Glass Beads – Short History About Glass Beadsmaking And Hobbies


According to some online history reviews, glass bead making is one of the first human arts. If you scroll in the global history timeline, you could find about glass beads even in the Roman times. The glass beads crafting might have been born in the Egyptian culture, where they would be crated from a clay and self forming coating.

Glass beads have an archaeology significance  because they point to the trade times and where the technology made its fundamentals.


Usually the category of glass beads looks something like this:

According to the method that is being used to work with the glass:

  • Wound beads
  • Drawn beads
  • Molded beads

By composition:

  • Millefiori beads;
  • Others

The idea is not to enumerate and specify all it’s history but just to give it some basic reach points into the evolution and growth of glass beads.


Today, glass beads are overwhelming the markets around the world. Thousands, tens of millions, billions of glass beads are waiting for people’s creative mind around the world.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you at this very moment how many deliveries are in one day among the globe of glass beads but the numbers are very overwhelming. Even if we put it in packs of 40 pieces each, still we’d get billions of packs.

Glass beads bring colors into our lives. Anyone in the world can make a glass beads bracelet. It’s simple to craft and you can make the day to someone very dear to you.

What it takes? It takes some will to do it and motivation. Patience is a base ingredient but at the core of it stays creativity. Burst with it when it comes to glass beads bracelets. It’s worth having the fun and making a surprise to someone you care about.

                That being said I recommend glass beads crafting to anyone in the world. All it takes is some threads, some glass beads of your favorite color and never the less a creative mind and will to make a little surprise to your dear ones.

Do not hesitate; glass beads are available pretty much everywhere. You can find some at the local mall, local stores and libraries as well. Get informed and start crafting bracelets for your dear ones and make their day’s one to remember you as a very good glass bead bracelets crafter.



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