Factors to consider when Making Glass Bead Jewelry-Necklace


It is acknowledged that necklaces are great beauty accessory, especially when you want to add the ‘wow’ effect to your looks. Its’ for this reason that you can benefit immensely if you understand the abc’s of making glass beads jewelry. Take note that you do not need to have rocket-science kind of knowledge to create a necklace. However, basic understanding of the entire jewelry making process will help you a great deal. Here are fundamentals of the process that you must always have on your finger tips;


Preparation and Material

If you want to make the best glass bead jewelry, then you must prepare for the projection by getting the necessary materials in place. This should include getting the best wire size and best glass bead, get a glass cutter if you will need any, and a kiln, if need be. It all depends on how customized you desire the necklace to be. Of course, the materials and tools you have in your hands determine how fast you can complete any given project. Fusing equipment, this is elemental for the job to look as professional as possible. Therefore, do not by any means overlook it-if you want excellent results.

Number of glass beads and size

It is equally important for you to get the best possible glass bead size. This is something that will help your end project stand out, and also give you ample tie while working. As a matter of fact, many of the glass beads store sell these beads in different sizes including size, 6,8,11, and 15. The size will determine the number of beads that you can use in a tube. Ultimately, the size determines number that you can buy. If you are thinking of doing a project successfully, then be advised to purchase these in bulk. As such, this will definitely save you time and money.


Variety-Easy Choice

One of the best thing with glass beads is that you’ll be lost of choice, and so your necklace project can never be a problem at all. Variety is key to any jewelry making process, and you can choose the following if you use glass beads as a top choice;

  • Lamp work beads
  • Molded beads
  • Furnace glass
  • Lead Crystal

In fact, if you desire to be more creative then you can mix up the glass beads and at the same time get the best possible results. In regard to color scheme, only opt for those that complement your skin tone and dressing code.


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