DIY Cool Black Beaded Choker Necklace for Halloween


Hey, guys. Halloween is coming, do you want to prepare any jewelry for it? You should never miss this project if you are looking for a cool beads necklace for Halloween. Sounds great, right? Then follow me to see how to make it.
Supplies needed for cool black beaded choker necklace:
4mm Black Seed Beads
3mm Black Seed Beads
5*7mm Black Faceted Drop Glass Beads
8*12mm Black Faceted Drop Glass Beads
Faceted Round Gemstone Beads
Black Bicone Glass Beads
Golden Twist Chain
Golden Lobster Claw Clasps
Brass Crimp Beads
Golden Bead Tips
Black Nylon Sewing Thread
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instruction on how to make cool choker necklace for Halloween :
Step 1: Prepare the beads dangles
Firstly, slide a 8*12mm drop glass bead onto a headpin, then cut off the extra wire and make a loop, then make another five same drop glass beads dangles;
Secondly, slide two gemstone beads onto two headpins then make two dangles;
Thirdly, make a 5*7mm drop glass bead dangle, a bicone glass bead dangle;
Fourthly, connect the beads dangle as shown in the picture.
Step 2: Start to slide the beads onto the sewing thread
Firstly, cut off a piece of sewing thread and slide a crimp bead onto it;
Secondly, pinch the crimp bead and add a bead tip onto it to cover it.
Step 3: Add more beads onto the thread pattern
Firstly, slide more black seed beads, gemstone beads and glass beads onto the thread, you can decide the order as you like;
Secondly, attach the beads dangles onto the pattern.
Step 4: Finish this cool black beads choker necklace
Firstly, slide a bead tip and crimp bead onto the end of the thread, then pinch them and cut off the extra wire;
Secondly, add a short piece of chain onto one end of the wire and add a lobster claw clasp;
Thirdly, add another long piece of chain onto the other end of the wire and attach a gemstone bead link on the end.
Now you can check the final black beaded choker necklace.
And see it when you wear the cool necklace:
Now, have you got the skills of making this cool choker beaded necklace? You know that it is suitable for Halloween, right? So do you want to make one for yourself? Then you just need to do make it step by step with following this post.

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