Jewelry Making Supplies You Need Before You Start Your Jeweller Career


Before starting your illustrious career as a jeweler, there is some basic jewelry making supplies that you will critically need. Failure to obtain these supplies and your career will start off on the wrong foot. Some of these supplies include,

  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Crimp Tool
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose Pliers



During the course of your work, you will encounter situations when you need to get your tools into pockets of little spaces. You will also need tools that can grip wires firmly or tools that can effectively open and close jump rings. This is where your Chain Nose Pliers will come in handy. These types of pliers are flat on the inside-good for grasping- and there are types that are smooth as well, meaning they won’t leave ridges on surfaces.


This tool is critical especially when you will be dealing with beaded jewelry. It comes with two notches in the jaws which are very useful with Crimp tubes or Crimp beads. Crimp tools help in securing a clasp on the end of beading wire or ensure beads are in position where the wires will need to be seen between beads e.g. in necklaces.



Wire Cutters are probably the most important of the bunch. They will help you in cutting jewelry stringing wire, headpins and eye pins. Care should however be taken when using Wire Cutters; you should never use your Wire Cutter to cut Memory Wire. This is because deep dents will appear on your Wire Cutter as a result rendering it blunt and useless. There are special cutters specifically made to cut Memory Wires.


If you require round shapes or loops, this is the best tool to use. It comes in a round shape to aid in this jobs that require loops. Also, the jaws of this tool are made in such a way that it will be easier for you to make round loops while working. You will however need a permanent marker to aid your work as you will constantly need to marks in the course of making loops.


Especially good for holding wires during shaping, a Flat Nose Pliers however is not a very important tool In your jewelry toolbox. It has a wide surface because its jaws don’t taper to towards the tip. This shape is very good for gripping and working with jewelry wire.


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