Uses of Wholesale Buttons In Different Aspects at Market


In this case, when I manufacturing and designing cloths, I always need buttons to fasten or join two edges together. Therefore as a jewelry designer I have to use wholesale buttons in order to cater my needs. The advantage of buying buttons I whole sale that I always get different types which I can work with. Although sometime I can remain with some them after using, this is the point where I get challenge because I do not feel to resell them again or through them away. Now this is whereby I generate new ideas of creating different pattern on different items by decorating them.


In this case, I went up decorating other item which can make me some extra money after selling off.


When it comes to the side of decorating I always tend to be so creative so that I can come up with something that is beautiful. Since I need many of the I always prefer to order many buttons of different color and sizes.

I can mismatch the buttons and make a fancy belt by sticking the buttons on a plain belt by use of glue or use a needle and thread to sew the button. I can still decorate bag with this buttons by designing a pattern which attracts to my customers for example I can draw a house and then by use of buttons I mould then to that drawing.

I also make chains which are so appropriate to everyone. Since I have kids I make very beautiful headbands by use of this buttons. I even go to an extend of selling them online if I do not have any body to use them. By doing this I found myself earning extra income. From the time I began this job decorating almost each and every year I decorate a christmas tree with the use of buttons which I buy on a wholesale and then I arrange them very well. The challenge I have in this case is only pricing because I cannot set good price for each item since the buttons where bought on wholesale.

In my conclusion I would like to prefer buying in wholesales since I will get large quantity of a commodity of goods when buying. If I use them and them they remain I will make of them in different which can result to income source.



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