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I’m Jeccia, a crafter who has more than 3 years of crafting experience; and I prefer to use beads in most of my craft projects. In my blog Henry Craft Jewels, my readers can get detailed instroductions of beads for crafing and beads for jewelry making. If you love my craft projects and tutorials, please like them, share them and subscribe to my blog. I will work hard to share great beading workds and jewelry making tutorials with you!

Mother’s Day DIY Jewelry Roundup


Happy Mom’s Day! And wish all the mothers around the world a sweet and happy life!
Whether you are a mother or a daughter, whether you celebrate or not, whether you spend the day with your mother, kids or favorite pet, I hope you’ll have a weekend filled with love.
If you’re in the mood for DIY some jewelry, here are the Mother’s Day DIY Jewelry Roundup! All these crafts are easy to make.
Roundup 6 Jewelry Tutorials on Mother's Day
1. Easy DIY Necklace to Share! Need colorful beads, such as wooden beads, porcelain beads, agate beads…
2. DIY Luckly Lantern Earrings – Easy and inexpensive to make.
3. DIY Rosegold Heart Charm Bracelet – Sweet craft with video tutorial’s sharing.
4. Pearl Necklace + Safety Pins, special DIY with a pearl necklace and safety pins.
5. How to Make Ombre Crystal Cluster Earrings – Enjoy the video tutorial of makeing the ombre crystal cluster earrings.
6. DIY A Daisy Beaded Flower Bracelet, beautiful craft turns cute beads into flower bracelet and great gift for your mother!

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants


Happy Wendsday! I have a collection of 5 creative DIY jewelry ideas for you today. There is no need to spend money on your accessories anymore, you can DIY at home. All of these ideas are simple, easy and quick to create. You won’t need any expensive jewelry making supplies to make them. What you will need is beads and Tibetan style pendants. Okay, now let’s enjoy these ideas to get well used your Tibetan Style pendants.

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (1)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (5)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (2)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (3)

5 Crafts with Tibetan Style Pendants (4)

DIY Sweet Charm Bracelet


A combination of materials and colors makes this DIY sweet charm bracelet with cute charms really stand out from the rest of bracelets.



Jewelry making supplies you will need:
Large link chain
Jump rings
Plastic laces (2 colors)
Colorful plastic charms or buttons
cheap charms ( I choose silver letter charms)

DIY A Daisy Beaded Flower Bracelet


Some DIY lovers love the lucky of flower crafts and others just love the elegance colors and shapes. Either way beaded flower crafts are a huge trend especially as we gradually get close to summer. I will wear beaded flower bracelet out. Come on summer!
Today, I will share this daisy beaded flower bracelet with you. Here are the main jewelry making supplies you need to prepare:
2mm Lemon Chiffon Glass Seed Beads
2mm blue Glass Seed Beads
3mm yellow Glass Seed Beads
White Flower Shell Bead
Tiger Wire
Iron Bead Tips
Lobster Claw Clasps
Flat Plier
{How to}
1. Make the daisy flower with two 180mm tiger wires, a white flower shell bead and a 3mm yellow glass seed bead.
2. Make basic daisy beaded flower bracelet pattern.
3. Finish the daisy beaded flower bracelet pattern.


More details click Here.

10 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas


Happy Wendsday!
Do you have all your birthday gift ideas ready? I don’t. Luckily, I collect these 10 birthday gift ideas, so I will be using the weekend to make a craft. Yay for DIY! Here are the current 10 favorite DIY birthday gift ideas, for you, for her or for myself. If you also like them, you can collect the detailed jewelry making supplies, for example, beads, jewelry wire, chains, other jewelry findings and tools. Get started to make!
10 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas For Her:

10 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

1. How to make your own solid perfume
2. DIY striped rope basket
3. DIY copper bar earrings
4. DIY dyed napkins
5. DIY yoga bag
6. DIY no sew floral apron
7. DIY spa kit
8. DIY lemon skin balm
9. Homemade jasmine perfume
10. DIY raw stone and silver pendant necklace

Jewelry Making and a Quick DIY Wire-Knit Necklace


Beautiful with spring. i love it. Can’t help preparing the correct jewelry making supplies and get started.



After seeing all the amazing hand-made jewelry listed on Etsy, I knew I wanted to try my hand at making some of my own. When Black Friday sparked this year’s holiday shopping, I had a bit of sparkle envy; all these amazing pieces of bling were on sale but I still couldn’t afford it, what with all the money we still need to save for the wedding and all.


I knew for my first couple of pieces I wanted to make something classy that I could wear on an everyday basis, but also something very simple that I could actually do from start to finish. So what’s more classy than pearls? The necklace pictured in the first image is just a simple I-cord with freshwater pearls woven into it as you knit; it can also be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. This second image is…

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DIY Luckly Lantern Earrings


Here is designer inspired craft that is easy and inexpensive to make. The nice thing about this particular project is that I can customize it to I liking by using whatever color beads. These DIY luckly lantern earrings take half an hour from start to finish. And you only need a few simple materials and tools which I’ve shared below. Happy crafting!