How to Make Tibetan Style Flower Bracelet with Red Pearl Beads


Hello, friends. Do you want to make a bracelet by yourself? How about red pearl beads bracelet? If you are interested in this design, check this tutorial on how to make Tibetan style flower bracelet with red pearl beads. Hoping you will love it.
Supplies needed for the Tibetan style flower bracelet making:
56x64mm Platinum Torque Cuff Bangle
6mm Red Round Pearl Beads
0.5mm Silver Copper Wire
Tibetan Style Flowers
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Instruction on how to make Tibetan style flower bracelet:
Step 1: make the basic part of this flower bracelet
Firstly, wrap a piece of copper wire around the torque bangle;
Secondly, slide two Tibetan style flower beads and a red pearl bead onto the wire, then continue to wrap the wire;
Thirdly, wrap back the wire through the flower patterns and red bead.
Step 2: finish this flower bracelet making
Firstly, tighten the wire and wrap the wire continuously;
Secondly, add more Tibetan style flower beads and red pearl beads onto the wire, then wrap the wire in the same ways;
Thirdly, tighten the pattern and cut off the extra part.
Now, it is done!
Look at this flower bracelet, do you like it? You know it can be finished within two steps, right? You should try to make one for yourself if you like this simple yet cool design, and trust me it is easier than you thought. Hope this bracelet tutorial is helpful for you.


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