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PandaHall Tutorials on Simple Bracelet with Cute Beads


What i want to share today is a simple bracelet with cute acrylic beads. Nuggets imitation gemstone acrylic beads and gold chains compose the major of this bracelet. Simple but special. If you have a free weekends and have no plans to do, this maybe a good plan you can have a try.


This jewelry tutorial will divide into two main parts. One part is about the materials and tools you will need in this jewelry making. And the second part is about the instructions of jewelry tutorial.


Now, the first part: materials and tools

Flat Round Imitation Gemstone Acrylic Beads, Chocolate, 22×8.5mm, Hole: 2mm;

Nuggets Imitation Gemstone Acrylic Beads, Mixed Color, 25x24x17mm, Hole: 3mm;

Stainless steel chains, golden, 3x2x0.6mm;

Jewelry Findings, Iron Eye Pin, Golden, 45×0.7mm;

304 Stainless Steel Open Jump Rings, Golden, 6×0.8mm; Inner Diameter: about 4.5mm;

Zinc Alloy Jewelry Findings Golden Lobster Claw Clasps, 12x6mm, Hole: 1.2mm;

Needle Nose Pliers;

Round Nose Pliers;

Flat Nose Pliers;


Then, the second part: instructions

  1. Take out one flat round imitation gemstone acrylic bead, chocolate; two nuggets acrylic beads, mixed colors; two iron eye pins.
  2. Thread the beads one by one. Make the small two acrylic beads threaded on one eye pin. And bend the top wire of the eye pins.
  3. Add the beads together and put on four stainless steel chains in the two sides of the beads.
  4. Finally, add the jump rings and lobster claw clasps.

Here is the final look of the bracelet. Do you get it?



PandaHall Inspiration Project of Sector Crystal Drop Earrings


This pair of earrings is made by royal blue glass beads, faceted and golden chains. It is easy to make it. And you can learn handmade crafts by this.


The materials you will need:

Glass Beads Strands, Faceted, Drop, Colorful, 12x8mm; Hole: 1mm, about 60pcs/strand, 28.3″

Iron Cable Chains, Unwelded, with Spool, Popular for Jewelry Making, Important Decoration, Cadmium Free & Nickel Free & Lead Free, Golden, 3x2x0.6mm

Earring Components:
Iron Head pins, Golden, 35×0.7mm

Golden Brass Earring Hooks Ear Wire Hooks with Ball, 19mm, Hole: 1.5mm; Pin: 0.7mm

Iron Jump Rings, Close but Unsoldered, Mixed Size, Golden, 4~10×0.7~1mm


Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Needle pliers



  1. Thread six glass beads on head pins. And cut down the rest wire if the head pins are too long. Then bend the head pins into circles.
  2. Put all glass beads threaded on a jump ring.
  3. Make the jump ring connect with the earring chains and add the other earring components.
  4. Make another earring in the same way.


This is the final look of the crystal drop earrings. Have you got it? See you next tutorial.


Elegant Flower Pearl Earrings for Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is coming and do you have any ideal on the gift sent to your mother? Or do something with her? If you don’t know how to spend the festival, then maybe you can get some inspiration from this article.

I will introduce the jewelry making tutorial on elegant flower pearl earrings. This pair of earrings is very pretty and i think this will a good choice no matter how you to do, making by yourself or doing it with your mother. That will be all right.


First, you should prepare the materials this jewelry making may need in advance.

Brass Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring Findings

Dyed Glass Pearl Beads Strands,10mm

Dyed Glass Pearl Beads Strands,6mm

Mix Iron Eye Pin

Jewelry Findings

Steel Jewelry Plier Sets


The main steps in jewelry making

  1. Thread one 6mm pearl bead and one 10mm pearl bead with eye pin and ball pin separately.
  2. Thread the two beads together.
  3. Add the beads pendant to the flower Cubic Zirconia Stud.


This is the final look of the fair earrings. Is that easy? I believe that you will make the best gift for your mother.


PandaHall Ideas on Making Pretty Beads Bracelet


Do you like jewelry making? Are you a handmade crafts lover? If you are interested in jewelry making or trinkets DIY, you can get some useful tutorials from my blogger. I will share our ideal on how make all kinds of jewelries, including bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry sets. You can also tell us your favorite jewelry style and we will find ways to make it.


This bracelet is made by colorful glass pearl beads and white seed beads. It is not too hard to make. Let’s do it together! 


First, you should prepare the materials that will be needed in this jewelry making.

Materials: (all materials can be found at PandaHall)

Glass Pearl Bead Sets, code: HY-JP0001-02-I

Mixed 12/0 Round Glass Seed Beads, code: SEED-PH0006-2mm-06

304 Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasps, code: STAS-R050-15x9mm

Fishing Thread Nylon Wire, White, 0.2mm, code: NWIR-R038-0.2mm-02

Brass Crimp Beads Covers, code:KK-JP0001-01

304 Stainless Steel Bead Tips, Knot Covers, code: STAS-P126-03P


And some tools you may need in the process of jewelry making are iron beading needle, jewelry pliers and iron scissors.


Main steps of the jewelry making:

  1. Put three wires across the bead cover.
  2. Thread the glass seed beads and pearl beads in the three wires separately.
  3. Put the end of wires into one bead cover.
  4. Add the lobster claw clasp with the jump rings.


Here is the final look of the pretty beads bracelet. What do you think? Have you got it? If you have any problem, you can leave a message. Thank you!


PandaHall Colorful Pearl Bracelets Sets


Summary: Different kinds of colors make different beads. This jewelry set is made up by four colorful beaded bracelets. Each of them is beautiful and bright. And it is so easy to make them. Let’s enjoy the jewelry making journey!


To make these colorful beaded bracelets, you just need to prepare some glass pearl beads strands, iron round spacer beads, crystal stretch elastic craft wires and other basic jewelry making materials, then you can follow our tutorial to make them at home.


Supplies needed to make the colorful beaded bracelets sets:

Glass Pearl Beads Strands, Round, Mixed Color, 8mm, Hole: 1.5mm

0.8mm Crystal Stretch Elastic Craft Bracelet Beads Thread, Clear,0.8mm wires

1 Box Mixed Color Iron Round Spacer Beads, 2~5mm, Hole: 1~1.5mm

304 Stainless Steel Ball Head pins, Stainless Steel Color, 20mm, Pin: 0.8mm

1 Box Brass Jump Rings, 4mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/10mm Jump Ring Mixed, Close but Unsoldered, Silver, 4~10×0.8~1mm

Jewelry Pliers, Japanese Imported Steel Short Chain-Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers and Side-Cutting Pliers

Stainless-Steel Scissors


How to make the colorful pearl bracelets sets

Step 1: Make the beginning part of the bracelet pendant pattern

Put the headpin through one pearl bead, and make the point of headpin bend into a circle. Add a jump ring on the circle wire. This is the pendant bead.


Step 2: Finish the rest part of the bracelets

Thread all the beads together. One pearl bead and one spacer bead as the picture shows. Remember tie the wire a knot.

Here is the final look of these attractive bracelets



How to Make Crystal Spring Bracelet


Beautiful crystal spring bracelet made by three kinds of beads is very fair and excellent for the coming season. The green-blue color is just like the feel of spring, full of vigor and hope. I think it is a good gift for the coming Easter. Now i will teach you how to make it.


The materials you may need:

Two Tone Crackle Glass Beads Strands

50pcs/Strand Imitation #5301 Bicone Beads

Brass Jump Rings

Silver Tone Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps for DIY Metal Jewelry

Glass Seed Beads

Ransparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

Jewelry Pliers

Stainless-Steel Scissors


Main steps in this jewelry making:

  1. Thread seven white glass seed beads and put the wire crossed in one bead.
  2. Thread one crackle glass bead and one imitation bead as the picture shows.
  3. Repeat the steps to thread the other beads. The key is to cross the wire in every node so that the spiral effect can come out.
  4. Add the jump rings in both points of the bracelet, then thread the lobster claw clasp.


When you finished all the steps, you will certainly get a beautiful bracelet. The white seed beads interspersed in the green-blue beads present the effect of spiral line. If you buy a large number of materials at one time, you will get some discount. And the April promotion is going on, you can get many products on sale. That is fabulous!


DIY Project for Kids–Button Flowers


Today i will introduce you a DIY project of button flowers for kids. You can do it with your children. And if you are a kindergarten teacher, it will be useful for you to get another skill. This project is very easy to learn and convenient to practice. Now, let’s begin.

The first step is to prepare materials the project may need. What you may need are buttons, wires, wool and scissors. If you want to make a pot of button flowers, you can prepare a bottle or a pot and some sponge.

The materials you need in DIY making:

  • 1-Hole acrylic buttons, flat round buttons with mixed color, 15*2.5 mm
  • 2-Hole round acrylic buttons, 18*2.5 mm
  • 3-Hole acrylic sewing buttons, plastic buttons for costume design,flat round,20*2.5 mm

Aluminum wires, silver, 1mm

Wool cord

Iron scissors



  1. Pick three buttons, a 1-hole, a 2-hole, a 3-hole button. One flower is made by three buttons with different sizes. Stack them together from small to large one. The biggest one is in the bottle and the smallest is on the top.
  2. Thread the buttons in the wire. You don’t need across every hole of the buttons. Just firm them. Put the rest wire across the hole from the opposite direction. And twist the rest wire together.
  3. Wrap the wool cord around the wire. And fix the wool cord in the bottle of wires. One button flower is finished.
  4. Make other button flowers in the same steps of 1-3.
  5. Put the bunch of button flowers together and stick them in the sponge of bottle.

Is it very easy to learn? Let’s have a try right now.