Elastic Cords: Stretches The Barrier Of Fashion Beads


Elastic cords are must in the hands of a jewelry maker as it is stretchy and provides wide new options in necklace making. The durability of the elastic cords increases its attractiveness a buy for interested ones. Also the jewelry made using elastic cords give a perfectly stacked together look than the one using the normal cords.

The main advantage with the elastic cord is the easiness of making knots. Thereby they help in making braided and knotted design jewelries. It gives one an opportunity to experiment a variety of designs in the area of bracelets and necklaces. In the use elastic cords as jewellery, an added advantage is its adjustability. One can adjust the jewelry as they like and this adjustability provides the maker an option of making free size jewelries.


Cord varieties

Elastic cords come in different thicknesses and color. Normally the thickness varies from 0.5mm to 2mm. The thinner ones are the mostly used item as more designs are possible with them. The elastic cords usually available with nylon yarn coating over them. The availability of different colors in nylon yarn provides for elastic cords in different colors from black to white. The jewelry maker or someone who deals with the beads as a hobby can use the elastic cords to make varieties which are not normally possible with the normal cords. Here, not only the bead varieties, but also the color of the cord can be used to create a new design. If a colored cord can alone make a good design, the beauty is enhanced with the use of the beads.


Elastic cord in hobby

The same advantages make the elastic cords a favorite for those who do craft making as a hobby.  They are widely used in kids’ projects, owing to their stretchable nature. Like the other cords, it can be used for sewing. Those who take this as hobby usually make headbands, anklets and other daily life items with the elastic cords. Most of the youngsters and kids like the products using the elastic cords, which are in the form of Friendship bands, Valentine’s Day bands etc.

Elastic cords are especially useful in making the kandi band necklaces and kandi cuffs. These are brightly colored products are usually of good width, made by arranging the beads in a number of rows.

One can make a casual jewelry or an elegant one using an elastic cord. Moreover, the elastic cords are economical and will help in creating products in cheaper cost.


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