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How to Make Double Strands Flower Necklace with Pearl Beads


Do you have any struggle with choosing a necklace to match with your new dress? Have a look at this flower necklace with pearl beads. It can be matched with different kinds of clothes.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-1
Before making this double strands flower necklace with pearl beads, you need to prepare the following materials:
10mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
6mm Bicone Glass Beads
8mm Amethyst Beads
10mm Pearl Beads
6mm Pearl Beads
2mm Golden Seed Beads
Purple Acrylic Flower Beads
Silver Spring Clasp
Silver Jumprings
Silver Bead Tips
Silver Bead Caps
Silver Headpins
Silver Eyepins
Tiger Wire
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Then you can follow these steps to make the necklace:
Firstly, make the linking bead patterns by sliding pearl beads and flower beads to eyepins, and make loops .There should be 11 in total;
Secondly,make the bead tassel patterns by adding glass bead, pearl beads, flowerbeads together through a headpin,and make loops at the ends. Then attach the tassel pattern and the linking patterns together as the following pictures show.
Thirdly, make the main necklace patterns by using tiger wire. You need to add a bead tip to the middle of the wire and close the bead tip to fix both wires.Then add 3 seed beads and a bicone glass bead to each wire, keep adding beads, linking patterns, and bead tassels to both wires like the last picture shows.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-5
Fourthly, complete the main necklace pattern by Keeping adding beads, linking patterns, and bead tassels to the wires until you get the whole necklace pattern like the following picture shows.easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-7
Finally, you can make your own double strands flower necklace with pearl beads :easy-necklace-design-how-to-make-a-2-strand-flower-bead-tassel-necklace-6
Pearl beads necklace is classical and elegant, combined with double strands flowers makes it more beautiful and fashionable. If you want to try this type of necklace, you can start to make this charm necklace right now!


Create Mind-Blowing Jewelry Easily With Excellent Jewelry Making Supplies


Handmade jewelry style very good gifts, as they look striking, they have constantly been in fashion, and to top it all, they have been made by you. In the current time of internet, purchasing the necessary material is very easy and is just a click away.


Surf the best for yourself

When you surf the net for jewels materials, lots of sites will be presented on your screen. You will find several of them offering good quality resources at very inexpensive rates. If you’re really attentive in designing handmade jewelry, then you will find numerous unique ideas and also the necessary jewelry making supplies accessible online.

When it comes to jewelry making, beads offer wonderful variety, selection, and flexibility. Whether you have an inclination for simple strands, a difficult woven bead choker, or earrings sporting huge colorful beads, you will discover something you like; and if your beads are a reflection of their reserved home, it is a perfect way to celebrate this era of international citizenship.


Turn the amazing ideas into jewelry

With jewelry making supplies now accessible on the internet through trustworthy sellers, there is nothing to stop you from making stunning ornaments. You will find a huge variety of jewelry making supplies that will let you to turn your amazing designs into a reality. It is vital for you to choose the most reputed sites for purchasing your jewelry making goods. It will aid you get not only the most strong products but also at reasonable rates.

Beads enhance so much brilliance to a pattern that you just cannot overlook them when you have to create amazing bits. You will find avast range of beads online on the stores vending jewelry making supplies. Accessible in a plethora of exciting colors and sizes, you can acquire beads made of zirconia, acrylic, bones, glass, clay, rhinestones and wood to name a few. They are also considered as European and Tibetan kind beads that you will love to enhance to your designs. As 1 of the jewelry making supplies, beads are a must for presenting ethnicity and awareness into the pieces that you make. When your project warrants the use of beads, you need material for stringing them together. Under the jewelry making supplies unit, you will see chains, wires, and strings and threads for this purpose. The chains are sold as unwedded or soldered.

Tutorial on Cool Chain Necklace Making with Leather Pendants


Hello, everyone. Do you like leather pendants? Today, I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make a chain necklace with leather pendants. Can you imagine what it is like? Yes, it is so cool and I am gonna share you the tutorial. Let’s start~
How to Make Women’s Chain Necklace with Leather Pendants1
Jewelry making supplies for cool chain necklace with leather pendants:
2.5mm brown leather cords
Cord end
jump rings
lobster claw clasp
iron twist chain
round nose pliers
How to Make Women’s Chain Necklace with Leather Pendants (1)
Step 1: make the chain of the necklace
Firstly, cut off the leather cord with suitable length, and add two cord ends on both sides of the cord with round nose plier. Then add two jump rings on the cross ends.
Secondly, cut off the chain depends on your neck, then connect them with chain and cord.
How to Make Women’s Chain Necklace with Leather Pendants (2)
Step 2: make leather pendants
Firstly, cut off the leather cord and prepare many cord strips in different lengths.
Secondly, fix the two ends of each leather cord with cross end, then add a jump ring on the end.
Thirdly, hang the leather cords with different sizes on the chain.
How to Make Women’s Chain Necklace with Leather Pendants (3)
Step 3: finish this chain leather necklace
Firstly, cut the leather cord at the middle part, then add two cross ends on two ends, and add two jump rings on the ends.
Secondly, connect two ends with a lobster claw clasp.
How to Make Women’s Chain Necklace with Leather Pendants (4)
Then this chain necklace with leather cord has been finished!
How to Make Women’s Chain Necklace with Leather Pendants (5)
Hey, do you like this necklace? The leather pendants look so cool, right? Do never hesitate to try anything you like. You can wear it in many informal occasions, great ideas. Trust me, you will also enjoy much during the making process. Look forward your nice crafts!

The Joy Of Making Your Own Jewellery

The Joy Of Making Your Own Jewellery

Everyone likes jewellery. I mean, who does not like shiny stuff? But the bragging rights go up manifold if the jewellery is self-made. Interested? Well, before starting out, the first thing that you need to understand is that you need jewellery making supplies for even the most basic of these operations. Not to worry, it is not rocket science. The science (or maybe we should call it art) of jewellery making is so easy that practically anyone can do it.

Getting started

First thing that you need to understand while getting the supplies is that there are things which every piece of jewellery needs. So you need to keep these in larger quantity. The first of these is the string. Remember, almost every kind of jewellery that you make will require some sort of connection or the other. As such, the string forms one of the most important part of the piece. Also, make sure that you get more than one variety of these. For example, while the simple cord might be good enough for the light pieces that you will be starting out with, as you gain more experience, you will inevitably shift to more complex, and, more weighted materials. For these, you need advanced jewellery making supplies among which will be plastic wires and even metal ones. Keep these handy so that you do not lose your inspiration while trying to think where you put your materials.

Organization is the key

Remember, it is imperative that you keep a sketchbook handy. Make a rough drawing of what you are thinking about when trying out a new design. Also, make a jewellery supplies box. These are fairly easy to make and will make your creativity infinitely harder to channelize (believe me, I have been there). If you are too lazy to make a box, simply buy one.

Turn on your creative fountain

What sets one maker apart from the other? How you think. While jewellery making supplies does make a difference, at the end, your designs and your creativity play the most important part. You have to understand that everyone can make glass beads of various colours. But seldom do people pay much attention to the colour combination. However, I can tell you that this is by far the most important thing to have an eye out for while designing a new piece of necklace. Roam the shops to find out different materials and different designs that you can work with. Usually, the ethnic designs work the best as people in an area can relate to designs which they have always seen.

Do not be afraid to take criticism

If you think that a design is beautiful, make a single piece and ask friends and family on how it actually looks. Not everyone has the same taste in jewellery. What you think is beautiful might not be so in everyone’s eyes. Base your next shipment of jewellery making supplies on these suggestions. This is especially true if you are looking to sell a few of these. After all, nothing feels better than earning money doing what you like.

Easy Craft-DIY Personalized Heart Pendant Necklace


When choosing a present to express your love and gratitude to others, there is no better gift than a personalized heart pendant which is made with your hands. This beaded heart pendant is very easy to make and there are no sophisticated techniques involved even a green hand can finish it. Now, read on to get more information about how to make a heart pendant with beads and wire.
Easy Craft-DIY Personalized Heart Pendant Necklace3 Materials needed for making personalized heart pendant necklace with wire and beads
Glass Faceted Beads
Clear Glass Beads
8mm Pearl Beads
4mm Pearl Beads
White Seed Beads
Silver Cross Chain
Silver Copper Jewelry Wire
Iron Jump Ring
Lobster Claw Clasps
Purple Aluminum Wire
Long Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Easy Craft-DIY Personalized Heart Pendant Necklace5Instruction on how to make a customized beaded heart pendant
First, cut a piece of aluminum wire and twist it into a heart shape with the plier.
Second, cut a piece of tiger wire. Add glass beads, seed beads and pearl beads onto the wire and wrapped them to the aluminum wire. Bind the ends of the aluminum wire with tiger wire. Trim off the extra wire.
Easy Craft-DIY Personalized Heart Pendant NecklaceThird, cut a piece of chain. Attach the jumpring to the one end, the lobster to the other. Then attach the chain to the pendant.
Easy Craft-DIY Personalized Heart Pendant Necklace2Here is the final look.
Easy Craft-DIY Personalized Heart Pendant Necklace1Tada! A gorgeous beaded heart pendant necklace is soon finished. What a classic design! This beaded heart pendant design is eye-pleasing, and it will surely help you catch people’s eye among the crowds. Apart from this, this beaded heart pendant is cinch to make and a good try for beginners. All the materials needed are quite within your ability. After all, a girl can look good without dipping into her happy hour budget. Happy crafting.

How to Make Turquoise Dragonfly Necklace


Do you want to learn how to make exquisite beaded necklace? Today, I will show you a tutorial about making turquoise dragonfly necklace with glass beads and pearl beads. DIY beaded necklace is very easy and this necklace which I will teach you today is very suitable for summer!


Materials needed in DIY beaded necklace:

materials about beaded necklace tutorials

Turquoise bead

Pearl bead

Czech glass bead

Jump rings

lobster clasp

Tiger Tail

Instruction on how to make beaded necklace:

Step 1:

  • Add six pearl beads in the tiger tail and cross two ends of the wire through a red glass bead and then tighten the jewelry wire.
  • Slide six pearl beads to the two sides of wire, cross both two ends through a beige pearl bead, then tighten the tiger tail wire.



Step 2:

  • Slide one turquoise bead through each end of tiger tail. Then, cross two turquoise beads to fix these beads and tighten wire.
  • Thread two Czech glass beads to each ends of wire and cross one pearl bead. Then, slide two Czech beads again.

beaded necklace tutorial


Step 3

beaded necklace tutorials


Now, cross one pearl bead and add six pearl beads to each end of wire as the above picture shows.

Step 4:

  • Cross one Czech bead to the both ends of wire, and add pearl beads and Czech beads according to the orders of above picture to tiger tail wire.
  • Cross Czech bead to wire and tighten it.
  • Add six pearl beads to the two ends again.
  • Last, cross pearl bead through the wire.

beaded necklace tutorials

Step 5:

  • Repeat above steps to finish the other six beaded patterns.

beaded necklace tutorials

  • Cross pearl beads to both ends and tie it together.

beaded necklace tutorials

Step 6:

Use a lobster clasp and jump rings to link the necklace.

beaded necklace tutorials

Now, a beaded dragonfly necklace is well done!

beaded necklace tutorials

So beautiful turquoise dragonfly beaded necklace! You can also use turquoise beads and pearl beads to make the same pattern necklace like this one, I think it will be also delicate and charming.

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5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants


Happy Wendsday! I have a collection of 5 creative DIY jewelry ideas for you today. There is no need to spend money on your accessories anymore, you can DIY at home. All of these ideas are simple, easy and quick to create. You won’t need any expensive jewelry making supplies to make them. What you will need is beads and Tibetan style pendants. Okay, now let’s enjoy these ideas to get well used your Tibetan Style pendants.

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (1)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (5)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (2)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (3)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (4)