Investigate The Various Kinds Of Beads Utilized As A Part Of Jewelry Making


There are many distinctive sorts of beads accessible to buy, you can make your own particular or reuse different things to use for beads. Here is the rundown of various sorts of beads that are generally utilized as a part of the specialty of jewelry making supplies.


  • Glass beads
  • Seed beads
  • Bugles
  • Millefiori beads
  • Semi precious stones
  • Gem chips

There are numerous jewelry making supplies that can be utilized as beads, for example, catches, macaroni, plastic tubing or notwithstanding drinking straws. You can make your own particular beads utilizing paper or card, wire or string wrapped around a pencil to form it into a globule shape. The salt mixture and polymer mud are extraordinary for making lovely beads with beautiful patterns. If you can string it onto a length of line or wire then you can utilize it as a dab, as far as possible is your creative energy.



Glass beads

There is a wide range of sorts of jewelry making supplies accessible in loads of various styles, hues, and sizes. There are dreadfully numerous to show all of them however here are a couple that gives some thought of the range accessible. Venetian glass beads – different sizes and shapes they are exceptionally beautified and get their name from where they are made.

Seed beads

These are little beads that look somewhat like seeds, they are now and then called rocailles. They are generally made of glass, however, there are some plastic/acrylic ones accessible. They come in the colossal assortment of hues and completes and are generally purchased by weight.


These are tight glass tubes they likewise arrived in an extensive variety of hues and styles.

Millefiori beads

Milli is Italian for a thousand and fiori implies blossom. These beads appear as though they are secured in loads of little blooms. They are generally produced using glass by melting glass poles around a focal center. They can likewise be made utilizing polymer earth by joining long strings of dirt together around a focal string. They come in loads of various shapes and hues.

Semi-precious stones

These come in different shapes and sizes. They can be consistently cut or sporadic left unpolished or tumbled. They can be purchased with pre-bored gaps or without. Those without openings can be put into confines, wire-wrapped or you can stick them to your sought finding, for example, a safeguard. They can be costly yet are awesome as a focal stone or pendant in a neckband.

Gem chips

Chips of semi-precious stones more often than not effectively bored with a gap for hanging. They are not general fit as a fiddle and come in various sizes however most are little.

In this way, you can make any of these to make your jewelry lovely and one of a kind.


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