Tips on How to Choose Wood Beads for Your Bracelet Project


It is a fact that wood beads do have a very high natural aesthetic value. It is for this reason that many people like to wear jewelry made of the best woods that nature has given to mankind. The do not add extra weight and so even young children will find it easier to wear these kind of jewelry. They are also not only perfect for bracelets, but also craft projects and macramé. If you are thinking of getting some for your project, here are some tips for you;


Get Quality tools and Supplies

There is always the issue of tools and supplies whenever you think of bracelet making processes. In this case, you are advised to have all the required things in place prior to begin your project. Of course, you must have the high quality beads, wire guardians (especially if you are a beginner), bead design board, jewelry tools, and closures. It is equally important to consider the best possible designs of the bracelets and determine whether they will complement the bead design. Remember, the quality and design of the wood beads has a direct impact on the end-results. And so, never should you compromise on the end result.

Wood Type

There are many types of wood that are used to make beads, while some are of exceptional value others are re not. If you want to make bracelets that stand out consider high value beads. You can choose the Bayong beads, Ebony beads, Magkuno, Graywood beads, or anything that falls in this range. In this case, you are always guaranteed of high quality wood beads that can stand the test of time. If you have no idea on how to differentiate the different types of woods used to make these beads, do not hesitate to ask experts. This is something that will save you time and money in the long run, and even make the project easier to complete.


Important note on wood beads

The best way to choose wood beads is consider quality; nevertheless, you are also advised to look into;

  • Customization options; this helps you come up with a unique end product.
  • Color; this must be based on likes and preference. Also, how it complements with skin tone.
  • Size; based on who is going to wear the bracelets.
  • Origin of the wood bead-different woods have unique characteristics that determine aesthetic value

If you consider all these, it’s likely you will have a better high quality bracelet at the end of the day.



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