors
  • Lilac colors
  • Pinkish colors
  • Light shades of white and cream colors
  • Green color.

Jade Beads formation

A bead is a small piece of decorative object that is formulated into variety of shapes and sizes which is done with materials such as bone, pearl, stone, glass, shell, and wood or plastic which has small hole drilled through it for threading or stringing.

2 The Jade Beads is the using of the Jade gemstone and carving into verity of shapes for bead purposes. These beads are decorated and are really beautiful producing a sparkly bead as if it were to be diamond.

Jade beads ideas

These Jade beads are used for;

  • Fashion designs
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelet
  • Prayer beads
  • Earrings with bead design etc

The Jade bead has become a very popular and useful bead in jewelry making establishments as these beads are used alongside other elements such as diamond, silver or gold in making of beautiful jewelries ranging from bracelets, necklaces earrings with beads designs. These Jade beads are sold in modern days jewelry shops notwithstanding that there are currently fake Jade beads been sold in the market too.

Glass Beads – Short History About Glass Beadsmaking And Hobbies


According to some online history reviews, glass bead making is one of the first human arts. If you scroll in the global history timeline, you could find about glass beads even in the Roman times. The glass beads crafting might have been born in the Egyptian culture, where they would be crated from a clay and self forming coating.

Glass beads have an archaeology significance  because they point to the trade times and where the technology made its fundamentals.


Usually the category of glass beads looks something like this:

According to the method that is being used to work with the glass:

  • Wound beads
  • Drawn beads
  • Molded beads

By composition:

  • Millefiori beads;
  • Others

The idea is not to enumerate and specify all it’s history but just to give it some basic reach points into the evolution and growth of glass beads.


Today, glass beads are overwhelming the markets around the world. Thousands, tens of millions, billions of glass beads are waiting for people’s creative mind around the world.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you at this very moment how many deliveries are in one day among the globe of glass beads but the numbers are very overwhelming. Even if we put it in packs of 40 pieces each, still we’d get billions of packs.

Glass beads bring colors into our lives. Anyone in the world can make a glass beads bracelet. It’s simple to craft and you can make the day to someone very dear to you.

What it takes? It takes some will to do it and motivation. Patience is a base ingredient but at the core of it stays creativity. Burst with it when it comes to glass beads bracelets. It’s worth having the fun and making a surprise to someone you care about.

                That being said I recommend glass beads crafting to anyone in the world. All it takes is some threads, some glass beads of your favorite color and never the less a creative mind and will to make a little surprise to your dear ones.

Do not hesitate; glass beads are available pretty much everywhere. You can find some at the local mall, local stores and libraries as well. Get informed and start crafting bracelets for your dear ones and make their day’s one to remember you as a very good glass bead bracelets crafter.


How to Make a Pair of Flower Dangle Earrings Fast


Hey, guys. Do you want to try to make a pair of easy dangle earrings? You should see here if you are just a green hand, today I am going to show you an easy pair of resin flower dangle earrings in five minutes and you will be surprised that it is more beautiful than you can imagine. Follow me to see how to make them now.
Materials and tools are needed for this pair of resin flower earrings:
14x8MM Resin Flower Cabochons
Butterfly Iron Findings
21x11x10MM Gemstone Pendants
8MM White Glass Pearl Beads
Silver Earring Hooks
40MM Eyepins
Round Nose Plier
How to make flower dangle earrings fast:
Firstly, slide an 8mm pearl bead and a pink resin flower bead onto an eyepin;
Secondly, make a loop at the end, then add the earring hook;
Thirdly, make a dangle with eyepin and gemstone pendant, then attach it onto the bottom of  the earrings;
Fourthly, hang a butterfly finding onto the loop of the eyepin.
Fifthly, make another same flower earring in the same ways.
Now, see them clearly, how is your project going?
Do you have a plan to make them by yourself? If yes, hope this project can bring you any inspiration. You also can make them even if you are a beginner, so start your crafting from this project.

Make Your Own Jewelry With Beads For Jewelry Making


Jewelry making is more than a business. It is an art. For you to carry out an art, you need to have passion for it. In most cases, people with passion don’t get access to the right raw materials and that is why they end up losing hope. If you have a passion for Jewelry making, then you have hope. Beads for Jewelry making will make sure that you have what you need to make your own jewelry at home. Making your own jewelry is fun because you have the chance to make it in your own proffered style.


Products from Beads for Jewelry Making that can enable you make your own beads

There are different products you need in order to make your own beads. Here are some of them

  • Bead spacers
  • Clasps
  • Pins
  • Chains
  • Beads
  • Scissors

There are different types of beads you can select from. You can decide to buy a fully assembled necklace, bracelet or necklace or decide to buy the materials in order to make your own beads. After you make your own beads you can as well buy your own storage and packaging and that is how awesome it is.


The beds come in different colors, materials and sizes so you can choose them depending on your preferences. Some people like to mix different types of beads in order to come up with a very beautiful blend. Remember to do this is you have a sense of art in you because some materials won’t work out nicely when mixed.

The bead spacers help you space the beads when making in order to create patterns of your own. Pins can be used to link one component to another in order to create a bracelet, earring or a necklace. Pins can also be found in different colors and sizes.

Scissors can be very useful when you are assembling the beads on a cord. You can use a pair of scissors to cut the cords into preferred size and then assemble your beads on it. Beads for Jewelry making therefore brings you some of the best beads in the market. The beads are of high quality and they don’t fade when exposed to the sun like some other beads you can get in the market. So go for it if you have passion and make your own beads.

DIY Suede Cord Couple Bracelets for Valentine’s Day


Hello, dear friends. Do you have any great idea for the coming Valentine’s Day? If not, you can see today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make simple suede cord bracelets for your girlfriend of boyfriend. Look at below picture, do you like the pattern? Follow me to make them in two simple steps.
Materials and tools are needed for the suede cord couple bracelets:
Brown Faux Suede Cord
Pink Faux Suede Cord
Golden Linking Rings
Alloy Cord Ends with Lobster Clasps
Golden Lock Clasps
Stainless-Steel Scissor
Glue Gun
Instruction on how to make suede cord couple bracelets:
Step 1: make the basic part of the suede cord bracelet
Firstly, cut off a piece of pink suede cord, and thread it through two golden linking ring;
Secondly, cut off another piece of suede cord and thread it through the rings;
Thirdly, add another piece of pink suede cord and fix them tightly as picture shows.
Step 2: finish the suede cord couple bracelets
Firstly, add two cord ends onto the two ends of the pink suede cords, then add jump rings and lobster claw clasp onto the ends to finish this suede cord bracelet making;
Secondly, make another same suede cord bracelet with brown suede cord.
Then the couple suede cord bracelets have been finished:
Now, are you confident to make them alone? If yes, just take an action and make her or him have an unforgettable Valentin’s Day. And please share me if you have any great ideas. See you next time!