Introduction To Wholesale Charms And Their Uses


A charm is an item that is used to make bracelets and jewelry that can be worked around the wrist. These are decorative items. In this article, we are going to talk about the history, types and uses of the wholesale charms.



It is impossible to tell the perfect time and date of the existence of charms. But in the ancient times of the Egyptian age, the evidence of the charms bracelets has been found in their tombs and pyramids. They also collected the bracelets so as to keep them for in use in the after-life.

Earlier Romans also used to wear many charms bracelets as an amulet if protection from their enemies. There are many pieces of evidence found that the people in the past used to wear various kind of charms as a measure of protection from the devil spirits. People believed that these charms bracelets will protect them from their enemies.

Soldiers also used to wear protection bracelets to protect them from their enemies. After the WW2 Soldiers used to buy charms for their family members from the European Countries to their home. This saw the boom in the charms industry. The business of the charms became worldwide.


Types of Charms:

Charms do not have a specific type. They can be of any size and shape that can be used with a bracelet or can be hung with the bracelet. Charms can be in the shape of animals, stars, writings, alphabets etc. But the way of using a charm in the bracelet is used for the categorization of charms.

  1. European charm bracelet:

European charm bracelet is very popular and trendy because of its design. In this bracelet, multiple charms are used. The bracelet is made mainly by combining the beads and the charms in a chain. They can be made of gold or silver or glass. Many expensive European charm bracelet can be made from platinum or diamond.



  1. Italian Charm Bracelets:

The Italian bracelet is very unique in their own way. As in the other bracelets, the charms are not interchangeable but in the Italian bracelet, the charms are interchangeable. They are separable from each other. Every charm is interlocked with each other. These charm bracelets are mostly made from silver.

These are the main types of the charm bracelets present in the market professionally. But homemade charm bracelet can also be made with various charms as per the need.


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