What You Need to Know About Jewelry Making Supplies


There are many different types of jewelry making supplies that you can use to create something beautiful worth your time. The popular and readily available supplies range from the simple types to the most complex. It all depends on what you really desire to come up with. Of course the pricing of the supplies varies too, but one thing you should always have in mind is quality. At the end of the day, the jewelry you make should have a high aesthetic value.  In order to make the process easier for you, always consider the following things;


Beading Boards

It is impossible to talk about supplies without mentioning beading boards. Overall, these are quite important in regard to arranging all manner of beads as well as stones before you start the stringing process. If you are thinking of excellent boards, do not hesitate to get one from only reliable shops. Remember, the higher the quality of the board the easier the work for you.

Beading Needles

It goes without saying that beading needles play a central role in regard to jewelry making. Therefore, you should have this in mind whenever you are thinking about supplies. Take note that the higher the number of the needle the finer it gets. As a rule of thumb, you can ask experts in this field so that you get something worthwhile. Also, take some time to read reviews so that you do not end up with the wrong product.


Jewelry Making Supplies- Gauge/size

A gauge in the jewelry making process usually refers to the width. Presently, there are two systems used to determine any kind of width and these are the American wire size and the standard wire gauge. While the American system is popular in Us and Canada, the former is popular in Britain. Take note that this is not set in stone and anyone will go for what he prefers and what he thinks will work best for him or her. Take note of the following;

Important note

The following are some elementary factors that you should have in mind;

  • 14 gauge is best suited for very thick components and an also be used when it comes to making rivets.
  • 26-24 gauge are known to be great for stringing all kinds of pearls, especially those that have smaller holes. Importantly, you can depend on this one for Viking knit.
  • 18-16 gauge-if you are thinking of jump rings, then definitely this one is a better choice.
  • 22-20 gauge are known for their versatility and they are all-purpose no matter the kind of project you have at hand.



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