Some Of The Most Beautiful And Stunning Necklaces From Glass Beads


Glass beads are appreciated all over the world for their shinning and stainless nature. You don’t have to use a lot of money in order to own a shining necklace made from glass beads. If well utilized, the necklace may yet look like it was made from diamond itself and keep you well appreciated.

glass beads

Types of glass beads

There are many types of glass beads all over the world; they come in different color, texture, and hardness. It is up to you to select the ones you feel most suitable for your necklace. Below is a list of some of the types;

  • Crackle glass beads– these beads are very beautiful and vibrant and they add life and beauty to your necklace creations
  • Dichroic glass beads– these types of beads produces high- end art beads. They have a thin film of metal that if fused to the surface of the glass. Its surface has a metallic sheen which changes between two colors when it is viewed at different angles. The beads can be pressed or made with traditional lampworking techniques to result into beautiful necklaces.
  • Drawn Glass beads– these are the most common types of glass beads. It has a tiny regular size
  • Furnace glass beads– these types of glass beads uses large decorated canes that are built out of smaller canes which are encased in clear glass. It is then extruded to form beads with liner and twisting stripe patterns
  • Lead crystal beads- these beads are machine cut and polished. They sparkle more than other glass but are also fragile.
  • Molded glass beads– the beads are more elaborately colored than the seed beads
  • Wound glass beads– it is made by stretching glass at high temperature around a solid core. The bead may be shaped further while still hot.

How useful are glass beads?


There are much more types of glass beads around the world. Each type of glass beads is unique and beautiful. Different people prefer different types of glass beads to make necklaces. You can also mix different types of glass beads to come up with a gorgeous artistic necklace. It is just a matter of choosing the best beads for you. Glass beads have been used to make different types of necklaces such as personalized rosary for catholic believers and much more.


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