DIY Irregular Wire Wrapped Beaded Dangle Earrings


Hello, girls. Do you need a pair of cool wire wrapped earrings? Then you can see here and learn how to make irregular wire wrapped beaded dangle earrings. It is easy to finish and you will know that after you try it. Hoping you will love them.
Supplies needed for this pair of wire wrapped beaded dangle earrings:
10mm FireBrick Mashan Jade Beads
6mm LightBlue Bicone Glass Beads
6mm DarkBlue Faceted Glass Beads
4.5x4mm DarkRed Bicone Glass Beads
4mm CadetBlue Bicone Glass Beads
15mm Red Glass Bugle Beads
5mm Mixed Color Glass Bugle Beads
4mm Silver Spacer Beads
2mm Silver Glass Seed Beads
0.8mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire
1mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Earring Hooks
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instruction on how to make irregular wire wrapped beaded dangle earrings:
Step 1: make the basic part of the wire wrapped earrings
Firstly, cut off a piece of 1mm jewelry wire and twist it into below shape;
Secondly, make two loops at two ends;
Thirdly, cut off a piece of 0.8mm jewelry wire and make three loops at the end, then add jade bead, seed beads, spacer bead, blue glass bead and bugle bead onto the wire.
Step 2: finish the wire wrapped beaded dangle earrings
Firstly, make another two dangles with blue glass beads, seed beads, spacer beads, bugle beads and you can do it as the picture shows;
Secondly, attach three dangle the jewelry wire pattern made in step 1 by a jump ring, then add the earring hook onto the top;
Thirdly, make another same wire wrapped beaded dangle earring in the same ways.
Now, you can see the final look of the wire wrapped earrings:
See, finished quickly, right? Now, are you interested in making them by yourself? Different kinds of beads should be prepared firstly, then attach them together by the jewelry wire. Be confident and have a nice try. See you next time!


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