Cabochons: An Exotic Beauty


Another one to add among the beautiful jewelries that complete a perfect accessory is the Cabochons. Sounds unfamiliar? This unique gemstone may be seen by the majority, but the name may be unknown. It is embossed, smoothened and shaped differently, suiting the tastes of the women and children.

It is convexed and protruding on the front, but its back is a flat surface. The purpose of its embossed design is to emphasize the luster of the gem.


It is made from rough rock which was cut into a slab, and later on the slab is stenciled to shape a template. The slab is afterwards trimmed near the marked line using a trim saw ( a diamond blade saw). After the trimming process, the piece made out of the slab is now adhered with hard wax onto a length of wooden dowel. Here, the piece is positioned to the template line, the back edges may be beveled, and finally the top is sanded and polished to a uniform, convexed dome.

These dainty and unique cabochons vary in shape and design. Several of the popular shapes for this pretty gemstones are below:

  • Round
  • Eye shaped
  • Teardrop shaped
  • Moon shaped
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Ellipse shaped

Cabochons can be found mostly on necklaces as pendants, although they are also used to furnish the crown of a men’s dress watch. The colors of these jewels are attractive too, ranging from pure, solid colors, varied colored ones and transparent, shiny types.


The wonder about this gem type is that it can be used in any occasion. It can be worn any day. Even students and working people may complete their look with this unique gem. The presence of the cabochon gem completes a stylish, sophisticated look. It looks like it was made for princesses.

Cabochon came from a Middle French word, that is caboche, meaning head. It surely lives to its name since it definitely is a head turner. Though it may not be as expensive nor as high ended as the crystals and diamonds, but it surely is magnificent. The different designs are unlimited; creativity of the creators coupled with the ideas requested and thought of by the customer may build a splendid style. With these gems, the freedom of forming innovative molds and shapes are endless. It just needs the patience and harwork of the maker of this jewel.



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