Beebeecraft Easy Step to Make Creative Golden Flower Earrings


Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make the flower earrings with wire, even though you don’t have worked with wire before, this wire jewelry pattern instruction will guide you to make such golden flower earrings!

Most girls like flowers, but how about this dedicate flower earrings? Do you like them? I hope the answer is “yes”. Now go with me to figure out the way to make the golden flower earrings.


Instructions on making golden flower earrings:

  1. You will need earring hooks


String materials  aluminum wire

  1. Pick up a pen or other cylindrical stick and begin to coil the wire around the pen.


  1. Make 6 full coils are ok, and then snip off the extra wire.
  2. Open the coils from one side with your fingers and make it form a flower shape.
  3. Use jumping to link the flower shape and earring hook!

Golden flower earrings are done! Once you have master the guidance on making this wire jewelry pattern, you can make them for you friends and your families.


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